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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

iZombie: 02x01, Grumpy Old Liv

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

10/08/2015 11:27 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
iZombie: 02x01, Grumpy Old Liv | Grumpy Old Liv
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When DC’s iZombie landed on The CW last year, no one expected it to be the fun show that it turned out to be. However, it’s quite a guilty pleasure and managed to get itself a second season, so let’s see what went down on the premiere, "Grumpy Old Liv".

It all begins with Liv paying her brother a visit at the hospital, but her mother doesn’t want her there and when her brother wakes up he sends her away. They don’t want her around since she didn’t give him blood but little do they know. Liv and Ravi find a dead man named Wendell Gordon Gale who was fixing a car before it fell on him. His sister-in-law appears and lets them now he wasn’t everyone’s favorite neighbor. Over at the morgue, Liv lets it out about not being very fond of her new roomate and meeting new people in general. The pair has a new rat, but Ravi doesn’t think he’s got enough to make new zombie cure and is mad at Liv for wasting all they had on Major and Blaine. The latter will serve as their source for the extra tainted Utopium they need once they’ve found him, as he’s now working at a funeral home.

Clive finds Liv sleeping at the morgue and takes her to the murder scene, giving her a hard time about Major and how she was his alibi. The two pay a visit to the guy that reported the body, Byron, and are sent to talk with a teenager. Liv realises where to find Blaine and as she goes, his hair warn him of her presence. Turns out he’s selling brains from the funeral home and she asks for his help to make more cure, suggesting they don’t know how the cure will affect him later on. Once she’s out, he gets a casket filled with pure Utopium. Major is seen working as a guy’s trainer and ignoring Liv’s call, but eventually picking it up after he’s done working and she warns him about Clive’s suspicion.

Over at the police station, Clive tells Liv her brother portrayed Blaine as the man who hired him at the butcher’s and it’s the same guy from another crime. The two waste their time interrogating the teen they were sent after as he’s not the killer. Max Rager’s Vaughn Du Clark is working on some complaints, when his secretary comes is and tells something about killing all zombies. Major is hired as a personal trainer at a house but the guy who hired him makes his hair stand tall, meaning he’s a zombie. Major tells Ravi everything about it, claiming Liv doesn’t affect him the same way. Liv’s latest brain-eating turned her racist and Clive’s not all for it, but he soon has to get her out of a fight with one of his co-workers. Thankfully, she got a vision of their dead guy’s sister-in-law threatening him.

Blaine is seen further looking into the tained Utopium. Liv and Clive visit Gale’s relative and she has an alibi thanks to her card-playing friends. One of them tries to feed Live a cookie, which gives her a vision of Gale trying to lure a dog. This sets them after Byron, thinking Gale killed his dog and he got revenge. They go after the guy who claims he has some bar’s cameras as an alibi, but a missing dog’s poster and his shoes matching with the footprints from the scene make him look more than guilty. They search his house and it turns out he thought Gale had killed his dog, but he had stolen it instead! He only meant to confront him, but ended up with murder when he kicked the car in anger and caused it to fall, followed by taking his dog and leaving.

At the morgue, no one claims Gale’s body and Liv realises she needs to get her life back on track so as not to end up like this. Up next, Vaughn is seen interviewing someone to become a zombie killer and it turns out to be Major! Even though he’s prepared to refuse, they’ve been watching Liv’s phone and have proof of his guilt over the Meat House murders. He still refuses, but they threaten to kill Liv first if he doesn’t cooperate, so the next thing we see is him killing a zombie and throwing the body down the river. Liv is quite miserable but decides to sit down an watch a zombie show with her new roomate, who is actually Vaughn’s evil secretary from Max Rager.

And that’s it for this week! No doubt humor and action are both back and perfectly on point on iZombie’s season 2 premiere, "Grumpy Old Liv". Make sure to tune in next week for the follow-up episode.


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