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Television PopWrapped | Television

iZombie: 02x02, Zombie Bro

Chrissy Baclagan | PopWrapped Author

Chrissy Baclagan

10/17/2015 7:01 am
PopWrapped | Television
iZombie: 02x02, Zombie Bro | Bro
Media Courtesy of fanpop

Even zombie killers can be remorseful, right? Major is feeling and carrying a load full of guilt and shame, and it's only just the beginning.

This week's crime is none other than the death of a stereotypical frat boy (and yes, he's a party person - literally) named Chad. Ironically, his costume of choice is, well, what's there left to say? Who would have thought wearing a Julius Caesar costume could get you a blue furry costume?

Speaking of stereotypes, frat parties have drugs, and Utopium is the drug of choice apparently.

Meanwhile, Blaine's keeping up with the usual entrepreneurial shenanigans by wanting to be the boss and getting to control people as he wishes. Unfortunately, he's back at step one thanks to Liv, or should I say, bro Liv?

Chad's brains obviously start to kick in at her and Babineaux's interrogation of Chad's brothers. Aside from the sudden connection between the boys and her, she gets a vision that shows one of Chad's bros was upset with him for ruining his life, and I wouldn't blame him. The kid is now a registered sex offender just because he went streaking at an elementary school. Just another example of how great fraternities can be, am I right?

With her bro-hanced brains, she manages to 'degrade' Ravi's face with horrendous makeup with the addition of the word 'FART' sketched across his forehead. Bro-riffic. 

Despite Ravi's ravishing new look, Liv gets another vision of a person who was aggravated by Chad's actions yet again, this time Chad ruined his no drinking and driving speeches by being an example himself.

If you're like me, #Rajor moments are my favorites, and it all begins with Major poking fun at Ravi's sparkly beard and how Ravi convinced him with his brown eyes to help him with his latest project: Let's Take Utopium for Science! While, the Rajor love is going strong, the Liv and Major ship is still sinking.

Later that day, one of bros invites Liv to a frat party, and in turn, she invites her reluctant roomie to join in on the fun. Little did she know that Rajor went to a party of their own, and they wore more clothes than those who attended the frat party.

After being distracted by the beer pong table, Liv discovers that there was an 'ugly girl' game in which the bros would invited girls, or to be more specific, unattractive girls. From there, they would basically rank who was the ugliest with Chad winning the last game with a girl named Paulette. And no, she didn't know and she didn't kill him.

At the club, Rajor is testing out some Utopium. Although, Ravi was supposed to be testing street drugs in the name of science, Major pops one open, and let the wild night commence. Now, I don't know if you can get white-girl wasted while taking drugs, but that's what it looked like; from wanting to get matching tattoos (Ravi's idea, fyi), exchanging "I love you's" with compete strangers, Ravi wanting to redecorate the house with velvet (I don't know about you, but this reminded me of AHS' first season with a certain gay couple, just with a happier ending), and what seems to be a hopeful reconciling between bro's Liv and Major.

Everyone fails before they succeed, and Blaine just happens to have failed on 'taking over the city' once again. But he's always got plans, even if it means disposing of daddy dearest.

Back to Liv's day job, she and her partner in crime found out that the costume was rented out by people, well, the guy, who was into furries.


Oh, and Liv wanted pictures because to her, it's bro-some. If this plot-twist wasn't enough, everything isn't what it seems to be - the show's recurring theme, basically. The guy who rented the costume did in fact kill Chad, but he wasn't the right guy to kill. He was looking for a different guy - the guy who is now speaking out against drunk driving. Some time ago, said guy killed Mr. Costume-renter's loved one, and he wanted revenge.

Remember how I mentioned that there is the possibility of having those awkward moments when intoxicated? That seemingly hopeful moment between Liv and Major was just a fleeting moment, and he's finding himself addicted to the drug.

And that's it for this week! Make sure to tune in for next week's episode! 



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