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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

iZombie: 02x06, Max Wager

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

11/17/2015 10:52 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
iZombie: 02x06, Max Wager | Max Wager
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With Liv and Major back together, iZombie strikes back this week with the sixth episode of its sophomore season, "Max Wager", and keeps the twists coming. Ravi and Peyton first see Major and Liv kissing at breakfast, while Clive argues with Mr. Cole before a couple of motorbikers shoot him. Liv’s checking the body and wants Ravi to test if it’s safe for her and Major to sleep together, before Clive comes in and takes her to interrogate the fixer who might have ordered the shooting. Liv picks her brains and while Clive and Bozzio talk about Meat Cute and stuff, she passes by with Major who’s afraid, but she “comforts” him by saying they’re currently dealing with all the dead zombies. Blaine’s father has someone kill his bodyguard and knows his son’s not a zombie anymore, so he wants him to start working for him, starting by bringing the brains of a rival’s son.  Liv gets a vision of the victim speaking of the Barber and find the actual barber, who denies that he killed him and suspects the widow. Liv doesn’t leave without making a bet. Ravi hasn’t seen any progress regarding his zombie sex research, so Clive takes Liv to Shady Plots and as he waits for the widow, she warns Blaine. Upstairs, he’s awkwardly dealing with the widow before they see a friend of Harris’ and Liv gets a vision of him unwilling to help with his gambling issues. As she’s won the bet, she makes a new one with the barber and talks murder with the people there. Peyton has someone whispering in her office and it’s Boss, intending to find out her source. Clive has the fixer’s turtle and since he heard somethng about feeding it on the phone, he looks and finds cocaine in there.  Liv and Major are stripping over Skype to satisfy their lust and they’re happy Ravi’s research will end soon, while the fixer is actually brought to justice. Liv makes the bet Calvin Owens suggested and the Barber says he might know a thing or two about the one she’s looking into. Clive figures out the moto-killers were Serbian hitmen that had already made it back home, so he meaninglessly tries to make them pay for it in their own country. The police bring Calvin Owens in and suggest he’s been blackmailed, so Peyton asks him to admit to killing Harry in order to have her protection in jail. Blaine talks with his sick grandfather, saying he’ll do what his father asked for but will give him something out of it, kissing his grandpa goodbye and smothering him. Sexual tension is real between Liv and Major and she insists that he uses a condom, while Ravi repeatedly gets disappointed over the results of his tests. He rushes home and panics over the clothes seen all over the place, so he gets to the bedroom and is relieved when the two say they haven’t had sex yet. It turns out no matter the type of the condom, the sex will turn Major into a zombie. The two try to make things work and say they had fun the other night, so they’ll get creative. Blaine is seen crying while packing his grandfather’s brain, intending to deliver it to his dad. However, one of his pals says he’s been kidnapped like everyone else - nice job Major. It turns out Major has in fact been pretending to be killing zombies, by killing dolls and keeping his targets frozen until he figures out what to do with them. And that’s all for now! "Max Wager" did bring some trouble but also answered a bunch of questions, so we’ll definitely be tuning in for next week’s episode of iZombie.


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