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Recaps / Television PopWrapped | Recaps

iZombie: 02x11, Method Head

Chrissy Baclagan | PopWrapped Author

Chrissy Baclagan

01/18/2016 7:28 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
iZombie: 02x11, Method Head | Method Head
Media Courtesy of LA Times

Sometimes, the past is hard to let go of, even if you happen to fall in the 'cured zombie' category. Thanks to the supposed good news of the ever so fantastic Dr. Ravi, those who were once zombie must return zombie. Will Liv and Major get back together? We'll just have to wait and see on this week's iZombie!

We pick up from last year's Christmas episode, or should I say, Zombiemas? This time around, Liv's brainy feast is perfectly suited for the holidays. For what seems like a long time, she got a well-needed, jolly portion of dead Santa brains. Yum!


At this point, you might be asking yourself if there's anything to worry about. For one, there's Blaine's latest entrepreneurial coffin business. Although business isn't exactly doing well with the loss of the zombie hooker, it's actually starting to take off. What's scary is that this is pretty much the same thing as his former Meat Cute project. But the most important question is: how long can he get away with it this time? Last but not least is the disheartening breakup, job-wise, of the show's Batman and Robin, aka Babineaux and Liv. Although it's the new year, things are rather awkward between the pair despite her attempts to solve the case of the dead Santa Claus. I, for one, want this ship to sail once more, and not in the romantic way.


Flash forward to what I like to call, the Mystery of the Dead Star of Zombie High. Thanks to Ravi's Christmas gift, Liv fangirling over her favorite television series is the equivalent of me fangirling over The Walking Dead, Game of Theones, and Harry Potter, just to name a few.


And if you're more of a Ravi type, thanks for putting up with our obsession over fictional characters - you're a godsend - but still, we'll know you'll become just as obsessed, if not more.

This knowledge comes in handy when it brings Liv a second chance under the guise of the detective feeling bad for our favorite crime-fighting zombie. For this case, the pair investigate a gun prop that turned out to be the real deal making it natural to retrace their steps back to the prop maker and the actor who shot Jordan, who was annoyingly obnoxious fyi. Like with every other episode, however, there is much more to what meets the eye.

Oh, and around this part, Babineaux sets one important example for the rest of us to follow: when offered freshly prepared food, you go grab as much as you can. You'll probably never see salmon for free, so forget those day old donuts and eat as much as you can. Or you can stuff them in your pockets, too.

The clues

Working with both Liv and Ravi must be one heck of a time. From recording secret videos of Liv sleeping - best friend goals - to knowing about allegedly leaked sex tapes, weird body piercings, and tattoos, our first clue is a tattoo of the words 'Never Forget' found on the victim's body although it was in the process of being removed.  We soon discovered that it was dedicated to Jenny Hulce, an Assistant Director who previously worked on the show.

For our next clue, Liv sees a vision of Jordan's girlfriend, Starlee, threatening to go public with the so-called leaked sex tape that HE released to the public in order to make himself known in the movie industry. In order to shut her up, he reveals that he has a second sex tape that shows her talking trash about an actor from Zombie High.

I love cars. They are majestic and beautiful, but for some reason, I didn't care that Jordan's Porsche was filled up with dirt to the brim alongside a headstone that had the former crew member's name on it.

Who Did It? 

It wasn't surprising to hear that there were people sleeping around on the show, and that list included the former Assistant Director, Jenny. The prop maker revealed that he and her were sleeping together and he was devastated when he was notified of her death. In the words of Liv, he was looking for someone to blame, and it naturally fell on Jordan. When he found out that the diva actor wanted to move the show to L.A., he quickly swapped the fake for a real gun.

In Other Important News

Assuming that this was on Major's New Years resolution, he tries to get as close to he can to his boss, Vaughn, in order to get his complete trust. Sometimes, that means you have to give that special guy a very special friendship bracelet that by no means foreshadows the Max Rager owner's demise. I hope.

The wondrous joys of friendships, right?

Our red-haired vixen, however, drops a possibility that Major is a major problem, but he reassures himself once the double agent successfully passed a series of tests.


Also, Liv is an incredible and talented actress. She better get an award or something.

Remember how I mentioned Blaine's new business? He's in very deep water right now.

And I'll leave with this because Babineaux in sunnies is glorious.


Thanks for sticking with me, PopWrappers! See you next week!


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