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J.K. Rowling Will Release New Pottermore Patronus Test

Sarita Ramirez | PopWrapped Author

Sarita Ramirez

09/15/2014 3:13 pm
PopWrapped | Current Events
J.K. Rowling Will Release New Pottermore Patronus Test | Pottermore
Media Courtesy of Harry Potter Wiki
Harry Potter fans (fanatics, cultists, etc.)! News has sprouted of the legendary (and fan-adored) author and historian, J.K. Rowling, adding a new installment to the much acclaimed site


. Here's a hint: Expecto Patronum! Okay, so maybe that was the answer-- but haven't you wondered what your Patronus charm would be? Seriously, this is a question that is ingrained in most Potter fans since the 6th year of Hogwarts. It may be a borderline obsession, but the Patronus charm is known to reflect your spirit animal. For those that aren’t fluent in Harry Potter, the Patronus charm, Expecto Patronum, is a spell used to disarm and somewhat destroy (but, not really) Dementors. What are Dementors? They are "non-being creatures" that are proven to suck all the happiness of the victim's soul until they're left lifeless, almost in a vegetative state. They're known as one of the "foulest creatures to inhabit the world."  Really, if you're not a fan of the book series, you need to see the films, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban to be exact, and watch how terrifying these "non-beings" are. The Patronus charm doesn't kill them, however, but it wares them off. The spell acts as a defense. To conjure it, well, the wizard needs to focus on their happiest memory, which will act as a force field against the nasty creatures. It's as though you're fighting the darkness with light. In the series, the readers, or watchers of the film, have seen how the characters in the story have developed their own Patronus charm and the animal that has arisen from the spell. Ronald Weasley, Harry Potter’s best friend, has his Patronus in the shape of a Jack Russel Terrier. Jack Russel’s are known for their agility and flyball abilities. Ron was the (goal) Keeper of his Quidditch team. Hermione Granger, another fan favorite, has a Patronus charm in the shape of an Otter. The otter is a highly intelligent creature that is part of the weasel family. Funny how things work out, huh? On September 7th, 2014, a fan tweeted J.K. Rowling:
Courtesy of Twitter Courtesy of Twitter
  Since then, the fandom has been going nuts with the outcome of a Patronus exam coming to light on


in the near future. What would your Patronus charm look like? Will it be Harry Potter’s stag? Or, maybe Albus Dumbledore’s Phoenix? All we know is that here, at


, we'll each be quizzing ourselves as soon as it launches!

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