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Jake Gyllenhaal Is Seeing Double In "Enemy"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/18/2014 12:50 am
PopWrapped | Movies
Jake Gyllenhaal Is Seeing Double In
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Roxanne Powell

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There is nothing worse than an actor who doesn't put effort into an interview. If anything, it shows how much they just don't care about their fans. But Jake Gyllenhaal is another story. He never has a dry thing to say! The Toronto Film Festival recently played host to Gyllenhaal's recent film, Enemy. The movie, described as "immensely fascinating," is a psychological thriller about a teacher who, while watching a DVD, sees a bellhop in the movie who looks exactly like him. The teacher sets out to find his cinematic twin, and along the way discovers things he did not know about himself--things that make him wonder where his moral compass really falls. Huffington Post's Mike Ryan met with Gyllenhaal in a Soho hotel to discuss Enemy (directed by Denis Villeneuve). You can read the full interview here. Before the interview even started, Gyllenhaal joked with Ryan about where the interviewer and the interviewee sit, easing the initial tension of being in the presence of acting greatness. This led to Gyllenhaal admitting that he, unlike Villeneuve, did not prefer picking up live snakes during a project--a reference to their previous film project, Prisoners.  Gyllenhaal is a natural thinker, putting a piece of himself into any interview answer. He listened to every question and comment Ryan put to him, and responded with good humor. When Ryan told Gyllenhaal about his astonishment over the screening of Enemy in Toronto, the actor was thrilled. "That's so awesome [laughs]." Ryan also interviewed Villeneuve about his inspiration for Enemy. The director admitted it had come to him when he and Gyllenhaal went out to dinner and "both had a glass of wine." Apparently, neither of them knew how much the vintage would effect them, and they were soon bouncing ideas off of one another. The end product, as well as Gyllenhaal's performance as Detective Loki in Prisoners, made fans question why he has not been nominated for an Oscar. But Gyllenhaal doesn't see his lack of an Oscar nomination as a loss. He believes that every one of the five actors who received recognition deserved it, and is happy for their success. He described Matthew McConaughey's work in Dallas Buyer's Club as "beautiful, honest work." Even if there is no award for what he sees in other actors' careers, Gyllenhaal only sees the positive. Similarly, Gyllenhaal does not feel his movies have to be seen by everyone: "No. It's not about that. I mean, you want people to see a movie and you want people to experience it and all I'm thinking about -- not all I'm thinking about -- but a lot of what I'm thinking about, particularly with a movie like this, is the audience." Enemy won the silver for the Official European Fantastic Selection, and was nominated in several categories for the Canadian Screen Awards.

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