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Jamie Alimorad Talks Kickstarter, New Album With Gino Vannelli

Jonathan Frahm | PopWrapped Author

Jonathan Frahm

03/20/2015 11:26 am
PopWrapped | Music
Jamie Alimorad Talks Kickstarter, New Album With Gino Vannelli | Jamie Alimorad
Media Courtesy of The Radio Cafe
Rock artist Jamie Alimorad has enjoyed a fair bit of success for a fledgling contributor to the indie scene, having average well over a goo few million views on the original uploads for his singles "Beautiful" and "Crawling Back to Me" from off of his debut LP, Words Left Unsaid. It's no surprise, either, given his in-your-face rock-and-roll sentiment paired with the knack of a bonafide songwriter, exploring a variety of themes relative to love both sonically and lyrically throughout his first album. Now, the New York-based singer-songwriter has announced that a totally brand new album is on the way, and he needs your help!
The album is produced by Canadian artist Gino Vannelli, popular in the States and around the world for his 70s and 80s hits like "I Don't Wanna Stop", "Living Inside Myself", and "People Gotta Move." He and Alimorad had met after the latter had put out for entry into the former's master classes while he was teaching song and vocals in Portland, OR. "It was surreal to have that sort of message come into your inbox, that you have been selected by Gino Vannelli to work alongside him at his studio in Portland. I went up to Portland in July for a week and we worked on a piano/vocal version of my song 'She Is' from off of Words Left Unsaid, and we really hit it off!" "The next year," Alimorad continued, "he decided he wanted to do another class, and I was personally invited to work with him. I picked out one song that I was really, really proud of and brought it in and it was one of the most intense moments of my musical life. He pushed me out of my comfort zone with a huge deadline to work with, and he just pushed me to be more than I knew I could be. I pushed in me in really different ways than what I was used to to make the song as good as it could be." This budding work relationship had quickly become a passionate business partnership between two great musicians, and Alimorad was soon working with one of his childhood idols full-time on the brand new album. "I got really into Vannelli's entire back catalog and it's really just this deep and versatile discography of album after album that never gets old, and I admire that about him. My dad was a fan before I was and I got into his music when I was a little older, but I could always appreciate him for what a great and resourceful songwriter he is. Again, it's just been surreal." "As I've gotten to speak with him, I've seen that he's a really calming figure, but he's so intense. He's not just a musical genius; he's really, really bright, and there's no conversation that I've had with him where it doesn't seem like he doesn't know everything about that topic. He's very well-read, and so kind, and so knowledgeable as a person. I've grown to respect the human being just as much." "They say never meet your idols," Alimorad said, "and that's certainly been the case with some of them whom I've been able to meet, but not with Gino. I appreciate him so much more now that I could personally work with him, and that's a huge testament to what kind of man he is." To wrap things up, Alimorad had to say of his Kickstarter product: "We have both worked really, really hard to make this a great album from top to bottom ... I feel like this could really be my moment. It would be the perfect addition to anyone's collection, and being a part of this Kickstarter, you'll be getting some unique versions of the album and some other goodies that will go along with it that you won't be able to get anywhere else! So, come along for the adventure, and we'll go through this all together. It'll be so much fun." For more information on Jamie's incoming project, check out the official Kickstarter page by clicking this link!

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