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Jane The Virgin: 02X07, Chapter 29

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

11/25/2015 9:24 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Jane The Virgin: 02X07, Chapter 29 | Jane
Media Courtesy of The CW

What delicious drama awaits us this week? You never know where this show is going to go, and that's why we keep tuning in. 

Jane and Rafael are discussing the idea of finding a babysitter. Jane wants to stick with family, not liking the idea of leaving Mateo with a stranger. At this point, Rafael is willing to try anything, as long as it means he and Jane get to go on their date. Xo and Raf go in together and talk her into at least trying it out.

Abuela emerges from the bedroom decked out in a Tony Soprano track suit and asks why no one else is wearing running shoes. They get to what looks like a Target and give Rafael a fast rundown of the Black Friday shopping rules. No chit chat, no bins and no looking in anyone else's cart. And with that, they're off. While Jane is aggressively perusing the aisles, she spots Michael.

They have an incredibly awkward encounter. He makes it fairly clear that he's not interested in catching up and that he has moved on. Jane is clearly very bothered by this and Rafael spots the tail end of the conversation. Michael runs to his car and puts on a baseball cap. Looking plenty sneaky, of course.

Jane runs into Petra grabbing as much ice as she can. We all know this is because she and her mother are icing a corpse in the hotel room. The one that mama killed. When Petra says that she wants to go to the police, her mother tells her that she will take her down with her. But don't worry! Mama's got a plan...

Rogelio tells Xo that he's got to head to LA for a quick business matter. Again... we know that he's going to deal with the cease and desist from the creator of Mad Men.

Jane is now at the mixer with the professor she so admires. Wesley, the man who is pretending to be her friend to get some dirt on Rafael's family, is getting Jane drunk and she makes an utter fool of herself trying to impress her. Deviled eggs do not go with a rose silk dress.

Jane is mortified, telling Xo what happened. Xo tells her "no drunk emails," and when Jane tells her that she pawed at this woman's boob and squeezed, she quips, "Good! You finally got some action." I adore Xo. Then she gives Jane a notebook and tells her to get it all out the old fashioned way.

We see Michael is at Nadine's funeral. Apparently the last six months have been rougher than we imagined. In an alley, Nadine was shot by a disembodied figure after she stepped in front of Michael, saving his life. Michael spots the guy that turned him in and he is told to get out.

Jane goes to deliver her letter to the professor in person, and they find themselves bonding over pumping. Professor Bolton agrees to read some of Jane's stuff and Jane is over the moon.

Now Jane, Rafael and Xo are interviewing nannies. As you can imagine, it's not going very well. Until it is...

They've found their very own Mrs. Doubtfire. Rafael and Xo have bonded, too, and they're adorable together.

Rogelio comes back with bad news about his show. We find out that he funneled all of his money into this pilot and now he's broke.

Jane and Xo are going through Rogelio's finances. It's expectedly horrifying. He's being completely unreasonable. Also, no surprise.

Jane gets a call from Petra, with an invitation for lunch. Jane is a bit surprised, but she agrees. It's weird but also cute. Petra is more socially awkward than I've ever noticed before, and it's endearing.

Jane and Professor Bolton are meeting, and Wesley has made contact with Louisa. They bond over their mutual love for the beads he's wearing. All the while, Jane is getting a lesson in writing sex scenes from Bolton. Louisa is spilling alllllll the beans to Wesley and he's secretly recording all of it.

Rogelio is begging for a new job to the network execs and they pitch him a cowboy show. He's offended, but takes the script because, well, he's gotta eat. He runs some lines with Jane and he clearly hates it, but he's not ready to give up his lifestyle, so he's willing to sacrifice his creative presence to put food on the table and an expansive roof over his head.

Jane is trying to work with the notes from Bolton, but she's having trouble since she's got zero experience from which to draw creatively. I can't say this for certain, but I imagine one really needs to know the joys and intricacies of sex before they can really bring it to life on page. It's not a skill that many people possess; but I have to imagine that, the ones that do do it well have some source material to pull from.

Petra is late for her lunch with Jane. Her mom is flitting about the lobby with a slew of weird supplies while Jane waits in the lobby. Petra cancels and Jane is annoyed.

Michael is in the police station and we find out that his firing was all for show so that he could go undercover and follow Nadine around. 

He's got some serious intel and he's ready to kick some ass.

Jane and Rafael are leaving for their date, but Jane is having separation anxiety and does not do well with the idea of leaving him. Rafael is determined, though. Not even a virgin can resist those eyes.

Jane has driven the nanny to insanity and she quits. Just leaves in the middle of it, saying she's worked with people like Jane before and she can't handle it.

Jane sits down to try and write again and, instead of Bolton's voice in her mind, she finds herself being more influenced by Professor Chavez. She asks him the next day to be her advisor, but we find out that the email she sent with the very long insult about him in the subject was actually sent to... him. Yeah. Whoops.

Petra finds that her mother's plan is to wheel the corpse out of the marbella in her wheelchair, Weekend at Bernie's style. She runs into Jane and breaks up with her... honestly, that's exactly what it is. I imagine she doesn't want Jane all wrapped up in this.

The Villanueava women show up for Rogelio on his terrible TV show, and he realizes that he is already rich beyond measure. It's cute.

Jane goes to see Professor Chavez and convinces him to advise her. Dude, he's smokin'. He gives Rafael a run for his money, and that's seriously saying something. Oh... wait... nope. Rafael smiles and is 100% adorable and pulls up in front of Jane's dream house and says that he's thinking about putting in an offer, not for Jane to move into (doesn't want to freak her out), but he does want her opinion. They're about to have an amazing kiss when she gets a text from Lina with a link to Weasel 's, I'm sorry, Wesley's story. 

Jane and Raf rush home to take care of this newest crisis, and Jane decides she all the way trusts the nanny. Good, I like her.

Rogelio decided to walk away from the terrible cowboy show. Instead, he's working on his arch rival's show so that he will use Xo's song. Rogelio really is a well-meaning idiot.

Holy shit. Jane did install a nanny cam. And what does she see? She sees Rafael talking to Eric Wu... that man that turned Michael in. Raf was in on it the whole time. Jane is pissed and storms out. 

In the expose, Wesley mentions that there is a possibility that Louisa and Raf's mother is still alive. Louisa decides to exhume her mom's casket, and finds that it's empty. In the meantime, Michael and his partner discover that their mom is not only still alive, but is actually a notorious mob boss named Mooter. Oh. Snap. 

Holy crap. Just. Holy crap. What an amazing freaking episode! Seriously, from start-to-finish, I feel like so much happened, and yet nothing felt rushed. The writing on this show continues to astound me. And I tell you what, Xo was the star of tonight's episode, far and away. She's really starting to shine more and more. The chemistry between the three generations brings me back to the days of Parenthood. They nail the family dynamic so perfectly, everyone can relate to it.

Until next week, Jane the Virgin fans!

How is it possible that I'm still holding out for a Jane/Rafael pairing?


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