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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Jane The Virgin: 02x09, Chapter 31

Shae Frierson | PopWrapped Author

Shae Frierson

01/28/2016 8:51 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Jane The Virgin: 02x09, Chapter 31 | Jane the Virgin
Media Courtesy of YouTube

Okay! Let's see where we left off! The last episode left us with some pretty dramatic cliffhangers. Petra had just been arrested for the murder her mother committed, Michael was still trying to track down Mutter, and Jane and Rafael were finally, hopefully, on their way towards forming a healthy co-parenting relationship (even if Jane still wanted to be with Michael **sighs heavily**). Resolving all these issues is gonna be fun, right?

Much to my dismay, Jane is still pining over Michael. In what is later revealed to be a dream, Michael comes to her door to talk about why he left the tree topper (the oh-so-meaningful tree topper) and tell her he wants to get back together. Unfortunately for Jane, their heartfelt reconciliation is interrupted by Mateo's crying. Dream state over! 

Jane is having trouble sleep training Mateo. Though Abuela tells her to just let him cry it out, Jane has her own plans (shocker!). 

Xo has her own stress as she prepares for the arrival of Rogelio's overbearing mother, Liliana, who adores Ro but hates Xo. Rogelio is worried about his mother's moods and Jane agrees to talk to her. During their talk, Liliana tells Jane that her husband is gay and leaving her. Jane promises not to tell anyone which is a sure fire sign that everyone will know before the end of the episode. 

Meanwhile, Raf and Petra meet with a lawyer to discuss Ivan's murder, which, if you recall, her mother pinned on Petra. Raf reassures Petra that they'll figure it out, though the situation looks pretty grim. 

Back to Jane, who is starting her new TA job. Unfortunately for her, her Great Books class has another name, Books for Ballers, and is apparently known as a blowoff class for athletes. From the beginning, it's clear that the star basketball player, very originally deemed McBaskets, is going to cause Jane grief. More on him later. 

Jane being... well, Jane, decides to research her student's chosen field of interest- basketball - in order to connect with them better. 

Meanwhile, Xo, avoiding the house and subsequently, Liliana, sees Michael at a food truck with a mystery girl (cue the witty narrator comments).

Later, Michael and Detective Barnett continue to investigate Luisa's mother AKA Mutter. Michael sends Barnett to talk to Luisa since Luisa clearly has a thing for her.

At the Villanueva house, Xo tells Jane that Michael may have a girlfriend. Right on cue, Jane spills the beans about Rogelio's dad. Xo promises not to tell anyone (Gee, I wonder if that'll stick...). 

Sleep training Mateo is not going so hot, but Jane preservers! I especially enjoyed the sports casting treatment of her sleep training. This show is great at finding new ways to entertain!

Elsewhere, Petra attempts to record her mother confessing but Magda is too smart to fall for that. (I mean, this is the woman who faked being paralyzed for years). 

After another sleepless night, Xo tells Abuela about Rogelio's dad (WHAAAT? Who saw that coming?). Abuela says that everyone should stop coddling everyone. She thinks that Jane should toughen up and let Mateo sleep and Liliana should just tell Rogelio. And, well, she's not wrong. 

Detective Barnett tries to get Luisa to remember her mom, using her crush as incentive. She does eventually manage to coax a lead out of her- a lake that Luisa's mom used to love. 

Jane, armed with her newfound basketball knowledge, is doing better in her class. Of course, McBaskets is still blowing it off. When he doesn't turn in his paper, Jane agrees to grant him an extension. Yeah, I see that turning out real well.

The Villanueva women tell Rogelio about his dad. Rogelio, in his infinite well-meaning idiocy, decides to convince his mother that he is gay friendly. 

Round 3: Jane vs Mateo! Jane is struggling to not coddle Mateo, so Xo decides that they should research Michael's  alleged girlfriend as a distraction. After Jane gives in and picks up Mateo, his foot hits the keyboard and Jane accidentally sends a friend request to the maybe GF.  Oops!

On top of her Michael stress, Jane realizes that McBaskets plagiarized his paper (and not well, either). Sleep deprived and upset, Jane fails him. 

As Michael and Barnett continue to investigate Mutter, Petra is offered a plea bargain which Rafael urges her not to take. 

Rogelio decides to throw a dinner and invites all his gay friends to show his mother that he's okay with gay. There, Liliana reveals that she didn't want to tell him because his father would then tell other people and her life would be over. 

In the final round, Jane finally agrees to let Mateo cry it out and she emerges victorious! He sleeps through the night! 

Petra and Raf discuss his mother as he cooks her dinner. Petra encourages Raf to give his mom the benefit of the doubt. I can't believe that I'm saying this, but I actually really enjoyed all of the Rafael/Petra scenes in this episode. His attitude reminded me why I was Team Rafael from the start and it's always nice to see the softer side of Petra.

Anywho, while in the kitchen, Petra and Raf realize that the knife allegedly used to kill Ivan couldn't possibly be the murder weapon because the hotel got them after Ivan was already dead. Score one for Petra! 

The school calls Jane and strongly encourages her to give McBaskets a second chance in order to keep the boosters happy. Instead, Jane strikes a deal with McBaskets that if she makes a basket, he has to write the paper. This proves to be much easier said than done, however. 

After Jane plays her poor little heart out, to no avail, McBaskets agrees to write the paper (Score! Pun intended), which he promises won't "suck as bad as [she does] at basketball". 

Petra turns in her mother and Magda is arrest, though not before warning Petra that she made the wrong move. Can this girl ever catch a break?

Michael visits Jane and asks her why she sent a friend request to his girlfriend (mystery solved and, may I say, OUCH!). He also tells her that he returned the tree topper because it meant a lot to her family, but that it didn't mean anything for them. He still wants no contact (no complaints here!) and tells her that they should both move on and be happy.  

Finally deciding to do so, Jane unfriends Michael. I'm going to hold of cheering for that move because I'm sure that probably won't last. 

Rogelio's father shows up and, of course, as with any De La Vega,  he brings drama and reveals that Lilliana knew that he was gay from the start and that they had "an arrangement". 

Meanwhile, Raf talks to his mother, who explains why she left and begs for his forgiveness. 

Elsewhere, Barnett tells Luisa that her mother wasn't Mutter, after all, but moved to the lake Luisa remembered earlier after escaping and died there years later. Luisa kisses Barnett, but the detective stops it.

Back at the station, Michael connects the dots that if Luisa's mother isn't Mutter, that only leaves Raf's mother, Elena. 

At the same time, Raf sees those ever-famous blue silk ties on Elena's letters and makes the connection. However, before he can turn her in, she drugs him and that dreaded "To Be Continued" screen flashes. 

Dun Dun Duh! 

This episode was packed with drama and light on love triangle which is exactly the way I like it! 

What did you think? Tell us in comments! 



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