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Jane The Virgin, 02x12: Chapter 34

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

02/24/2016 7:14 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Jane The Virgin, 02x12: Chapter 34 | Virgin
Media Courtesy of The CW

Will this episode FINALLY be the episode in which our favorite virgin sheds her... innocence? Professor Chavez seems like the perfect person to hand your V-card to. If it is going to be Raf, I'll be happy with him, for sure. 

We start with a flashback to when Jane and Michael first started dating. We get to see the first time that Jane tells him that she is a virgin and that she plans to wait until marriage. He takes it graciously and sweetly, just as he always does. But Jane didn't marry Michael, and now she's a virgin mom. She thinks it's weird, and I agree. Time to pop that cherry, girl. 

Xo and Rogelio are having the big talk after she told him that she doesn't want to have children. They're trying to figure out if it's a deal breaker or not. Rogelio really wants kids, but Xo has done her time and is ready to focus on herself. I don't think either of them are wrong. 

Michael and his partner lady have tracked down a patient of Sin Rostro and Mutter and they have talked him into helping them track them down. 

Jane and Raf seem to have gotten into a good flow and he asks Jane to help Petra with all the baby stuff. She offers to help Petra and finds herself committed to throwing her a shower. Petra is definitely moved and appreciative. 

Now Jane is getting ready for her big date with Professor Chavez and Xo insists she bring a condom... you know... just in case. 

It's going VERY well and they shut down the restaurant making out. He invites her back to his place, but she tells him not tonight... but then he offers to make her dinner there tomorrow and she agrees. Bow chicka bow bow.

Jane tells Xo that she just wants to get it over with at this point, rip the band-aid off so it's not a big deal anymore.

Rogelio has summoned Xo to finally show her his Scientology videos. It's all very anticlimactic, but we do find out that he was a gigolo 15 years ago. Because of course he was. Rogelio tells her that he doesn't care about kids anymore, as long as he has her, and they are officially engaged. Awwwww.

Jane is trying to help Petra pick out some baby gear, but she is being willfully difficult. Petra and Jane have very different parenting styles, that's for damn sure.

Petra is bitching to Raf about it and he spills the beans about him being in on it. Petra is not impressed.

Rogelio is chatting with a young fan and Xo gets a pang of regret for keeping him from fatherhood. He thinks he may get her to change her mind. Then he asks her to freeze her eggs. That was a weird segue.

Jane and Chavez are getting hot and heavy and he reveals that she's the first person he's been with since his divorce was finalized. She's looking around and finds herself compelled to tell him she's a virgin. She tries to skate right over it, but he can't seem to let it go. All that talk about Abuela ruined the mood. He tells her he doesn't want to proceed, and she gets immediately prickly. Rejection never feels good, even if it's coming from a genuinely honorable place. 

Jane comes home and finds Xo "not waiting up for her" in the kitchen. She explains what happened on the date, but the story halts when Abuela comes in. That's when Xo changes the subject by telling them that she's considering freezing her eggs... just in case she does change her mind, down the road. 

Luisa is here trying to make amends with Raf, but he does not budge. It makes her seriously consider the benefits of sobriety. 

Jane comes to check in with Petra about the shower, but Petra tells her that she doesn't need a pity party. Petra is clearly still in love with Raf and we find out that she's mostly threatened by Jane and Raf's relationship. Jane tells her that she doesn't want to be with Raf, but Petra doubts that Raf really knows that. She goes up to confront Raf and he confesses his undying love to her.

She continues to express that she no longer loves him, and it takes her really laying it out and telling him that her feelings simply changed for him to finally get it. He looks heartbroken. Sad.

Sad Rafael is the worst. 

The men in this show really just cannot get out of their own way.

Xo has a really sweet moment with Mateo and there is something in her eyes. I recognize baby fever when I see it. 

Jane has thrown Petra the baby shower she promised, but Petra is still in her office. Jane storms in and they work through it and Petra finally graces them with her presence, after Jane takes a vow of honesty and says she won't handle Petra anymore. 

Michael and Partner Lady are wiring up the plastic surgery guy when Michael gets a call that Luisa had been drinking and has gotten herself into a really bad accident. Partner lady is distraught, but Luisa's fate is not revealed before the commercial break. 

Jane is sending some photos to Petra from the shower when she gets a text from Professor Hottie apologizing for the other night. She tells him that it's fine, but that he's missing out. They start, well, sexting, and Jane starts to get the prickles all over again. He tells her to get over there now and that she better not get dressed.

So she hops in her car in nothing but her t-shirt and heads right over. She is speeding, though, because of course she is, and gets pulled over with no pants on. She has a double vision when she spots the officer's badge and flashes to Michael. He implores her to not have sex in the vision, but she goes to Professor Hottie's place anyway. 

They start making out and she starts blubbering but she insists that she's fine and that she really wants to do this. He knows better, though, and is super sweet. She tries to tell Xo what happened, and I cannot help but laugh because Xo's reaction is freaking priceless. Yes it's humiliating, but no one is hurt and this too shall pass. It's the best awkward anecdote ever. 

Michael is staking out face implant dude who is waiting for someone in a garage. Someone we are supposed to believe is Rose gets out of the car and approaches him. But then we flash to Luisa and Rose is in her room. WAIT. Okay, no this is the entire plan. There was a public plan and a private plan. Face implant dude was a decoy, Rose was always meant to go to Luisa. ANNA! That's the partner's name! She gets Rose cornered and pulls her gun. Rose threatens to hurt her family, though, so Anna escorts her out. They get into a struggle for the gun in the hallway, though, and we hear a shot. 

It looks like Anna is the one that gets hit, but we find out it was Rose. That's not all, though. We find Rose dead with blue silk ties around her neck. Mutter was here. 

The hospital is all in a tizzy with Michael at the epicenter. His masterplan has failed. 

Abuela tells Jane that she knows what's been going on in the house, and that she won't judge her if she decides to have sex before marriage. Then she says, "Just because I had sex before marriage, doesn't mean you'll regret it, too." Or something like that. Abeula just drops so many truth bombs. She is so incredibly insightful, I just adore her. 

Xo is on set watching Rogelio with a fertility cooler in her lap. She tells Rogelio that she knows in her heart that she will not change her mind about kids. She doesn't want to give him false hope by freezing her eggs. But she cannot in good conscience marry him knowing how deeply he wants to be a father. She returns his ring and walks out. 

Rogelio is watching his Scientology videos and in them, he says "My greatest love, was my first love. Xiomara." Awwwww, poor Rogelio. Jane gets a text from Michael and he's on her porch telling her that Rose is dead and that she can't hurt them anymore. He tells her that he had to push her away to keep her safe, but that he still loves her. He's always loved her and will she please tell him that it's not too late for them? She's stunned into silence, but he says, "Don't think, just answer: do you still love me?" Her answer? Yes. Arrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. NO. Michael does not deserve her! UGGGHHHH. I feel really strongly about this, you guys. I just do not believe he is in any way, shape or form worthy. Oh well. Stick with me, Jane the Virgin fans. I'll be here all season. Until next week!


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