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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Jane The Virgin: 02×14, Chapter Thirty-Six

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

03/28/2016 12:05 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Jane The Virgin: 02×14, Chapter Thirty-Six | Jane
Media Courtesy of The CW

Last week, Jane and Michael really started to hash out the details of their reunion. Raf was afraid of being replaced, and initially insisted that he didn't want Michael around Mateo; but after Jane calls him out on his BS, he acquiesces. He tried to seek comfort in Petra's arms, but she knew what was happening, and turned him away. He then found his way into the embrace of a stranger, on the cusp of something he would undoubtedly regret. 

So how are they going to top last week's episode? The birth of Petra and Raf's twins, of course! Wait... I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's start with a flashback...

This week's flashback showed 15-year-old Jane reading a romance novel that Abuela had censored. She never knew what happened in those sex scenes and STILL doesn't. She wants to finally do it with Michael, but he talks himself out of it. 

Raf shows up to pick Mateo up after a week of nonstop sex with strangers. It's stupid awkward and Jane thinks there is something going on with him. Michael tells her he thinks he's fine. Jane isn't so sure, though. We definitely haven't heard the last of this.

Oop, there's Rogelio's stalker. Forgot about her for a sec. After a quick nick across his perfect forehead, he spills his phone password and remains shackled in the bomb shelter. 

Michael decides to "Scandal" the Mutter case and blow everything up, as it were. He reaches out to Raf to help them find his half brother, but he shuts Michael down. He wants nothing to do with this. 

Jane gets a text from Petra about being concerned for Rafael, but Jane pushes her off and tells her she'll call her tomorrow. 

Michael and Jane are celebrating what would have been their one-year wedding anniversary, and Michael gives Jane the new novel from the author that she had an awkward encounter with last season. After reading the summary, though, Jane realizes that her favorite author, Angelique Harper, straight up stole her idea from the manuscript she gave her. Not. Cool.

Further investigation proves Jane's suspicions, and Michael tells her to scour her own story to find similarities so she can sue for plagiarism. 

Petra confronts Raf completely pregnant and she recognizes that he's going to his dark place. She tries her best to snap him out of it, and it appears to have worked, but it seems as though there is more going on here.

Jane finds an email in which she had sent a copy of her manuscript to Rafael, hoping to prove that she had come up with the story. In the midst of this, Xo finds out that Abuela didn't wait to have sex until marriage. She blows up because Abuela has always made her feel bad for being a healthy woman who enjoys sex. When Abuela tells Jane that this is why she didn't want to tell Xo, all the drama, Jane tells Abuela that Xo was right, and goes to comfort her.

Rogelio is still hanging out with his stalker, who is now threatening to keep him hidden away forever. He is able to get a cryptic message to Xo, but it goes right over her head. 

Petra hears a rumor about Rafael being completely wasted and calls Jane in a panic. She tells Michael what is happening and Michael tells her that it's not what she thinks. Raf was working with the police today, in an attempt to find his drug lord mother. 

Michael didn't want Jane to run after Rafael, and she assures him that she won't do that. Seeing the emails between Raf and Jane from earlier in the year really bothered Michael, and Jane continues to wish that she and Michael had never broken up. Maybe if she had made a different decision when she fell into Raf's arms, she and Michael wouldn't keep starting and stopping over and over.

Orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr maybe she should just finally accept the fact that she should be with Raf and call it a day. Yeah, I like that option. 

Petra shows up at Jane's house and asks if Jane will accompany her to birthing class. Petra gets her out of the house and then informs her that they're confronting Raf once and for all. Jane knows that this is all due to Raf working with the police, so she has to let Petra in on the secret before she blows the entire investigation.

Jane tells Petra about that snaky author poaching her idea, and Petra insists on driving Jane straight to the book store so she can give her a piece of her mind.

Petra coaches her on what to say, and right as Jane's turn comes, Petra's water breaks and they have to rush to the hospital for the delivery of the twins.

OH and Raf had a drink with the chick that knows his half brother, but she spooks as soon as he tells her who he's looking for.



Michael and Rafael are, of course, stuck in traffic while Petra is laboring. Jane is trying to distract Petra from her contractions, so she tells her that she and Michael are having problems. She expresses her regret about them breaking up and how she feels like if they had just stayed together everything would be fine. Petra tells her that that is stupid, if everything had been that perfect they wouldn't have broken up to begin with. 

Xo and Abuela have a really sweet moment together and find some common ground. 

Rogelio stashed one of the sleeping pills from his stalker and knocks her out by slipping it into her wine. 

Petra is finally ready to push and Jane finds herself using Petra's advice to help get her through it. I'm pretty sure a beautiful friendship just began, right alongside the new lives of Raf and Petra's precious baby girls. 

Jane and Petra are cradling the newborn twins, who we discover are going to be named Elsa and Ana. Petra doesn't understand why this is a thing, so Jane just lets it go and makes her way to Michael, since Rafael has finally arrived.

She has realized that she doesn't want to go back, because who they were then is not who they are now, and that they're actually better now. Then he proposes and just, puke. 

Then Raf's half brother Derek shows up! Oh shit, and now Rogelio's stalker has awoken during his escape attempt and she knocks him out with an Emmy. 

Holy crap. So. Much. Action. This show has more intrigue than any other show on television, I'm convinced of it. I suppose that's the nature of a telenovela, though.

Stick with me, Jane the Virgin fans, I'll be here all season.

Until next week!


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