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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Jane The Virgin: 02x15, Chapter Thirty-Seven

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

03/28/2016 12:03 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Jane The Virgin: 02x15, Chapter Thirty-Seven | Virgin
Media Courtesy of CW

Last week, we got our first glimpse of Rafael's long-lost half brother. They share a crime lord mother, so that's fun. OH and Rogelio is still kidnapped! And Alba reached out to her former lover and will see him again for the first time in decades. And Petra had the babies! Strap in, there's a lot of aftermath to keep up with this week's Jane the Virgin

Our flashback this week focuses on superstition and Alba tells Jane she'll never get married if she gets her feet swept. Foreshadowing, anyone?

Jane has been unable to get in touch with Rogelio, and is getting really worried. She calls again, and Lola (stalker) tells Jane that Rogelio is "tied up" (because yes, he literally is) with a casting director and will be a while. Jane tells stalker that he NEEDS to call her back, and that she is marrying Michael. Rogelio hears this and is clearly thrilled, despite his gag.

Lola tells him that if he doesn't call back soon, they'll know something is wrong. Rogelio vehemently agrees, so Lola tells him that he'll say goodbye to his family tonight, when they live-stream their murder suicide. 

Jane goes to meet with her new adviser and finds that she's a hard-hitting feminist who has very little use for Jane's genre of romance. She tells Jane her work must pass the Bechdel test in order to be considered valid. "Does the work feature two female characters, with names, who talk about something other than a man?"

Raf and Petra are in the hospital with their twins, and Petra is not doing very well with the idea of motherhood and leaving the hospital. She is very disengaged. Not a good sign.

Jane and Michael are getting ready to host a dinner with Michael's bitterly divorced parents, and we find that it starts off on an incredibly awkward note. Why? Because his parents present an unheard of united front, and asks for a quiet moment alone. Michael tells them that he'll just tell Jane anyway, so his mother blurts out that they think he's making a mistake and, begs him not to marry her.


It's unfathomable to think that someone would not approve of Jane as their future daughter-in-law. Perhaps it's because of the illegitimate child she was accidentally impregnated with? I surely hope not. 

Jane is literally dumbfounded. His parents are concerned, though, because they were there when Michael's heart was broken the last time. They don't want him to go through that again. Jane rushes out and Michael goes after her, but she tells him to go back inside and talk her up to his parents.

Petra kicks Rafael out of her suite, telling him that her two maids have it covered, and when he gets back to his hotel room he finds his brother waiting for him. He's a grade A sleeze ball. I hate him already. 

Rafael immediately calls Michael and he gets some pointers, when Jane beeps in and Michael has to cut the call short. She tells him she isn't calling about his parents, but that she's worried about Rogelio. He tells her that he will go to the condo and check on him. 

Jane and Xiomara are preparing for Pablo's (Alba's past lover) visit, but she is convinced that he is bad luck and refuses to see him. She tells them that she has undeniable proof of this, and tucks in for the full story. 

She had heard rumors of this so called curse, but she ignored them because she was in love. They made love in her parents' beautiful garden, but the very next day after the sinfulness, all the plants died and the frost came. Jane tries to tell her that there are at least one hundred different environmental factors that could have caused an early frost, but she insists that it's real. Pablo rings the doorbell and they rush to let him in, but as soon as he crosses the threshold, the power goes out. Curse? Or coincidence? 

Only time will tell.

Xo and Jane are forced to entertain Pablo alone because Alba is still in her room. Jane goes to retrieve her, and tells her that she needs to change into something nicer because "he is fine." HA! Alba acquiesces and goes to slip into something a little less comfortable. 

Rogelio's life is flashing before his eyes, when he spots Michael in the window. Lola hands Rogelio the drugged wine, but he begs her to let them film their passionate ending outside, with the dramatic skyline and the ocean waves crashing behind them. She goes to inspect the patio, and Michael quickly pounces on her. 

Alba gets her first sight of Pablo, and he of her, and they are like magnets, drawn straight to each other. She agrees to a date when the wind blows over a candle and catches a doily on fire. Alba's curse suspicions are piqued once again, but Jane shakes her off. She gets a phone call from Michael and he tells her about Rogelio's kidnapping


[[[[[Sidenote: Justin Baldoni's Wells Fargo commercials are the best moments of advertising I've ever witnessed.]]]]]

Jane and Xo rush to Rogelio's side but he promises them that he's okay. His agent barges in and tells him that people want to hear his story. Jane tries to find out what happened, but he tells her that he doesn't want to talk about it. He's saving it for his big exclusive with his favorite journalist.

Rafael goes into Petra's office finding her hard at work, days after giving birth to twins. She won't be swayed, though. "Not every mother has to stay home." True... but maybe not exactly the point; and maybe not after popping out two babies just a few days before. 

Jane gets a discouraging email from her adviser, and finds that she is just not feeling it. Jane doesn't take the criticism very well. 

Rogelio is not acting himself on set and his costar asks him why he's not kissing with his full range of passion, but he is just wounded now. Jane shows up and he's thrilled to see her, but he just can't seem to be able to tell her what happened.

Jane and Michael have dinner with his parents and she gives them permission to grill her, and they take full advantage. Michael steps in, though, and cuts his mother off. He tells her that Mateo is not just some other guy's kid, he's Mateo, and he loves him and he loves Jane. Then Michael takes Jane's hand and they turn their backs on his parents and leave.

Jane is lamenting her situation with Michael's parents, and Alba and Xo tell her it's because she has a compulsive need to be liked. She denies this, but deep down, she knows it's true. She uses this to fuel a writing binge and hopes it'll be something her adviser will relate to.

Jane drops Mateo off to Rogelio and he mentions his problems with Petra to Jane and she tells him that every woman is different, and he may need to give her the push she needs. 

Jane gets a text from Michael telling her that his parents aren't coming to the engagement party, and she gets a bug up her ass and decides to drive to his parents' house a hundred plus miles away and implores his mother to come, not just for her, but for Michael. 

Raf is having breakfast with his asshole brother and he's literally the worst. Raf asks him if he knew that their mother was a crime lord, and they both insist that they did not. Raf tells him that he wasn't the one that disappeared after their mother was exposed, and Raf wants to know where he's been. His brother offers to show him, and Raf follows him, despite the advice he got from Michael earlier. 

Jane gets a desperate call from Rogelio's agent, he's having a hard time. Jane leaves her own engagement party to run to his side, because she really is a great daughter. He's worried about crying and looking vulnerable, and she asks if he wants to practice with her. He finally lets it all out, and she tells Michael that she can't leave her dad right now. So she leaves him at their engagement party with his already suspicious parents looking on.

Meanwhile, Raf decides to get on a damn boat with his damn brother. Goddamnit Raf. 

Brother bear offers Raf a drink and tells him that he stayed on his houseboat in the middle of the ocean while their mother was being filmed and followed. He needed to be away from it, and still suspects that she killed his father. They have a bonding moment, but I'm still really nervous about this burgeoning relationship. 

Jane finally arrives to her own party, but Michael's parents aren't willing to forgive and forget. Jane decides that she doesn't care if they like her or not but that she hopes they can get used to her because she's not going anywhere. 

She's turning over a new leaf, "take me, or leave me," but she freaks out when she thinks her adviser likes her material. Baby steps, you know?

Rafael calls off the investigation on his brother, and Michael thinks this is a mistake. Something definitely isn't right there. 

He also sent the nannies home for the night, and tells Petra that they are going to bond, as a family. 

Alba is on her date with Pablo, but she tells him that she can't be with him because of the curse. He assures her that the curse was just the silly superstitions of their village, but asks for one last dance.

They are burning up the dance floor and completely feeling each other, all the while, the Villanueva house is literally creaking around Xo and Jane. As Alba and Pablo share a passionate kiss, water comes gushing in through an enormous hole in the ceiling. Uh oh. Okay, so maybe Pablo is cursed after all...

I need to know what's happening with Raf and Derek (brother bear). This guy makes my skin crawl, he's definitely up to no good. 

I suppose we'll have to wait until next week to find out for sure, though.

Until then, Jane the Virgin fans!


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