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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Jane The Virgin: 02x19, Chapter Forty-One

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

04/27/2016 7:46 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Jane The Virgin: 02x19, Chapter Forty-One | Forty-One
Media Courtesy of Michael Desmond/The CW

On this week's Jane the Virgin, we can't help but wonder, based on promo photos and trailers, if the writers are trying to rekindle Jane and Raf. There are gorgeous, glamorous shots and snippets of them dressed in '20s garb and looking at each other lovingly. Likely it's just a ruse to manipulate the hearts of those of us who loyally remain #TeamRaf. I watch a lot of TV, I know how this works. Though I can't help but hope, just a bit...

This week's flashback starts with seven-year-old Jane stuffing bills into a piggy bank. She's a saver, obviously. Which, good on her. In the present, she wants to buy a rug for Mateo, but realizes that her total order amount is more than $500, and decides to sleep on it, despite Michael telling her to splurge.

In the midst of their conversation, a knock comes at the door and a waiter delivers room service. A paper is included with breakfast, and Michael's own face stares back at him with a terribly inflammatory headline about how Michael "Bungled" the Solano investigation from the start. 

Jane and Michael freak out, but she assures him that they'll get through it. 

Raf and Petra are with the babies and Aneska comes in. She is 100% in love with Rafael and it makes things unbearably awkward. 

Mateo has been with Rafael for three days, so Jane is feeling pretty low. She spots him in the lobby with the sitter, though, and she tells Jane that Raf had to work last minute. Jane tells her that she's done with her shift, so she'll just take Mateo. This will come back to bite her in the ass later, I just know it. 

Oh yeah! Rogelio is banging his writer lady. I do really like them together, actually, so I say yay. 

Rafael shows up to Jane's room pissed that she took Mateo on his day. He wants to get a mediator to set an actual custody agreement. Jane actually thinks it's a great idea, but when Raf takes Mateo, the baby cries and Jane feels terrible. It also proves that Raf likely isn't spending as much time with him as he should, since Mateo doesn't seem all that comfortable with him. 

Jane clicks away her sadness like the rest of us with online shopping, as soon as she confirms for $500+ purchase, Michael comes in with a gloomy face and tells her that he's been fired. 

Jane is enraged over Michael's termination, but reality starts to kick in and they need to plan for their future, considering they're going to have to live off of Jane's serving salary. Michael tells her that they most certainly will not be backing out of the lease and he will just find another job. Jane asks for more shifts at The Marbella and her douchey boss gives her the impossible task of training Aneska who is possibly the worst waitress that has ever lived. She immediately regrets her decision. 

Xo goes to audition for the silent movie star role on Rogelio's show, but he just gives it to her instead. He is a big proponent of nepotism, after all. 

Jane is waiting on a table of rich ladies when she hears one of them mention that she dropped $1,200 for a college kid to write a supplemental essay for her son who can't get into college on his own. Jane butts in and offers her services instead. The mom goes for it and Jane lands a cool $1,000 commission to write at home with Mateo. 

Xo figures out that Rogelio is sleeping with his writer and she is distraught. 

Jane and Raf meet the mediator, and when she asks about their history, their story is told in a compacted version through a silent '20s short. 

The mediator is turning out to be much more formal than expected, and the talk about vacations turns the entire thing ugly. Raf wants a month, Jane says a week, ten days TOPS. The only positive childhood memory Raf has of his dad is traveling through Europe in the summers and seeing the world, though, and he wants the chance to share that with Mateo. Jane simply cannot go that long without seeing Mateo, though, and will not even consider it. 

Jane is discussing the disastrous meeting with Michael as he drives to an interview. Jane has to leave Mateo with Abuela and he cries again when she leaves. They are both experiencing intense separation anxiety. 

Jane is still trying to train Aneska and Petra gets an actual snapshot of what she can do and realizes Scott straight up lied to her. Petra asks Jane about the process for setting up Mateo's trust and it's clear that it's not a process Jane has ever actually experienced. So of course, now she's like, wtf? Where is my kid's trust fund!? Though I'm pretty sure she's made it quite clear that she isn't all about Mateo growing up with all that money. 

Xo is on the set of Rogelio's show and is completely botching it all. His writer wants to recast and is pissed that this is happening anyway, so she is completely furious that she cannot act a lick. This will not end well.

Jane is at the rich boy's house to help with the essay when she realizes that she is actually there to write it for him, not help him with it. So she's definitely going to turn the job down, then. Jane could never be party to cheating and fraud. 

Michael comes in and tells Jane that he's been black balled, no one will hire him. He wants to talk to Rogelio's people and see what PR advice they may have, but they tell him just to wait it out.

Rogelio sees what the video editing team was able to do with Xo's scene and it is horrifyingly bad. He is going to have to tell her that she will be replaced. 

Petra confronts Rafael about the fact that a third party will control the twins' trusts if he dies and he straight up tells her that he doesn't trust her as much as he does Jane. I think we all agree that this is a wise decision on his part. 

Aneska got her first tip! It's pretty miraculous, really. Definitely worth a celebration. The rich mom shows up at The Marbella to tell Jane that her essay about her son's love for music is not appropriate for a career. She insists that Jane rewrite it so that he can get into the economics program. Jane tells her that she'll rewrite it, but I imagine that won't end up happening. 

Rogelio tells Dina that everything went well with Xo and when he hints at the fact that he may have feelings for her, Dina gets prickly and pulls back. 

Jane and Raf come to an agreement over Mateo's custody and they share a really intimate embrace. 

Petra explains her history with Jane to Aneska and now Aneska is certain that she must protect Petra and convince Rafael that Jane is not in fact perfect.

Jane is trying to finish up this essay but cannot stop pining for some time with Mateo. She craves it, and is having problems reconciling her guilt over all the time she's spending away from him. 

Michael comes in and Jane falls apart over everything that is piled on them at the moment. He tells her that he got a job as her dad's head of security, because she and Mateo are his priority. 

Aneska is creeping along on Jane and Raf and decides to put an ad in Jane's school's newspaper for her "independent essay writing service." This could undoubtedly be the end of Jane's college career. 

After Petra tells Raf that she can't trust him because he lies all the time, he decides to confess to his brother that he did in fact tell the police about him. After Derek leaves, he makes a phone call and says, "It's a go, let's take him out."


I knew that smarmy greaser was up to no good. 


All those sexy promos of Jane and Raf embracing were cruel manipulation. I hate you all.

Only three episodes left in this season, Jane the Virgin fans. Can you believe it!?

Until next week!


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