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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Jane The Virgin: 02x21, Chapter Forty-Three

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

05/11/2016 11:00 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Jane The Virgin: 02x21, Chapter Forty-Three | Forty-Three
Media Courtesy of The CW

Okay. Okay. So Jane and Michael are still supposed to be getting married, but it sounds like maybe fate is going to intervene and throw a wrench into the whole plan! Yaaaay! 

Must not get ahead of myself. Must not get ahead of myself. Let's see what happens on this week's Jane the Virgin...

This week's flashback takes us just a few month's back to when Jane discovered the best kid magician in Miami. People still hire magicians? She is able to to strong arm another mom and book the coveted performer. 

Anyway, Jane is trying to plan Mateo's birthday party and her wedding at the same time, while also continuing to send pages to Professor Donaldson to try and get in the good graces of the Master's program. Abuela comes through with a legit connection in publishing and Jane is thrilled. 

Xo is sorting the RSVPs and tells Jane that Petra is not coming to the wedding. Jane, being the person she is, goes straight to Petra to confront her. Petra isn't really all that good with the feelings, but she tells Jane she's sorry and that she'll move Aneska to housekeeping and that she will attend her wedding. 

Michael is meeting with his old partner to give her all the intel he has found on Derek and Mutter, but she is resistant to help after, you know, getting shot and stuff. But Michael's evidence is pretty convincing, and hard to turn away from. 

Jane drops Mateo off at Rafael's, and he, Jane and Petra start discussing the little insider trading problem. Jane thinks he should turn himself in and get a great lawyer, because the cops really want Derek and Mutter, but Petra thinks that's a crazy idea and has an alternative plan. 

Rafael decides to speak to his lawyer and figure out what his options are. 

Jane meets with Professor Donaldson and is encouraged when she tells her that her work is "in really good shape." Jane spills the beans about the opportunity with the publisher and Donaldson tells her that she can't submit that to a publisher, it's at grad school thesis level, not Simon & Schuster level.

Someone decided to allow Rogelio to run the writing and production of his show while Dina is away, but at the table read, his crew announces their intent to strike and unionize. Picket lines are going up the day before Jane's wedding... a fact she is unaware of until after she does her own part in inciting the crowd, causing an outpouring of chanting and cheers. 


Jane and Rogelio are straight up freaking out, and rightfully so. I've sat in on union negotiations before, and it's no joke. 

Rafael's lawyer has told him that they may go easy on him, or they may want to make an example of him, so he's ready to hear Petra's plan. 

Rogelio is trying to avoid the entire strike, and promises the union leader that he will work on his crew, to try and walk in his shoes and understand what they're fighting for. The union leader is understandably dubious, but he agrees. The wager is set: if Rogelio makes it, they will hold off their strike until after Jane's wedding; if he loses, he'll be the public face of their strike. 

Jane has missed a ton of calls from the magician and learns that he had to cancel. She is freaking out, but Xo is able to book another group. She finds that Rafael has been in a closed-door meeting with Petra all day and Jane gets oddly jealous. I like that. I like it a lot.

She barges in and is wigged out to see Petra and Raf all cozy on the couch. She rambles on about something and then runs to Michael to tell him what's happening. She has planned an outing with Rafael the next day to try and lure him back from the dark side. 

In the meantime, Michael's partner calls and tells him she's in, she wants to take Mutter down, too. 

Rogelio is trying to make it through his first day as an electrical crew member and it's going better than anyone expected. So of course, the foreman decides to kick it up a notch. Poor Ro. 

Petra crashed Jane and Rafael's outing and it's awesomely awkward. 

Petra is explaining her plan to Jane during an obnoxious song by this kid's band so we don't actually to get hear any of it. Jane tells her this mysterious plan is insane, but Rafael shows up and tells her he's thought about it, and he's going to go with Petra's plan. She would never say it, but losing to Petra with Rafael bothers her. A lot.

Aneska is creepily brushing Petra's hair and tells her that she thinks Rafael is starting to love her again. Petra likes this idea very much.

Jane goes to tell Michael that Mateo is sick and finds that he has fallen asleep while reading her novel. She is upset but when he gives her his honest assessment, she has to respect that he has done what she asked. 

We shoot to the Marbella where The FBI bursts into Rafael's office and sweeps him away. Derek is terrified, but we find out that it was all a rouse between Raf and Petra to try and scare Derek into admitting his crime. Derek is on to at least part of this plan and realizes he's being recorded. Is Petra and Raf's plan foiled?

The crew have made Rafael climb onto the scaffolding to change a light bulb, and since he has a debilitating fear of heights, this poses many problems. 

He gets himself stuck to the point where Jane has to be called to help retrieve him. But he sticks it out and successfully changes the bulb, earning the respect of the foreman and fulfilling his end of their bargain.

Jane becomes more concerned about Mateo's cold, and when she calls the doctor, he recommends taking Mr. Sweetface to the ER. 

Jane and Rafael are with Mateo at the ER and the poor little guy has to get a chest X Ray and blood work to rule out bacterial infections and pneumonia. Jane cannot bear to hold Mateo down while he writhes and screams, so Rafael steps in and is strong for her.

She sends everyone away, telling them that her and Raf have it. They're all cozied up in Mateo's room and they're reminiscing about Jane's pregnancy, and the first year of his life, and the moment when they almost got back together and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


Seriously. Come on. Please? PRETTY PLEASE!?

It's what everyone wants. It's what I want. It's what Rafael wants. Hell I'm convinced it's what Jane really wants. Though I'll admit, the drama that follows Raf is serious. He's a freaking magnet. 

Since Jane decided to cancel the party, her family brings the party to the hospital. After that's all said and done, Rogelio tells Jane that she can't have the wedding on Saturday after all, because he has to join the picket line as a show of solidarity for the crew that the network executives have decided to just replace. Jane respects this decision and tells Rogelio it's fine to drop $3,500 to pick up Michael's mom up so she can make the Thursday wedding. 

Petra apologizes to Jane but it doesn't go quite as planned and their snit continues. We shoot to Petra visiting her mother in jail except OH MY GOD NO THAT'S NOT PETRA THAT'S ANESKA!

Aneska and their mom have been plotting against Petra for an entire year. Oh man. No good can come from this, that's for sure. 

We end it there this week, Jane the Virgin lovers. Next week marks the Season Two finale, and, allegedly, the wedding of Michael and Jane. 

Call me a naive optimist, but I still haven't given up hope for a Jane and Raf reunion. 

Until next week! 


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