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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Jane The Virgin: 02x03, Chapter 25

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

10/28/2015 5:53 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Jane The Virgin: 02x03, Chapter 25 | Jane
Media Courtesy of The CW

On last week's Jane the Virgin, Jane decided that she couldn't decide at all, and told Michael and Rafael that she was in love with both of them. You can imagine how well that went over. Xo and Rogelio decided to go ahead and get their Vegas wedding annulled (while on the cruise boat they were stranded on) and Abuela decided she was going to start the naturalization process to become an American citizen. Oh, and Petra found out she IS pregnant with Rafael's baby via his sperm that she took from the clinic unbeknownst to Raf. Yeah. It was action packed. Can't wait to see what they've got in store for us this week, and if Bachelorette Jane will make her fabulous return!

We get to see a glimpse of Jane's deceased grandpa, Mateo (her baby's namesake). It's the night before Xo's baptism and Abeula's having some serious homesickness. We also see a pregnant Xo, at sixteen years old on the night before Jane's baptism. Now we're in present day and it's time to baptise sweet Mateo.

Apparently, when Michael saved the day, Rafael asked him to be Mateo's godfather. But now, things are obviously awkward since of the whole "I'm in love with both of you" speech. Rafael has dragged Petra to his doctor to confirm the pregnancy, and he does just that.

Petra is trying to explain why she turkey basted herself (because she thought he was still in love with her... because he was acting like he was). He bursts her bubble and tells her that he had been playing her so he could buy her out, get her out of his life and move forward with Jane. Bubble sufficiently burst.

Michael has come over to apologize to Jane, but Rogelio tells Michael he needs to stand strong; because he overheard Jane telling Xo that his "confidence stance" was sexy. That's all Michael needed to know. Jane comes home to find them mid-conversation, and Michael decides to heed Rogelio's advice and play it cool.

Jane gets a happy letter telling her that she got accepted into grad school. She's sharing the good news with Rafael but she can see that he's distracted. Oh! Louisa was kidnapped. I forgot. Okay moving on.

Rafael realizes Michael is the godfather and spills the beans about Petra to Jane. A completely valid freakout from Jane ensues.

This is about to be the most awkward baptism ever.

Jane then gets a not-so-happy call about grad school. She needs a prerequisite but in order to fulfill it, she has to leave Mateo tomorrow and she doesn't know if she's ready for that.

Rogelio is having a meltdown because his show wants to cast his ex-wife as his "make love week" partner. Xo tells him it's time to face his issues, so he shows her her storage locker. A literal one, filled with paraphernalia and memorabilia of Luciana.

Jane goes to beg her professor to let her bring Mateo to class; and though he's clearly hesitant, not wanting to distract others, he allows her to give it a try.

Their first college foray is not a successful one, and the disruption she causes can only be described as epic. Mateo has a fit and the stroller rolls down the entire flight of stadium stairs. Poor Jane.

Her professor tells her that Mateo will no longer be able to come to class, and that if she isn't ready to leave him, she can reapply for the program next year. On her sad bus ride back she gets a text from Rafael telling her that Petra wants to meet ASAP.

Rogelio and Xo are cleaning out Luciana's weird storage closet, and he has a tiny breakthrough. They're cute, but I gotta tell ya, I want more Jane/Rafael/Petra/Michael. She runs into Michael and he continues to play it cool, which is starting to definitely weird Jane out. Because it is creepy.

Petra lays down some options for how this is going to go. She can get an abortion, find some unsuspecting gent to "impregnate" her, or she can stick around Miami and she and Raf will raise the baby together. When she finds out Rafael and Jane aren't actually together, option three becomes Petra's top choice.

Rafael wants to know what Jane thinks the best option is. She is reluctant to push him in any direction and he asks if it's because she doesn't want to be with him. She tells him no, but stands firm. UGH. Just fall into his arms, already!

Michael is working on the Sin Rostro case when he gets an emergency text from Rogelio. The emergency is that Rogelio thinks Michael needs a spray tan. I love Rogelio so much.

Jane decides to share in her mommy group about her dilemma with leaving Mateo. She's getting conflicting answers from everyone, until Mateo finally blinks. That gives her the courage she needs to believe that she's doing the right thing.

Rogelio and Luciana share a ridiculously hot kiss and I think Xo finally realizes that they aren't quite finished yet.

Jane, Abuela and Xo have a teary moment, because there always has to be at least a few of those each episode. Precious Mateo gets baptized, and it's a super cute moment, but all I can focus on is how ridiculous Rafael looks in that suit.

Now Jane is reading the same letter than Abuela wrote for Xo for her baptism, that Xo read for Jane's, that Jane is now reading for Mateo's. Oh so there were more teary moments to come. Damnit.

Jane tells Abuela and Xo that she turned down the grad school opportunity. Xo and Abuela talk her back into going and I'm so glad.

Rafael is calling Luisa, but she's still in a dungeon somewhere. She tries to bust out, and the guard gently places her back in her chair. That is when she realizes that Rose is probably the one that has kidnapped her.

Rogelio and Xo finally faceoff about that kiss, and Rogelio assures her that it's just acting; but Xo tells him that he's not that good of an actor.

GODDAMNIT MICHAEL. No. Enough. Stop it with the absurdly cute gestures, okay? He writes her adorable notes every time he took Rogelio's advice. She's totally in love with him and I cannot stand it! It should be Raf, okay?! IT JUST SHOULD BE!

But before I get ahead of myself... I must acknowledge that they do always at least give Rafael a fighting chance. Jane tells Rafael that she thinks they should try and make it work here, because he wouldn't be happy just being a tiny part of his baby's life. They're adorable, and they need to be together. Period.

Rafael tells Petra that he wants her to stay to be a part o f the baby's life and she sees this as her way in.

Michael gets a call from that Swiss Vinyard. He tells the dude who he's looking for, and the dude's face falls and he gets all squirrely. His wife takes the phone and tells Michael he just needs one name, and gives it to him.

Then Jane finds out she's still got her spot in grad school while she's with Rafael. In their celebratory dance, they get carried away and have a hot a kiss which, of course, Petra sees.

And that's it! What'd you think of this week's episode? I am so ready for her to make a choice between Rafael and Michael, truly. And while I totally WANT it to be Rafael, any decision at this point would be welcome. But it IS a telanovela, so nothing can be easy. It's time for me to accept that.

Stick with me for the tears and laughs all the way through Jane the Virgin's second season!


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