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Jane The Virgin, 02x18: Chapter Forty

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
10/22/2016 4:01 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Jane The Virgin, 02x18: Chapter Forty | Virgin
Media Courtesy of Patrick Wymore/The CW

Okay, let's breakdown all that happened on this week's Jane the Virgin, where mother and daughter were at odds.  Also, when are Michael and Jane gonna break up because we are not for that relationship at all?  Oh and Petra has a secret sister!  Let's begin.

As usual, the show begins with a flashback involving a young Jane taking salsa dancing lessons which did not go well.  Her grandmother wanted her to stick with it but Xo let her quit.  Xo and Jane are definitely more friends than mother and daughter.

Now we're in the present, and Jane and Xo are still refusing to speak because Xo wants an apology which Jane refuses to give.  Things get more complicated when Jane needs Xo to babysit Mateo and Xo bails. Jane has to do her rewrite for her adviser, but luckily for her, Michael is able to step in. Jane has some doubts about leaving Mateo with Michael since he is not the baby's father, and it may make things weird with Raf, but she has no choice. Unfortunately later on, Mateo calls Michael 'dada' right in front of Raf.  Uh oh.

Speaking of Raf, he has a lot on his plate.  Petra is still dealing with her postpartum depression, so a lot of the parenting responsibilities fall to Raf, as well as her surprise twin sister that has arrived suddenly. Raf is cool with that.  Also, he accidentally participated in insider trading so there's that, too.  Poor Raf can't catch a break.

Jane has a lot on her plate, too, other than her fight with Xo.  She has to rewrite her romance story and her adviser hates it no matter what she does.  This assignment could affect her next semester in school, like getting in or not, and she can't get it right.  Is the adviser just too tough or should Jane rethink her whole project?

Petra and her twin, Aneska, discover that their mother gave her up because Petra was the better baby.  Later on, after being interrogated by Petra, Magda reveals that Aneska is actually the better daughter now.  PS, did anyone else think Petra had dyed her hair at first when Aneska showed up?  We certainly did.

Jane has to pick a wedding dress but she is still fighting with her mom and Rogelio gets the bright idea to act out the fight through a telenovela scene.  His plan works and the mother and daughter decide that their relationship is worth saving.  Aw! Dad for the win!

Once their relationship is mended, Jane is able to pick a dress and rewrite her story in an acceptable manner.  Yay!  On the dramatic side, Michael and Jane are photographed by someone which could mean anything.  We're hoping it's the kind of drama that will end this awful romance.  

Until next week!


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