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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Jane The Virgin (Except Not Really): 03x04, Chapter Forty-Eight

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

11/12/2016 5:06 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Jane The Virgin (Except Not Really): 03x04, Chapter Forty-Eight | Forty-Eight
Media Courtesy of The CW

Okay. Jane the Virgin is not actually a virgin anymore.

Jane. Is. Not. A. Virgin.

Let thank sink in.

Recap: "Chapter Forty-Eight"

We start out this week with a flashback, as per usual, with a montage of Xo's bad decisions and her consistently contentious relationship with Alba. Jane has always been their anchor, their buffer. But now she's gone for good; she won't be coming back this time.

Alba and Xo are chatting around the table, and it's clear that their relationship is, if not perfect, much more stable than it has been in the past. But they're missing Jane. Big time.

OH! They crossed out "Virgin!" I guess it's just, Jane now!

Jane and Michael are finally experiencing their newlywed and freshly-popped-virgin bliss. Rogelio is coming over, so they quickly, ahem, scratch their itch before he barges in.

Anezka/Petra is plotting with Vests to turn the hotel around because Rafael's money is tied up in it, so they decide to do some theme nights to attract visitors. They threaten Jane with canceling Xo's show if she doesn't get on board with flamingo night, and, when she tries to talk to Anezka/Petra about it, they end up fighting with Jane storming out. Anezka hopefully achieved her goal of pushing Jane away for good.

Raf is still working on who killed his mother. Poor guy. He really can't catch a break.

Jane and Michael walk into their freshly painted and decorated home. They ask Mateo if he's excited to grow up there when some strangers barge in, keys in tow.

Michael asks what they're doing barging into their home, and the stranger tells him that it's most definitely not their home.

Uh oh.

Petra secured this house for them in secret to get them where they all needed to be without actually admitting to the charity and proving that she was actually a good person. Either payment has lapsed since Petra's paralysis, or Anezka has deliberately sabotaged them.

The manager of the property is who barged into the house and tells Jane and Michael that their realtor said that they had stopped paying half of their rent. Jane tells him that she personally pays $1,000 a month, and the realtor tells her that the rent is actually $2,000. They find out that someone has been paying half their rent all this time.

Rogelio meets with his friend Jane Seymour, and she decides that she needs Rafael as her date for a charity benefit. The other old biddies will swoon seeing that sexy piece of man-candy on her arm. Raf turns him down, though.

Alba comes to visit Jane at the Marbella, and she is super cute and flirty with the adorable gift shop clerk.

Jane spots the realtor she's been trying to track down, and he spills the beans about Petra paying the rent all this time. When Jane asks Anezka about it, she (obviously) doesn't know what she's referring to, but she gets there after listening to Jane. Jane invites her to dinner since she helped them get the house, and Anezka tells Jane that she and Scott, or "Vests", would be there. Jane panics, because obviously she doesn't want "Worst Boss in the World" in her lovely little house.

OH MY GOD IT'S COACH BIEST! Dot Marie Jones is playing one of Magda's friends from prison and tells Anezka that she needs to stick to the plan and get it moving.

Jane and Michael try and figure out how to keep their house and decide that they need to ask Rogelio for the rest of the money in order to make it happen. $280 isn't much of an ask.

Anezka/Petra tells Raf that she wants him to buy her out, and he tells her he'll see what he can do.

Jane and Michael are having trouble sticking to their budget, and their super-awkward dinner with Petra and Vests does not improve their evening.

Xo gets home from her first day of work, and she has hated every minute of it, but Alba made her a celebratory first day dinner, so she puts on a happy face.

Jane asks Anezka/Petra if Scott is blackmailing her, and Anezka/Petra is very offended and storms out. Jane and Raf had discussed how strangely Petra has been acting, but they're so far off of what is actually happening that's it's infuriating. OPEN YOUR EYES, YO!

Louisa comes in to see Raf, and she's clearly really upset. She needs some support, and he seems willing to give it. She invites herself to his charity event, but he looks less-than-thrilled with this plan.

Xo comes in to the Marbella and tells Jane that she quit her fancy new job at the bank and that she didn't want to tell Abuela because she was so proud of her. So, of course, Abuela is there to visit Jane and forces Xo to go to her job, so Abuela can see her in action. Naturally, since Xo actually quit said job, it gets super awkward super quick.

Ugh. Xo is like Andrea from The Walking Dead (may she rest in peace): she's only here to make bad decisions.

Jane comes home to find a really angry Michael because she lied to him about an expense and padded their budget with the extra funds. He is livid because he's been paying his own way for a decade and has done a pretty good job of it. He's also the only one with a stable, government job that includes a 401K. Jane retorts that he keeps his receipts, bills and files in shoe boxes and that she grew up always pinching pennies and has, therefore, been financially responsible her whole life.

Jane gets called into work, and Michael tells her to go; they do not part on good terms.

Jane and Lina are dressed in the ridiculous flamingo outfits, and we find out that Lina took the job that Jane turned down, and Jane is pissed.

Rafael gets Rogelio to "babysit" Louisa so that she doesn't have to be alone.

Xo and Alba are on the porch of tears and have an honest-to-goodness heart-to-heart. They're going to be just fine. Even without Jane.

Rogelio shows Louisa one of his telenovelas to try and distract her, but seeing all the boozing and sexing makes it worse for her. Rogelio tells her they need to get to the root of the problem, and he starts playing the psychology major. This actually does seem to be helping her!

Rogelio tells her that she needs to work on herself before she can help anyone else, and, no shit!, she seems to have really had a breakthrough.

Rogelio finds Raf and starts talking about what a great man he is, thanks to his conversation with his sister.

Rafael and Rogelio run into Jane at the flamingo party, and Jane and Raf have a precious moment. Jane runs up to Anezka/Petra to try and talk to her, and Anezka/Petra shoves Jane into the pool. Anezka/Petra dives in after her, and they start slapping each other. It's entertaining, I won't lie.

Jane and Michael decide to give up the house and find something more within their means. Their housewarming party becomes a farewell party, instead.

Aww, Abuela got a job at the gift shop at the Marbella! She gets to work with her little cutie boyfriend.

Rafael tries to tell Anezka/Petra that he needs more time to buy her out, but she threatens him and tells him that, if he doesn't make it happen, she will send him to jail. She's got something on him that would make that happen for sure.

As Anezka/Petra storms out, she runs into Jane and does Anezka's annoying squeal, and Jane knows right away what is happening. Obviously, Jane would be the one to figure it out. She is the brains of this operation, after all.

Jane rushes into Raf's office and tells tell him that she doesn't think it was Petra that she just ran into, and then the episode ends.

Honestly, I don't know that I've ever watched a show that has consistently delivered like Jane the Virgin has. Every week, I find myself loving the characters, the writing and the story in general more and more. Kudos to Jennie Urman and her exceptionally talented team.

Until next week, Jane the Virgin fans!


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