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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Jane The Virgin: 02x16, Chapter Thirty-Eight

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
03/31/2016 4:44 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Jane The Virgin: 02x16, Chapter Thirty-Eight | Chapter Thirty-Eight
Media Courtesy of CW

In Chapter Thirty-Eight, we begin with a flashback to young Alba and Mateo in the house long before our show began.  They bring us to the house flood, which has put Alba and Xo to Raf's hotel.  Jane joins because sweet Mateo was complained about by Michael's neighboor.  Alba's new boyfriend is there too and he may indeed be cursed.

The ladies visit the contractor working on the house and it looks bad.  In the chaos, Jane finds the bible Alba gave her as a baby which pans to Rogelio and a giant wedding binder.  Jane wants small, and he wants the biggest wedding ever!

We don't support this wedding at all, btw.  And as soon as we thought that, Michael appeared questioning Raf's brother.  Raf finds out and he's mad.  Michael goes to Jane and Mateo is just crying and crying.  Jane has to stroll him all night long.  Petra finds her in the hall.  We wish they'd always bond but Petra looks rough.  Is she suffering from post partum?

Michael and Jane are looking at a house which is really bad.  The real estate agent has another house in mind but it's far away.  Jane goes to look and it's perfect.  If she'd marry Raf, she could have any house she wants.  Both houses literally spoke to Jane.

Pan to Jane trying to convince Raf that it's a good move but he offers to pay the difference on a house closer.  Marry him, girl!  Jane voices her concerns about Petra.  Jane goes to check on Petra herself and it's so sweet.  Jane is taking Petra to new mommy class!

But first, more time with Michael.  And Jane drops the money ball about Raf and Michael shoots that down.  Xo is enjoying the hotel stay a lot!

Jane is back to trying to convince Raf to let her move to the house.  Poor Raf always gets the rough end of the deal.

Alba is breaking it off with her man unless they get married??? 

Pablo is gonna marry her and we are gasping!  What???  Alba shares the news and Xo and Jane are unsure to say the least.  But they give her their blessing because she's happy.

Now, to Petra and Jane at mommy class.  Btw, the ladies made the crazy Frozen connection.  These ladies get the crazy new born vibes Petra has been feeling.

Rogelio is looking for Jane but he finds Xo instead and he has Charro.  Xo wants to talk to Rogelio about Jane and the wedding but he wants his space from her.

Petra reveals how disconnected she feels with the babies.  The ladies think she might be veering into post partum.  Petra flees but Jane catches up.

Raf is working on a rejection letter to Jane's house.  Petra walks in lays some truth bombs on Raf.  Jane gets the yes text while watching her father work.  Uh oh Rogelio may have found a new lady love but she's more ready then he is.  Rogelio brings her to his large group of celebrity friends.  Jane isn't having it!  And now, Jane is going to pay for the wedding so that Rogelio can't hold anything over her.

Jane tells the ladies and we are starting the think that Michael and Jane's wedding is cursed.  But, Jane goes to sign the lease.  Mateo starts walking with help and Raf was right.  Michael agrees but he's super cheesy and we hate him.

Petra calls the phone number and makes an appointment to get help.  Meanwhile, Raf's brother is leaving.  But, Raf convinces him to stay and Michael is spying on Raf.  Jane is gonna be so mad if she finds out.

Xo talks some sense into Jane about the wedding (not calling it off but letting Rogelio have his fun) but then they see Alba with another woman.

They tell Alba and it's so sad.  She handles it well, though.  Alba is going to talk with Pablo and it's gonna be rough for him.

Petra visits her mother in prison to find out about her history.  She gets more then history, she gets a major out down.  Her mother tells her to give the babies up.  That's not true, Petra.

Jane gives Rogelio the good news about the big party.  Rogelio reaches out to Xo for help with the party planning.

Raf and Michael are working together to spy on the brother.  Looks like Jane won't be mad.  Jane found the perfect house but they think Raf is behind the perfection.  They think it's going to be ok. 

Oh no, it's not Raf, its just a good deal and flooded with interest. 

Jane has to write a letter about why they are perfect for the house.

Rogelio made Alba's living room in a stage for the wedding and Michael and Jane got the house.  Petra was behind the house!  That literally has our heart melting.  Jane is growing up and leaving them behind.

Petra is running away!  No!


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