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Jane The Virgin: 02x06, Chapter 28

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
11/18/2015 5:19 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Jane The Virgin: 02x06, Chapter 28 | Chapter 28
Media Courtesy of Credit: Scott Everett White/ The CW

I’m filling in for this week’s Jane the Virgin recap and I’m so excited to get to write it!  First things first, I’m team Rafael as well, so look forward to me throwing shade at Michael throughout this recap.  Other than that, buckle up and be ready for a fun ride!

This week…"Chapter 28."

I love little Jane flashbacks.  Mateo will be okay after the glass incident.  Remember Mateo smiled last week?  Well, it’s in the baby book! Jane is still getting over Michael, but she has grad school orientation to get ready for.

Michael is on a car ride with Nadine.  She and Michael are on the same team now and working to stop Sin Rostro.

Jane apologized to Rafael for believing a little bit that he told on Michael.  Rafael has a lawyer to discuss custody, but things get grim until she learns Rafael has a trust fund for Mateo worth around $40 million.

Xio thinks that all the money is a good thing, but they can’t talk long because they’re on set watching Rogelio get married on the show.

Petra and her new husband are trying to sell 2000 hand grenades.  I actually feel bad for her this season and finally like her.  The buyer agrees to pay the price to sleep with Petra, but Milos says no.  She visits her mother in jail, who might have a way out of jail. Uh oh!

Rogelio finished filming and now he’s making a speech because it’s the final episode.  P.S.:  He doesn’t know what most people do. Jane is trying to leave, but Mateo spits up all over her.  Thank goodness there’s a huge wardrobe on set.  Jane makes it and it’s intense, but she changed her name to avoid the ties to ‘Jane the Virgin.'  She gets a call from Mateo’s pediatrician and she chooses to take it and gets locked out.  Oh no!

The show just jumped a month in the commercial break and Jane’s super serious about school.  She got her first grade below a ‘B,' and Jane will not sit still for this.  While talking to the teacher, she finds out about a writing retreat.  She heads to Mommy class and Rafael is very good, but Jane is behind.  Mateo has made huge steps.

Jane has some contingencies on the trust fund paperwork and Rafael is insulted.  But he takes a call and Petra shows up.  She has severe morning sickness and wants Jane’s help getting her mom out of jail.

Rogelio is pitching a show to his execs because he has no work at the moment.  He wants to make the telenovela version of Mad Men.  They take it, but think he’ll tank it.

Mateo is all good at the doctor’s visit other than his head being flat from too much time lying down.  He may have to wear a helmet to fix it.  Rafael has to leave in a hurry to get to Petra’s ultrasound. Guess what?  She’s having twin girls!  Petra doesn’t believe it and Rafael looks shocked.  The show was funny, saying he has three kids now and no sex.

Jane is running through the woods to get a call.  They got Mateo the helmet.  Jane is at the writer’s retreat and on her first night away from Mateo.  She’s so sad.

Petra’s mom is out, so I guess Jane helped.  Petra is seeing a therapist.  The mom wants to help her get rid of Milos and the therapist.

Jane joins up with her fellow writers.  She interrupted the group and the guy who was talking said he wants to know stuff about her. Jane tells her whole story.  Jane can write again now!  She has to pum,  but she doesn’t have her pump plug!  What is she going to do?

Rogelio is filming his new show.  They are pulling the plug on his show.

Rafael brings Jane her plug.  And he looks so cute in his helmet! Now, they’re talking money again.  Rafael tells Jane that money doesn’t make people messed up, but bad families do.  He makes a move on Jane and she drops a Michael bomb.  Rafael thinks in his mind it’s time to move on.  Oh no! Not yet! Rafael, be strong!  Mateo breaks up the moment with his hungry cry, but he won’t latch.  She finally tries the bottle and he takes it. She’s gone through a lot on this episode  Jane shouldn’t feel like a bad mom, though.

Jane is back in Mommy class and a fellow mom is planning to hit on him. OMG!!!!!  Are you kidding me???  I can’t! Jane’s acting like it’s okay, but now she’s mad and talking to her new friend.  They’re interrupted by Rogelio's scream because he’s being made fun of on TV.

Petra’s mom is driving Milos away and he’s taking a trip, but he left Ivan to watch them.

Jane and Rafael are all friends on the phone and he mentions the girl from class asking him out and she says it’s okay.  Are you freaking kidding me? Jane is tired and falls asleep in class the next day.  Now, she’s on academic probation.  Been there, girl. You can come back!

Jane is overworked and sick.  She can’t find Mateo's

 little stuffed animal. Rafael brings it and she’s not nice.  Turns out she’s a real bitch when she’s sick.  Rafael comes back after his dinner.

Oh, Petra and her mom got rid of Ivan.

Back to Jane and Rafael, who make their first parenting decision together!  Aw, this is the first smile I’ve had this whole episode. She’s going to stop pumping so she can get some much-needed rest.

Petra and her mom drop the grenades into the ocean, but one fell out.  Her mom picks it up to throw it overboard.  Petra feels the baby kick for the first time and the grenade goes off!  Is Petra’s mom gone?  I’m thinking yes.

Nope, she’s okay, just wearing an eyepatch because she lost an eye and a hand.  Petra goes outside and finds Jane.  Petra is envious of Jane with Mateo because she’s scared now.  But Jane reassures her it’s like learning on the job and she’ll do fine.

Rafael and Jane finally agreed on how to handle the trust fund.  They are going to make sure every dollar he gets, a dollar goes to charity.  Jane has a fantasy of him in the UN at like 6.

Rogelio has good news too!  His show is loved.  He was compared to Desi Arnaz and he doesn’t know who that is.  What? Jane comes in and Mateo’s helmet is off, and Jane is officially done pumping. She’s finally over Michael...yes!  And, they have Mateo’s first Thanksgiving and Rafael is there.  Aw!  Petra brings Mateo’s little toy and Jane invites to her to join.  Everything is good until after dinner.

Rogelio is being sued by the creator of Mad Men.  Jane and Rafael are in the kitchen and we learn Jill (mommy class) is gone.  And he dumped her because, even at Jane’s worst, he wants to be with her only.  He asks her out.  She says yes!!!!!!  Thank the Lord!!!!!

OMG, Jane’s friend is writing a book about Rafael’s family behind her back! Ivan is back and Petra’s mom killed him to keep him from telling Petra something.

What a night, y’all!  Next week...Black Friday fun!


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