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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Jane The Virgin: 03x06, Chapter Fifty

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

11/27/2016 6:19 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Jane The Virgin: 03x06, Chapter Fifty | Chapter Fifty
Media Courtesy of The CW

On this week's Jane the Virgin, "Chapter Fifty", the unexpected arrival of Jane's mysterious cousin, Catalina, is sure to cause waves. Alba is definitely going to lose her shit. Or maybe not! It wouldn't be the first time that old broad has surprised me. Let's just wait and see, shall we?

Recap: "Chapter Fifty"

We find that Catalina had an unexpected layover in Miami, and she decided all of a sudden that she must visit. Catalina tells Jane that her Abuela knows they connected and wants Jane to help them fix her sisterly problems. Jane is not on board.

They have a long night where they stay up gossiping and learning about each other. Michael thinks it's weird she showed up unannounced, but Jane tells him that he's just used to her and her planning. He's not convinced, though, especially after Jane tells him that Catalina is staying for a few more days.

Jane meets with her counselor and finds out that she has recommended Jane for an assistant position with a publisher that Jane loves.

Petra is not budging on the Rafael thing and wants him out by the end of next week.

Scott is still pining after Petra/Anezka, and she's doing her very best to continue to deflect.

Catalina convinces Jane that she doesn't need to do her hardcore research concerning her interview, so she goes in and flies by the seat of her pants. She tells this publisher that she knows a particular software program, despite actually knowing nothing about it, and, when she tries to help Kelly Rutherford with said software, she ends up deleting the entire file.

Suffice it to say, Jane will not be getting that awesome job.

Catalina tells Jane to work the former assistant and try and butter her up a bit. It appears to have worked, actually!

Scott serves Petra with a sexual harassment suit because she's turned the Marbella into a hostile work environment. HA!

Alba tells Xo that she is going to meet with Catalina because she feels distant from Jane and doesn't like it.

Rogelio finds the perfect space for Xo, and, after signing the lease, she spots an ex across the way that it ended terribly with. Xo tells Jane that it's fine, people move on, but Rogelio definitely feels like she's talking to him. He does not love the idea of her moving on from him. He still loves her, 100%.

Catalina meets Jane at the end of her shift and insists they have a drink. Rafael comes up, and he and Catalina hit it off right away. Jane tells Catalina that they need to go meet Michael and Mateo but ultimately decides against leaving Raf and Cat alone.

Chapter Fifty The CW

They are hardcore flirting and feeling each other, and Jane finds herself completely weirded out and possessive. She says, again, that they need to get back to Michael and Mateo and their first dinner in their new place, and Raf tells Cat that she's totally third-wheeling it. She should just stay with him and continue to drink and she can go back to Michael and Jane's later. Jane does not love this idea one bit, but she's at an impasse and finds herself leaving without Cat.

Michael is not terribly amused by Jane's jealousy, or drunkenness, and thinks something else is going on.

Petra asks Rafael for help with Scott, and he says he's willing to help IF she gives him back his shares. She tells him that it'll be cheaper just to pay Scott off.

Rafael wants to know if Jane is uncomfortable with him dating her cousin, and she tells him that, yes, she is. Which, to be honest, seems super selfish of Jane. She found her happy ending with Michael while completely throwing Rafael to the side without thinking twice about his feelings. Let him find a little happiness, OKAY!?

Rogelio and Xo are having a super adorable moment, painting and having a dance-off. They have a long history together, and it's hard to move past that. Rogelio still loves her, yep. And now I hope that they realize they just need to be together.

Rafael is at Michael and Jane's and apparently doesn't intend to give up on the prospect of Catalina quite yet. Jane tells him that he asked, she said no, and they need to move on. Just then, Michael comes in. When Raf explains the situation to him, Michael finds himself genuinely surprised and concerned.

Michael and Rafael are on the same side here, and Michael accuses Jane once again of being jealous. Michael is suspicious that this may have to do with Jane's romantic history with Rafael, and, to be honest, I don't disagree. Michael is squirrelly, but Jane is being really weird about this.

Xo finally gets the chance to confront her ex, Bruce, and tells him that he is "such a douche bag." YOU GO XO!

Petra offers a settlement to Scott, but he crumples it up before even looking at it. He cannot be bought. He intends to make Petra pay. She's going to need Raf now!

Oh Rogelio. He really is such an innocent moron. I adore him. His life is imitating art, and it's making him a little crazy. He just needs to tell Xo exactly what he wants, and maybe give up on the kid thing? I wouldn't want to ask someone I love to give up on that, but if you've met your true love ... sacrifices are worth it, yeah?

Catalina is having dinner with Alba, Jane and Xo, and it's going surprisingly well. Like, too well. Meaning, of course, oop there it is! Catalina said that her grandmother was devastated when Alba met Mateo (Jane's grandpa) because her grandmother was in love with him first. Alba is PISSED because, according to her, that is not what happened. She screams at Catalina for telling lies about her in her own house and storms away from the dinner table.

Chapter Fifty Michael Desmond/The CW

Jane and Catalina are chatting after dinner, and Jane is dubious at Cat's story that everyone really thinks that's how it went down.

Rogelio is at the Marbella doing something weird, I dunno, but he finds Raf, and, when Raf asks him a question, he completely goes off the rails and decides that he absolutely must tell Xo how he feels. When he comes to the studio, though, he finds Xo making out with Bruce, her douchey ex! Awww, poor Ro. :(

Michael stops by the police station to check up on his case, and he finds out that he was right. The numbers underlined in Muter's bible were, in fact, a bank account.

Petra comes to Raf, as we all knew she would, and says that she will give him back his shares if he helps her. He tells her that, yes, he will offer his magnanimous services, but he wants more than his shares. He wants them to be equal partners again. Even. She agrees.

Jane gets an invitation to meet with the assistants from the job she wants at a bar, and, though Michael is still pissed, he tells her that they must go; she can't miss this chance.

When they get there, though, he can't let it go. He wants her to admit that she's jealous, and she finally does. She insists it's not because of Raf, though, but Catalina. She has a glamorous life and is smart and well-traveled, and it makes Jane feel boring. This is why Michael is pissed: Catalina made her dislike her life and make her feel like she's married to a boring man. He's not boring, though, and he intends to prove it.

He decides to do this by singing Bruno Mars on stage at the bar they're at. He's got a pretty good voice, actually! Oh there goes Jane following. Okay, sigh. They're adorable.

Oh, then they get a cat! Another spontaneous move. Good for them.

OH SHIT. Raf and Scott are colluding together. Always a backstab. C'MON RAF. It's never a good idea to get into bed with Scott! JUST ASK PETRA. I thought you had learned your lesson!

Catalina is at Raf's place, and they don't hold anything back. Before Raf can say, "I'm glad you called," Catalina is on him, and they're about to have some sexy time.

Xo tells Jane that she hasn't seen Bruce since she told him off, but we know that's not true because Rogelio saw her making out with him the night before.

Jane and Alba make amends, and Alba admits that she did not know that her sister liked Mateo before they were married. She also tells Jane that she does not trust Catalina at all. She reminds Alba so much of her sister, the master manipulator. We, then, flash to her sipping champagne in Raf's suite and know immediately that Alba, as usual, is right.


This is getting so good. I cannot wait to see what kind of trouble Catalina gets into -- and gets everyone else into.

Until next week, Jane the Virgin lovers!


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