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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Jane The Virgin (Except Not Really): 03x05, Chapter Forty-Nine

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

11/18/2016 6:56 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Jane The Virgin (Except Not Really): 03x05, Chapter Forty-Nine | FORTY-NINE
Media Courtesy of Robert Voets/The CW

On this week's episode of Jane the Virgin, "Chapter Forty-Nine", Alba gets a new job, Jane and Michael settle into their new home, and Michael and Rafael have a new ... bromance?! Yep, you read that right. Raf and Michael are hitting it off. Does that mean Rafael is truly over Jane once and for all? Could be (but I really really hope not because I need, SOMEHOW, for those two to find a way to be together)!

Jane and Rafael are discussing the actual possibility of Anezka paralyzing Petra and pretending to be her for the last few weeks. Raf tells Jane it can't be possible, and they leave it at that.

The next day, though, Raf drops Mateo off and wonders ... what if it is true? Michael tells them they need more evidence, and, when Rafael notices Michael's wince when he throws the teddy bear, he offers the use of the Marbella gym to him whenever he wants.

Jane is super stoked about this, obviously, but Michael is not so sure. He tells Jane he'll think about it, as long as she stops calling it a date.

Jane is asking Abuela about the letters from her sister, because she reallllllly needs them for her novel. Abuela finally gives in and hands them over -- but only after Jane promises not to ask Abuela about it again.

Rafael drops the girls off to Anezka and Scott and delivers his shares to her, as per the blackmail. He also drops off a nanny-cam bear, though. Which is what Michael threw to him. HA! See? Teamwork always does the trick.

Jane is finally getting to dig in to Alba's letters, and she cannot put them down. So much family she never knew about!

Rafael stays up all night watching the nanny-cam but doesn't find anything telling.

Rogelio is in Raf's office, and I guess Raf is trying to hook him up with a producer he knows, and Rogelio really freaking blows it. He begs Rafael to fix it, and Raf tells him he will see what he can do.

Forty-Nine Robert Voets/The CW

Alba and Xo are still trying to figure out Xo's future. Xo wonders if she can hack it as a real estate agent, but Alba points out the drawbacks of that as the phone rings ... it's her sister.

OF COURSE she can't believe that it's a coincidence, so she calls Jane and reads her the riot act. Jane swears she did not contact her, but she did make a donation to a gofundme page so one of her granddaughters could buy medicine in Venezuela, and Jane's sure that's how she would have tracked her down.

Alba is PISSED. Like, really pissed.

Jane tries to speak with Alba at the Marbella gift shop, but Abuela refuses to even see her. Jane begs Xo to talk to Alba for her, and Xo is amused. Alba has never once been mad at Jane, which means Jane can't cope.

We come in Raf and Michael's with them talking about Rafael's dead mom, which he's not terribly thrilled about. He likes to focus on the workout, not discuss his deceased, drug-lord mother. Their departure is the most incredibly awkward thing ever.

Michael comes home and cannot wait to tell Jane that he saw Rafael embrace a married woman as he was leaving.

Xo tries to talk to Alba and gives Jane some pointers on how to thaw her out.

Rogelio comes to the house and tells Jane, Michael and Xo that, if he gets this part in this amazing movie, he'll have to do full-frontal nudity, and he wants to make sure Jane is comfortable with it -- Xo and Michael already having seen his penis. She tells him that he should just go for it, strictly for the purpose of ending the conversation.

Rafael finds Anezka talking to her mom in her normal accent on the nanny-cam, saying she's "going to kill her," and Rafael barges into Petra's room to stop her. Petra moves a finger, and Rafael tells Anezka to go get the nurse. When the tubes are removed and Petra finally utters her first words, it's in answer to Rafael's question, "What is your name?" Her response?

"Anezka. I am Anezka."

Forty-Nine Giphy

It has to be to protect Anezka, right? She'll come clean eventually, but not until Anezka is safely away and her mother pays for her crimes ... right?

Anezka/Petra yells at Rafael to get out of her house, and he obliges, since he feels like a real asshole at this point. When Anezka leans in closer to Petra, though, Petra grabs her by the throat and threatens to send her to jail if she doesn't do exactly what Petra tells her to do.

Jane confronts Rafael about the married woman thing, and Raf tells her that it's actually the exact opposite of what Michael thought it was, and it's why Rogelio got an audition for that movie, making her feel like a real asshole, too.

She apologizes, as does Michael, and they realize they set back months of progress with Rafael.

Jane gets a message from a cousin and ends up Skyping with her. She and Abuela are on the verge of making up, but Jane tells her about talking with Catalina, full disclosure, and it sends Alba over the edge. She tells Jane that her sister did not just ruin her wedding day, she ruined her relationship with her family. Her mother did not talk to her afterward and, in fact, did not speak to her before she died.

Jane is always so sure she's right, but sometimes it's best to leave it be. Just then, Alba realizes that the money bag she was on her way to deposit has been taken.

Alba confesses to her boss that she lost the money and tells him that he should take it out of her paycheck, but he tells her that they'll just see what happens.

Jane finds Scott crying in the corner, and, when she asks what the problem is, he tells her that he thinks Petra is going to break up with him, and he's super distraught, because he thought #Scetra was forever.


Forty-Nine Robert Voets/The CW

Rogelio kidnaps Raf and Michael so that they can work through their problems. They start bickering, and Rogelio gets a call from his agent telling him that the email he had was wrong and his audition is actually ten minutes from now, not tomorrow.

He makes a u-turn and busts a tire, of course, then we flash back to Petra and Anezka. It's time for Anezka to break up with Scott, but, instead, she gets engaged. Petra tells her she'll do it herself.

Rafael and Michael are fighting while changing the tire, and, in the midst of that, Mateo wanders off. They panic and immediately start searching.

They find Mateo quickly, but it feels like an eternity. As they're realizing the full impact of what could have happened, they find some common ground. They open up to each other and have a super cute moment.

Forty-Nine Robert Voets/The CW

Jane and Xo are discussing the fallout of her fight with Abuela, and Xo's sage advice inspires Jane to suggest Xo become a family counselor. That actually sounds perfect for her.

Rogelio is on set, and Michael sees a poster with a bible verse on it; it reminds him about the verse underlined in Raf's mom's bible. They all rush back to Rogelio's car and work out that it was code for a bank account when Rogelio gets a call from his agent:


Xo is getting ready to kick off her last recital, and she is sad but hopeful to start off the night. But, as the night goes on, she finds herself decidedly more sad than hopeful.

Which is exactly why she has a dream sequence set to "Beauty School Dropout" in which Rogelio, Jane and Alba sing about opening a dance school rather than not being able to cut it as a beautician. A dance school is actually the perfect thing for Xo. Truly.

The family all sign off on Xo's idea about the dance studio. They agree that it's perfection.

Petra and Scott come back from meeting the Frenchman who may buy Raf's shares of the Marbella, and she finally breaks up with him -- though she's much more gracious than anyone expected her to be. His words stick with her, though; maybe she'll stay around after all, instead of cashing in her shares.

Jana and Alba come to some sort of understanding, and, as Jane is discussing it with Michael, she finds her cousin Catalina, with whom she's spoken only once, on her front porch.

We flash back to the Marbella where Petra is telling Rafael that she's had a change of heart. She's not leaving ... he is. Then she fesses up about what happened with Anezka and tells him that she heard every single thing he said about her, while she lie there paralyzed, like how she was missing the mom gene. If he does not do her bidding, she will make his life a living hell.

I believe her.

And that's where we end.

Petra's gloves are off and so are all the bets. There's no telling what she'll do anymore, but I can't wait to sit back and watch it.

Until next week!


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