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Jared Padalecki Reveals Secrets Are Swirling On Supernatural

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/23/2013 6:00 pm
Jared Padalecki Reveals Secrets Are Swirling On Supernatural

Susan Booth

Staff Writer

When our beloved Supernatural returns on Tuesday, Oct. 15, the Winchesters will have their fair share of problems and it’s up to them to band together like they never have had to before in order to try to deal with the aftermath of Metatron’s wrath up in Heaven. Things will be difficult for Sam and Dean as many things may or may not tear the brothers apart once again. Why must we tear them apart AGAIN?! Haven’t us fans been through enough already?!

“They’ve got angels, they’ve got demons and all the other stuff in between to now deal with,” Jensen Ackles said as the teaser was previewed at Comic-Con. “They’ve got to figure out how to navigate the terrain with all the new elements. They’re really going to need each other more than ever at this point, and they’re going to have to rely on each other more than ever, which is going to be difficult because there’s a secret that Dean is harboring right now from Sam.”

So what is this secret?! Jensen Ackles called it “one of the bigger issues of the series” and it will in fact throw “a massive wrench” into Sam and Dean’s relationship BIG TIME! “It really heavily involves Sam,” Jared Padalecki revealed at Comic-Con. “It even has a lot to do with why Sam’s still alive.” Is anyone else freaking out about this?!

While the outcome of this secret is good, it’s great that Sam is still here after all! The older of the Winchester’s is not feeling good about keeping this secret. “Dean is continuing to lie to Sam, and he’s hating it every step of the way, “said Padalecki. “And Sam can’t really tell. Sam’s like, ‘OK, I remember our conversation about teamwork, so I’m going to take you at your word.’ But when Sam finds out, s–t’s going to hit the fan.” Okay, I am officially FREAKING OUT!

Jared Padalecki, however, is remaining optimistic. “I hope Sam will understand,” he said. “I’m sure there will be a time when he does not, when he’s upset just because Dean begged him to stop something and offered honesty and partnership and then, right off the bat, is keeping a secret… I like Sam being alive, so I hope he forgives the guy.”

Now is a good time to  grab your friends, get a six pack and some cheeseburgers and start asking all the right questions to your fellow Supernatural friends, maybe have a dish session to see whose predictions were dead on, or dead wrong.


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