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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Jazz Comes To Downton In This Week's Episode

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/28/2013 7:41 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Jazz Comes To Downton In This Week's Episode
Media Courtesy of ITV / Nick Briggs
  Mata Lauano

Staff Writer

Good day ladies and gentlemen, how about that episode of Downton Abbey last night? If you need a refresher of last week’s events go here, otherwise read on at your own risk of spoilers if you’ve yet to see last night’s episode. It is Lord Grantham’s birthday and Rose has planned a surprise, as soon as she mentions the word ‘band’ however I gather we all knew exactly what her surprise would entail and it the reactions from the servants and the Crawleys were brilliant. Favourites included Carson, who about knocked his tea over when the black singer, Jack Ross appeared. Although Robert took it all in a stride, as did Cora as they started dancing along to the jazz without hesitation. The Dowager dances a bit with Napier, just enough to be a good sport because jazz is way too crazy for her. Anna is slowly starting to heal, with the help of her ‘brooding’ brooder of a husband Bates  who doesn’t in any way blame her for what happened to her. Instead Bates, in a bit of a rage is blaming himself for not being able to protect her from harm, wanting to kill the perpetrator very much. At a nice dinner, which was almost a no-go due to a snobby maître d’ trying to turn the Bates away but saved by Lady Cora who took much delight in the maître d’s horrified expression upon realising he’d been rude to personal friends of the Countess of Grantham, Anna intimated that she was not a victim in rather modern terms. “I’m not a victim. That’s not who I am.” Lady Cora overhears a bit of Anna and Bates’ conversation, and relates it and her concern to Mary in the presence of her new maid, Baxter, who actually doesn’t seem rather evil- except for the fact that Thomas has something over her and uses it as leverage to try to mould Baxter into O’Brien 2.0, the servant-friendly version. What Thomas is planning, which requires constant updates of any information Baxter can get from servants and the family, is a mystery. One that I fear will benefit Thomas and Thomas alone. If it’s truly evil I hope it backfires on him. The conversation between Mary, Tom and Isobel is heartwarming as they discuss what it means to truly be in love, as they spent time with little Sybbie and George in the nursery. The three bond over being widowed, and Tom still considers leaving despite admitting that he rather loves the Crawleys. Alfred, in an ‘awww cute’ moment, makes a tiny speech to the Crawleys- after his acceptance and imminent departure to the Ritz is announced- about the kind and just way with which he’s been treated at Downton and how much of his tutelage under Carson has been just the best. For once I don’t mind discussing the little love square in the kitchen, because I knew Jimmy was a skeeze. Ivy offered him a cookie and he tried to access the jar. Tsk tsk Jimmy, and Daisy is pissed at Ivy because according to Daisy Ivy drove Alfred away due to his unrequited love. No Daisy, Alfred wants to pursue his love of cooking and London’s where it has to happen. Ivy realises she made the wrong decision about which guy she liked and we’re all glad that Alfred leaving is the end to that mishap of a subplot. Speaking of the kitchens, Mary comes down to advise Mr Ross that Lord Grantham will foot the bill for their gig, when she happens across Jack and Rose (anyone else? Anyone?) getting hot and heavy in the dark of the servants’ hall. Deciding not to make a scene Mary pretends to not see them and raises her voice to warn them of her presence, Rose says the bill is of no matter- echoed by Jack, but Mary insists. As Mary walks back upstairs her face is the picture of shock- here’s to hoping Rose doesn’t leave Jack out to freeze. Honourable mentions: -        Edith is knocked up. Scandalous! -        Everything’s coming up Mosely? -        Carson remark of the week follows Mrs Patmore’s intimation of shivering all over at the thought of Rudoph Valentino, uttering with the utmost seriousness. “What a disturbing thought.” -        Dowager remark of the week is about none other than her bestie, Isobel, “It’s not a matter of what she likes, it is her fuel. I mean some people run on greed, lust, even love. She runs on indignation.” -        Napier brings Blake because they’re tax investigators or something rather, I’m more interested in the contempt with which Mary and Blake view each other in their prejudice. Could be nothing, but this is Downton, definitely worth something. Next week you’ll be looked after by Lady Rivera, who will take you through next week’s episode.


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