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JC Chasez's Girl Radical Releases New Single, 'You And Me Against the World'

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/11/2014 12:27 am
PopWrapped | Music
JC Chasez's Girl Radical Releases New Single, 'You And Me Against the World'
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Gloria Ayee

Staff Writer


Girl Radical has released their much-anticipated new single! Girl Radical, the supermassive girl group created by JC Chasez (formerly of *NSYNC) and Golden Globe-winning producer Jimmy Harry, has made a big splash on the pop music scene since being introduced to the world in 2013. Harry and Chasez were eager to introduce America to a fresh pop group concept that is set to change the face of modern music. Girl Radical was inspired by the trend of giant girl groups that have become popular in Asia. The eleven-member group, which has been compared to girl groups like the Spice Girls and the Pussycat Dolls, has been gaining fans from all over the world. This phenomenal ensemble is comprised of individually talented singers and dancers, and with so many different personalities in the mix, every fan can find a Girl Radical member that they can easily relate to. In January 2014, Girl Radical made their first major public appearance when they performed at one of Hollywood’s hottest pre-Grammy events hosted by the Jackie Boyz! Girl Radical’s fan base has grown rapidly since the release of their debut single “Don’t Get Me Wrong” (which has already surpassed 150,000 views on YouTube), and their follow-up Christmas song “Santa (Bring Me My Baby).” Alex Schneider, Aniyah Williams, Chase O’Donnell, Darina Littleton, Jessica Andrea, Kota Wade, Julie Zorrilla, Meeghan Henry, Nyla Hammond, Rosie Okumura, and Sydney Yien make up the exceptionally talented girl group. Some of these lovely ladies told me about their experience performing at the Jackie Boyz pre-Grammy event. They also talked about their new song, “You and Me Against the World,” which was released on March 11, 2014. The Jackie Boyz Pre-Grammy Event was your first major public performance. How do you feel the performance went? Aniyah: The performance was amazing! We each gave our 110% on that stage. Although – like most shows do – we had some technical difficulties, we still pulled it off and many people really enjoyed [the show]. It was cool to meet some of the fans afterwards as well! Altogether it was a great time and I cannot wait to do more! Darina: I felt the performance was very professional and a great debut for us. I had an AMAZING time on stage and the response we got was great. It was also surreal performing alongside the likes of the Jackie Boyz and Wayne Brady!! Kota: It was so much fun to be on stage with my 10 sisters, and talented musicians backing us up! We had a packed house and the audience was amazing! Couldn't have asked for a better first show! Alex: Yes, it was our first public show and one we'll never forget. It was a special night. Chase: For being our first performance, I think it went great! Meeghan: Our first performance was so great! It was such an awesome feeling to finally get to show the world who we are, what we're made of, and what we can do. We worked our little booties off to make a good first impression on everyone, and I think we blew them out of the water. Nyla: The performance was a success! We were surrounded by a great group of people and the vibe was just right! Definitely excited for more in the future! Fans of Girl Radical have been eagerly anticipating the release of your new single, "You and Me Against the World" (YAMATW). How different was it working on this track than on the previous ones? Alex: Working on a new track is always exciting for me. I was especially excited to record this one because I love the message. This one is for our Radical Army and that makes it just that much more special! Aniyah: Making this track wasn't too different for me; however, the vibe of this song is a little bit different than anything we've ever put out. The feel of it is very empowering and strong and very catchy. I really do love this song and I know the fans will too! Darina: This one has a different vibe and a lot of tricky yet fun harmonies that Jimmy and JC had us play with for the chorus. Kota: YAMATW has such high energy, so it was really fun to crank it in my headphones and belt it out! I was definitely dancing in the booth! Since the chorus is so big and powerful, we had some crazy harmonies going on, where I actually had to belt the highest note I've EVER belted (a high F!), but it comes together so well with everyone's voices! Chase: It was different working on this track than the others because now we've known each other and been a family for a longer time, so we knew what to expect and had a lot of fun in the studio! Nyla: Recording “You and Me Against the World” has been different than previous tracks [because] we have all been in the studio more often since our first single. So having that experience has allowed us to break out of our shells vocally and not be afraid to try new things, experiment more etc. Meeghan: I personally love all the Girl Radical songs we've done, but I think this one is different because it sends out a really good message about self-empowerment. It's a song that I, and I'm sure a lot of other people, can relate to when it comes to being put down but overcoming that obstacle. It's about believing in what you have and standing up for it, and I think that's really important in life in order to grow and make your own decisions. Is there any news that you would like to share with your fans about future projects (songs or performances)? Meeghan: Well, you know our new song “You and Me Against the World” is coming out this Tuesday, March 11, which is so exciting. But we're constantly working on new songs and recording and coming up with new ideas to share with everyone. We never stop working, but it's always a blast doing it. Can't wait to show everyone more of Girl Radical! Alex: Right now we are focusing on getting our first single "Don't Get Me Wrong" out there. We are so excited about the release of YAMATW and working on new songs for our Radical Army! To find out about upcoming shows and all Girl Radical news check out our website! Kota: We have some amazing songs lined up for you guys, including YAMATW, that we can't wait to release!!! Darina: Aside from YAMATW we are also recording another track right now that is MY personal favorite and I am soooo excited for the fans and the world to hear it!! Chase: We pretty much share what we know when things happen. Right now we are just working on getting our EP together! Nyla: You will have to stay tuned! But there are definitely some more songs in the works! Aniyah: Stay tuned for many great things coming up! Thank you Girl Radical fans for your support! We love ya!! Girl Radical describes their new single, “You and Me Against the World,” as having a distinctively throwback, nineties feel. The song speaks of empowerment, and the clear message it offers is that you can overcome anything… the world can’t bring you down. Girl Radical wants all their fans to know that they too can be radical! Girl Radical will be offering “You and Me Against the World” as a free download on March 11, for fans who “Like” the Girl Radical Facebook page. The single will also be available on iTunes.

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