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Jeff Probst Is Fine With Big Brother Contestant Entering Survivor

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


09/16/2013 2:05 am
Jeff Probst Is Fine With Big Brother Contestant Entering Survivor

Kerri Kwong

Staff Writer

Survivor and Big Brother are two very popular shows that air on CBS, with entirely different means of content. In Survivor, contestants are isolated in exotic regions of the world, while surviving in the wilderness to compete for large amounts of cash and other prizes.

Big Brother features a group of people or housemates living together who compete in household competitions, while avoiding weekly evictions (decisions made by viewers) in order to win the cash prize.

Being extremely diverse in how the competition works, who would’ve thought that these shows would cross paths?

Survivor: Blood vs. Water is premiering soon, featuring returning players alongside with their partners. Over three weeks ago, Entertainment Weekly officially announced that Big Brother winner, Hayden Moss, will be a contestant in Survivor: Blood vs. Water, boyfriend to Survivor: One World’s Kat Edorsson.

Host Jeff Probst speaks up about his thoughts on the Big Brother winner, Hayden Moss, for being on the show. He says that he has no issue with having a ‘Big Brother’ player on Survivor. While talking with the Survivor cast director Lynne Spillman, Probst had thought that there might be some slight hesitation, but there weren’t.

It isn’t the first time Probst has met Hayden Moss. Hayden had almost been cast into a season of Survivor back in 2010, before being casted into Big Brother.

Although the reason is unclear, Probst says he would have surely put Hayden into the show. Regardless, it’s a win-win for both parties now: Hayden will now be surely playing in Survivor, while getting the chance to compete for the full one million dollars.

It’s clear that Hayden Moss has a great fan base, whom were quick to respond to the news with tremendous amounts of praise and encouragement, while saying things like, “He’s really good, you’re gonna like him,” and “He could win.” Probst is always looking for winners to compete, and with Hayden’s fans sharing their support, they had caught Probst’s interest for certain. By having a previous Big Brother player onboard, Survivor will surely gain a new (and large) group of fans during this upcoming season.

Are you excited to see previous players returning to compete on Survivor? What do you think of seeing a Big Brother player on the show?

Check out an interview with Kat Edorsson and Hayden Moss here.

See the full interview with Jeff Probst here.

CBS will air the special 90-minute premiere of Survivor: Blood vs. Water on September 18th at 8pm.


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