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Jennifer Lawrence Dispels Han Solo Rumors

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/12/2013 8:50 pm
PopWrapped | Movies
Jennifer Lawrence Dispels Han Solo Rumors
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Christina Cooper

Staff Writer

Jennifer Lawrence claims she’s always wanted to play a man. She just doesn't want to play Han Solo When Disney acquired the giant that is Lucasfilm and subsequently announced more Star Wars films, the world went nuts. In February, Disney also announced that they were planning to release a stand-alone film about the origins of Han Solo.  Interestingly enough, Jennifer Lawrence’s name has gathered chatter for the role of Han Solo. Britt Hayes of ScreenCrush said: "Not only is she athletic enough to run from bad guys, but she can convincingly wield weapons in a way that feels like someone might actually get hurt. Her roles are often women who are confident (bordering on cocky), determined, quick-witted, and smart, and she can lob one-liners like no one’s business. She has that mischievous twinkle in her eye, just like Harrison Ford’s Han Solo. Her resilience in ‘Winter’s Bone,’ her action heroine antics in ‘The Hunger Games,’ and her witty banter with Bradley Cooper in ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ combined could make for an excellent intergalactic hero in the vein of young Han Solo." I’ve got to say that I agree with Ms. Hayes of Screencrush.  If there was one actress in Hollywood that can grasp the confidence and sarcastic nature of my favorite scruffy-looking nerfherder, I think Jennifer Lawrence is more than up for the task. Unfortunately, Jennifer Lawrence herself disagrees with the possible casting.  While promoting The Hunger Game: Catching Fire Lawrence spoke to Germain Lussier of Slashfilm about the Solo rumblings. “I can’t play a young Han Solo,” she said with a laugh. “That’s awful.” She continued chatting about the part, “Yeah, it’ll probably be male, but I have always wanted to play a man.” Please, please, never change Jennifer. Anyone want to start a campaign for a gender bending-Han Solo film staring Jenifer Lawrence??


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