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7 Vines That Prove Jennifer Lawrence Is My Best Friend

Ben Patton | PopWrapped Author

Ben Patton

09/09/2014 6:19 pm
PopWrapped | Celebrities
7 Vines That Prove Jennifer Lawrence Is My Best Friend | Jennifer Lawrence
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Jennifer Lawrence. She has been a force in the industry since she received an Academy Award nomination for Winter's Bone back in 2010; yeah, barely 4 years ago if you can believe it. She was the second-youngest person to receive a nomination an Oscar nom for that film and then went on to become the second-youngest person to win the Best Actress award two years later for Silver Linings Playbook. She's unstoppable, completely loveable and down right hilarious. Yeah, I may have seen every last inch of her due to the recent hack that ended up leaking hundreds of risque photos of female celebs; but that's not her fault and it doesn't change who she is. It also doesn't change the fact that I'm 100% convinced we'd be best friends in real life. Here's why: Even at the Oscar's this girl isn't afraid to be funny; or completely honest. Yeah, take that shot, take another. So, there she is at one of many press conferences and the girl just wants a damn mint. Clearly determined to open that pesky box herself, ends up exactly how one would expect from the girl who trips up the stairs at awards shows; her mints go flying. Smooth Jen, smooth. She has an unsatisfied craving for the world's greatest culinary creation. We will definitely not be arguing over dinner plans. What better way to show your friends the love than crashing their interviews with hair raising questions like, "How's your rash?" She struggles with the English language. Deep down, she knows what really matters and isn't afraid to get serious for a good cause. Her hindsight is 20/20 -- DON'T UPDATE iCLOUD JEN! Just don't let it...too little, too late. I know. So there is it. Just seven of the myriad of reasons I know Jen and I would be BFFs -- two kids from the Midwest, fumbling over our own words, tripping up stairs, eating too much pizza and hopefully, making the world a better place. Jen, you're my best friend.
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