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Jian Ghomeshi: 8 Women Come Forward With Sexual Abuse Claims

Sarita Ramirez | PopWrapped Author

Sarita Ramirez

10/31/2014 1:11 pm
PopWrapped | Current Events
Jian Ghomeshi: 8 Women Come Forward With Sexual Abuse Claims | jian ghomeshi
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Jian Ghomeshi’s name is definitely traveling the net this week. There have been reports that eight women have come forward with sexual abuse claims against the former Canadian CBC host. These allegations could date back to 2002, and some are as recent as this year. On October 26, 2014, it was released by CBC news that they were no longer “continuing a relationship” with Ghomeshi. The CBC spokesperson added that it has come to their “attention” that certain events “preclude” any further continuing of the broadcaster’s tenure in their company. Later that day, Ghomeshi released a post on his Facebook page announcing his dismissal to his fans: “Dear Everyone, I am writing today because I want you to be the first to know some news. This has been the hardest time of my life. I am reeling from the loss of my father. I am in deep personal pain and worried about my mom. And now my world has been rocked by so much more.” Wait for it. “Today, I was fired from the CBC.” For those that haven’t already read Ghomeshi’s post, here are some of his most important excerpts” “I’ve been fired from the CBC because of the risk of my private sex life being made public as a result of a campaign of false allegations pursued by a jilted ex girlfriend and a freelance writer.”  To make matters worse (for Jian Ghomeshi, that is) a popular Canadian soap actress, Lucy DeCoutere, has come forward as the first victim to be publicly identified under the accusations. “He did not ask if I was into it. It was never a question. It was shocking to me.” In her video to

Toronto Star,

DeCoutere describes that in the 2003 event of her encounter Ghomeshi, “without warning”, chokes her against a wall “without her consent.” In his post, however, Ghomeshi has confessed to his rather kinky-interests in the bedroom, all in good humor, fun and, consensual, of course: “Let me be the first to say that my tastes in the bedroom may not palatable to some folks. They may be strange, enticing, weird, normal, or outright offensive to others… but that is my private life… and no one and certainly no employer, should have dominion over what people do consensually in their private life.” DeCoutere hasn’t been the only woman to be publicly identified as a victim of Ghomeshi’s acts. Lawyer Reva Seth has released an interview with

Huffington Post

detailing her encounter back in 2002. “The evening started fine. We had a drink, we smoked some pot and we hung out chatting. A while later, we started kissing. Suddenly, it was like he became a different person. He was super angry, almost frenzied and disassociated. Jian had his hands around my throat, had pulled down my pants, and was aggressively and violently penetrating me with his fingers.” She ends her article with


with, “This morning, I listened to Lucy DeCoutere on ‘The Current’ sharing her remarkably similar experience and calling for women to not be afraid to tell their own stories and, if they can, share their names. After much thought, I decided to answer her call. I hope it helps in some way.” What are your thoughts of the allegations against Jian Ghomeshi? Here at


, we’ll keep you current on this matter.

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