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John David Glaud: 160 lbs Down, And Showing Off His Biggest Insecurity

Myra Mitha | PopWrapped Author

Myra Mitha

11/18/2014 4:45 pm
PopWrapped | YouTube
John David Glaud: 160 lbs Down, And Showing Off His Biggest Insecurity | glaud
Media Courtesy of Twitter
Losing weight is constantly on everybody’s radar- but the dark side of having accomplished that is one which is not talked about often- until John David Glaud, YouTube’s most recent viral sensation, if six million views in a week can be called that. His YouTube channel ObeseToBeast chronicles his weight loss journey- 160 lbs of that journey, to be exact, and in his video below, he talks about, and shows off his biggest insecurity which has resulted from such an accomplishment: his loose skin. In the video, Glaud strips down and shows the viewer what many don’t know about, the consequence of having lost a large amount of weight in a short period of time, and even though he might now be at an ideal weight, its easy to see that there really is a difference between having lost that much weight to get there, compared to having been on those particular digits on the scale for the entirety of one’s life. Before beginning to do what the title of the video promises, Glaud goes on to talk a little bit about his life and the journey he’s been through to get where he is now, including flashbacks of him at his original weight- 360 lbs. He expresses how even though he isn’t as self-conscious as he used to be clothed, he’s still to come around to being exactly that without a layer of clothes for protection. With the presence of drastic measures such as plastic surgery out there, and even though he still might not feel entirely comfortable under his clothes, Glaud says that he’s come to accept that as being part of him, of his body. Starting off with his arms, Glaud then takes of his t-shirt and then his shorts to reveal what’s underneath, stretching the loose skin on his chest, his stomach, and his thighs, which just goes to show just how big of a step of confidence it must have taken to create such a video, to show those, and as Glaud himself states, ‘help people’ out there who aren’t quite aware of this truth. As he concludes his video, Glaud once again briefs the viewer of his personal feelings, that although neither is the loose skin on his body ideal, nor is it what he initially expected when he decided to loose the weight, he hopes that this video will help others out there to overcome their fears and that neither loose skin, nor anything else should discourage them from going towards their goals and dreams, because, as he quotes, “loose skin and all, I'm happy with where I’ve come from and where I am at now.” Catch John David Glaud’s inspirational video below:

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