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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

John Doe And An Ancient Disease Arrives In Sleepy Hollow This Week

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/15/2013 9:30 am
PopWrapped | Television
John Doe And An Ancient Disease Arrives In Sleepy Hollow This Week

Susan Booth

Staff Writer

Last night on Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod and Abbie meet another blast from the past. Another horseman comes to join his fellow Hessian in the battle of good versus evil. An unknown illness threatens the residents of Sleepy Hollow and Ichabod. And Crane is once again reunited with his wife, only to discover she's got a seemingly endless supply of secrets. The opening scenes of Sleepy Hollow are never what they seem, so I shouldn't have been surprised that the young girl playing in the forest all by her lonesome is an illusion. I mean, who would let their child go wandering off deep into the woods without supervision in a town where the residents have started losing their heads in a matter of weeks? This girl clearly isn't the inhabitant of one of Ichabod's flashbacks or Abbie's dreams. She turns out to be the hallucination of a young boy who she engages in a game of tag with (you're it!). This seemingly pleasant encounter is replaced by what is most likely a Hessian on a large horse who starts chasing the boy. After making his way through enough modern technology to survive in a moderately priced hotel room, Ichabod is finally getting his own place: Corbin's cabin by the lake. Ichabod is starting to question whether he should update his appearance. I was beginning to wonder when the guy might hit up an Old Navy or maybe even a good costume shop. The logistics of keeping an outfit and pair of underpants sanitary for such an extended period of time was becoming unbearable to watch. Abbie receives a phone call, and even though she believes it to be routine, Ichabod escorts her to the scene. It turns out to be the little boy from the woods. He was seen stumbling around in the middle of the street until he collapses. Abbie talks about his clothes, saying he looks like he belongs at a Renaissance Faire. The boy's veins in his arms are starting to turn black, and he says a word that Ichabod recognizes as Middle English. What the hell is Middle English?! This means that nobody other than an academics professor and people who lived in the Middle Ages speak it, much less understand it. Abbie searches through a database of missing children while the boy is given the moniker of John Doe. Ichabod tells Irving the boy said "Evil girl" in a dead version of their language. Irving asks Abbie if she has any leads he's going to like, my guess would be NO. She says there's nobody looking for him. A fellow detective has even gone to the trouble of trying the local Amish communities. Ichabod says his identity is as much of a mystery as his illness. Irving says he's called the Center for Disease Control. When he described the condition of the boy's arms to them, they said they would send someone right away. Irving tells Crane to brush up on his Middle English so he can question John Doe. Luke is not at all pleased with the chemistry between Abbie and Crane. He tells Irving there's been talk about Crane: the fact that he was a murder suspect and is now some kind of consultant. Irving doesn't even bother to try and provide Luke with any information regarding Ichabod. He makes it clear that he knows Luke and Abbie had a "history" and asks Luke if that's going to be a problem. Of course it’s going to be a problem. Luke answers no, which we all know is complete B.S. Irving says that Ichabod's knowledge about the beheadings makes him an important adviser to him. He then tells Luke to stay focused on his work. Ichabod questions the boy and finds out his name is Thomas. He tells Ichabod that he knows he wasn't supposed to leave home, but he followed the girl anyway. Because it’s always fun to follow cute but creepy girls around late at night, right? Abbie sees this as a possible case of child abuse: his parents, or maybe another adult, who used the ideas of monsters to keep him close. Ichabod is slightly dubious of her theory, especially because the boy speaks Middle English. She argues it would be a good way to prevent him from asking for help. The boy says he is from Roanoke, wherever that may be. While the police set out to locate the boy's exact origins, Ichabod tells Abbie he suspects the Roanoke that Thomas speaks of is not on a modern map but rather Roanoke Island, North Carolina. This was the first British colony in the New World and was led by Governor John White. He had returned to Europe for provisions for the colony, but when he returned, everyone was gone. It became known as "The Lost Colony." The search to find Thomas' home becomes intense when not only does the boy's physical condition begin to deteriorate, but the EMT who treated him and several nurses also start to get sick. Ichabod points out to Abbie that if Thomas is carrying a plague from 400 years ago, the effects could be apocalyptically big. Not exactly a new concept on this show. On the plus side, Abbie and Ichabod are up four, while Moloch and the Hessians are batting zero. Ichabod and Abbie head into the woods to retrace Thomas' steps and hopefully discover a lost colony of people just hanging out. They come to what looks like a lake, in the middle of which sits a small island. They discover a hidden crossing area that’s designated by the markings on the trees. It doesn't take long for them to find the colonists, who not only seem to be waiting for Ichabod and Abbie, but are suffering from the same disease as Thomas. Abbie notices that even though the residents have the same black veins as Thomas, none of them are acting as if they are sick. Ichabod questions a man on why they left Roanoke Island. He tells Ichabod that the colony was cursed by the Horseman of Pestilence. The infection took the youngest first, the granddaughter of the governor. She soon appeared as an apparition and guided the survivors to their current location to protect them. As long as they don't leave their island hideaway, their symptoms don't progress. When Thomas left, he brought the plague to the outside world, uh oh! The man claims this is what the horseman wanted all along. The only way to save Thomas and prevent an outbreak of epic proportions is for Ichabod and Abbie to get Thomas back to the island. Though this comes as no surprise, there's one more problem facing Ichabod and Abbie: if Thomas dies and the plague spreads any further, the Horseman of Pestilence will have succeeded in his task and be able to join the Horseman of Death. There's no telling exactly how crazy things can get if those two get together. Ichabod says that there’s no modern medicine that can fight the illness. He believes the cure lies with the colony. Abbie points out that the CDC won't let anyone leave the hospital, and she questions how they're supposed to get Thomas to a place that nobody believes exists. Before they can save the world again this week, Ichabod becomes ill and is put in quarantine. Since Ichabod can't just be unconscious like a normal person, he is somehow reunited with his wife in what she tells him is purgatory. It looks like Katrina kept a lot of secrets from her husband. He questions what the fuzzy demon Moloch wants with her soul, as do the rest of us. Katrina manages to luck out because Ichabod wakes up before he can get an answer. Abbie comes up with a theory that the spring water on the island could possibly hold the cure, so she turns to Irving for help. He formulates a plan that gets both Thomas and Ichabod out of the hospital and into Abbie's hands. With the Horseman lurking about waiting for Thomas to drop dead, Abbie leads Ichabod and the boy back to his village. Crane then puts himself and the boy in a stone pit full of water and they come out cured, and the Horseman turns to dust, just like those vampires in Buffy. Out of nowhere, Abbie and Ichabod are standing in the middle of the forest and the colony is gone. Ichabod realizes that Thomas had been dead all along but returned to flesh and blood after he was tricked into the present by the Horseman or Moloch or some other dark warrior for all we know. Surprisingly, all the townies immediately start to get better. And yet again, Abbie and Ichabod have managed to thwart a harbinger of evil from destroying all of humanity. It looks like the Headless Horseman is about to make a serious comeback!


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