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John Landis Criticises The Film Industry, Calling Them "Pirates"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/27/2013 10:43 am
PopWrapped | Movies
John Landis Criticises The Film Industry, Calling Them
Media Courtesy of Rex Features

Kay Ziegler

Staff Writer

Not everyone in Hollywood is happy with how the movie industry is evolving. Recently, Animal House director, John Landis criticized not only the cutthroat nature of movie making, but also "the current state of the film industry." He also chastised studios' need to make a bucketload of money in a film's opening weekend. While at the Mar del Plata Film Festival, Landis recently told The Hollywood Reporter, "Now if a movie doesn't make money its first two days, you're f**ked!" Wow, what a harsh sentiment, albeit an astute commentary. If a movie does not do well in the first week, it's usually out of theaters and left to gather dust. While he seems angry about the evolution of film making, he does lament the way it used to be. The director went on to say, "Some of us were very lucky. I started to make movies for the studios in the '70s. They were dying, but at least they were still studios." As a man who has been in the business for many, many decades, he's seen it all. He also has come to an understanding about film making (and it's something most do not understand, at least according to Landis). "There are no original ideas... it is about the execution of the idea" he mused. Sentiment turned to anger as he thought of the gimmicks film industries, or nations, as he called it, use to bring people in. Calling them pirates, Landis finds the use of 3D and spending money on promotion a desperate act, "They're like pirates. It really has to do with desperation, because they don't know how to get people into the theaters, so they bring back 3D and make all this kind of shit." So, what are your thoughts? Is the movie industry being handled by pirates? Will there ever be a time when gimmicks aren't needed? Share your thoughts below!


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