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Television PopWrapped | Television

Juan Pablo Calls Out Clare: "She Disappointed Me."

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/13/2014 12:59 am
PopWrapped | Television
Juan Pablo Calls Out Clare:
Media Courtesy of PEOPLE Magazine

Kate McHale

Staff Writer


Even though The Bachelor has wrapped for the season, that doesn’t mean that Juan Pablo Galavis will stop talking, even though most probably would prefer he did. While most viewers were dumbfounded when Juan Pablo did not propose in the season finally, the confusion and eventually annoyance didn’t stop there.  The viewers were not the only ones mad, first runner up Clare Crawley had clearly had enough when she said this, "I would never want my children having a father like you.” Ouch! Though after he saw her reaction, JP felt like he had firmly made the correct decision to not give her the final rose, “It was very tough for me to say goodbye to Clare, but she made it easier with her reaction. She was expecting me to propose, I get it, but you don't have to come at me like that," he says. "It was childish. She disappointed me." Clare was not the only lady to voice her disdain for the bachelor, or to simply leave the show. Andi Dorfman, the newest bachelorette, had decided to leave the show just one episode shy of the finale, but did not discuss her reason in detail. Galavis wishes Crawley had left in the same fashion, "Like with Andi, we don't have to talk about what happened or didn't happen," Galavis explained to People in its March 24 cover story. "Just go." Most were confused and irritated that JP did not get down on one knee and pop “the question,” to his final rose recipient Nikki Ferrell. Of course Galavis had something to say about this subject as well, “"You go on [The Bachelor] thinking if there is the connection, you propose," Galavis explains. “But I don't feel there's a need to propose to somebody if I don't feel 100 percent. I didn't know Nikki. I want to know more, a lot more." Nikki fully supports her boyfriend’s decision to not ask her to marry him, "Had he gotten down on one knee, I absolutely would have said yes. But having a ring on my finger wouldn't stop us from breaking up," she says of Galavis, who has a 5-year-old daughter. "What's going to keep us together is having a real relationship. I'd rather have him propose when he feels it's right." There is still uncertainty about where the couple is going to live JP lives in Miami, Florida and Nikki lives in Kanas City, MO. The big question on everyone’s mind is, will the couple last? Juan Pablo was rumored to be on the newest season of Dancing With the Stars but was scrapped off of the list because of his incredibly rude and off the wall comments that have been coming out of his mouth lately. Do you think it was the right choice to remove him from the list? Nikki should realize that there was a red flag when he refused to say the l word (love) on The Bachelor: After the Rose finale. Nikki if you’re reading this RUN! Juan Pablo is clearly not suitable to be in a relationship of any kind at this point. However, I have a feeling people are going to be waiting to see what comes out of his mouth. If he would learn, clearly he would have stopped talking by now.  

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