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Fandom PopWrapped | Fandom

Jurassic World: What Could Go Wrong? Chapter 3 (Fanfic Friday)

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
08/02/2016 12:11 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
Jurassic World: What Could Go Wrong? Chapter 3 (Fanfic Friday) | Jurassic World
Media Courtesy of Michelle Dawson/PopWrapped

So sorry for the slight delay in updating our Jurassic World story. Here is the next chapter of the story, and we hope you enjoy it!

What Could Go Wrong? Chapter 3

Claire led Addison and Alan to a large fenced in pasture where inside was a line of metal doors like those at a horse track.

“Do you race the raptors?” Addison asked, looking around the scenery.

Claire laughed, “No, it’s just the best way to keep them from communicating too much.  Dr. Grant did teach us that,” she explained.

Alan rolled his eyes, “Are they trained individually then?  How can you contain these animals?”

Claire smiled, “I’m going to let Owen teach you all about these creatures.  I’m actually on my way to our new hybrid dinosaur to make sure he’s ready to make his appearance today.  Good luck,” she finished as she signaled for the gates to be opened and left.

The raptors sprinted out from behind the metal barricades, causing Alan to jump in front of Addison, “Be careful!  These animals can form a plan much more quickly than these people are giving them credit.”

Addison grabbed his arm, standing next to him, “Alan, I appreciate the concern but I’m not scared,” she told a white lie as she watched the animals trot around the greenery.

One of the raptors made its way over to Alan and Addison eyeing them in a very horrifying manner.  “Alan, have you seen this behavior before?” she whispered, fear kicking in fully now.

Before Alan could answer, they heard a voice yell, “Halt!” and the raptor immediately backed away as the man came into view.  A man they could only assume was Owen.

“Welcome to Jurassic Park, Dr. Grant and Miss Walsh,” he began, “I’m Owen and I’m in charge of these beautiful creatures.  You should see the line of people waiting to see Dr. Grant handle them,” he finished excitedly.

Addison smiled, “Yes, I was hoping he’d bring in big numbers.  So, what are you going to have him do?”

Alan still stood slightly in front of Addison, never quite letting her or the closest raptors out of sight.

Owen grinned, he had a boyish charm about him, “It’ll be very simple and I wouldn’t worry too much.  The most important thing with these babies is not to show fear because they thrive on it.  Other than that, they’ll do what you ask,” he explained turning to the raptors, “Group formation!”

As soon as his command left his lips, every raptor lined up in almost a flying V formation awaiting his next command.

“This is quite astounding,” Alan commented, amazed by the control Owen possessed.  “What else will they do?”

Owen took them through a quick show of the raptors tricks which Alan was able to learn very quickly and the raptors responded very well to him.  Addison watched proudly, knowing this was the way back for him.  He could loved dinosaurs again and keep his dig site alive.

Shortly before show time, Owen sent the raptor back in, “So, they’ll come out and you just do the list of commands I’ve taught you.  It’ll last about 15 minutes and they know when to go back and then you can take audience questions.  Are you ready?” he asked.

Alan smiled, a grin Addison had never seen on his face, “I’m ready.  This is really an amazing thing.”

Owen was about to respond when his walkie went off, “Owen, I need you at the hybrid paddock, stat,” they recognized Claire’s voice.  “Over and out,” he responded.

“This is unexpected but I told them a hybrid dinosaur was a bad idea.  Let’s just hope it hasn’t escaped,” he joked causing Alan to frown, “Can you handle the raptor show without me here?”

Alan looked suddenly unsure, “He can,” Addison interrupted.

Owen handed her a whistle, “If anything gets out of hand, blow on this and they’ll return to their cages.  It should go off without a hitch.  Good luck!”


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