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Fandom PopWrapped | Fandom

Jurassic World: What Could Go Wrong? Chapter 4 (Fanfic Friday)

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
08/02/2016 12:09 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
Jurassic World: What Could Go Wrong? Chapter 4 (Fanfic Friday) | fanfic
Media Courtesy of Michelle Dawson/PopWrapped

Continue the journey with us in our adventure through Jurassic World.

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What Could Go Wrong? Chapter 4

The audience arrived for the raptor show, and it was over capacity for the stadium. “Are you ready?” Addison asked, as Alan took a deep breath looking out into the crowd.  

He nodded, still breathing deeply, “I really don’t have a choice now, do I?” he asked, rhetorically.  

Addison smiled and leaned in, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. “You’ll do great,” she whispered but noticed a strange look come across his face.  

The announcer called his name, and Alan marched out hoping not to get torn to pieces.  “Hello,” he began to the crowd, “some of you may know me from my books and others by the two incidents I lived through on earlier versions of this park.  Either way, I’m glad you're all here and hope you are ready for a show,” he finished as the crowd cheered and the raptors were released.

Alan said every command as he was taught, and the raptors behaved accordingly.  The show flew by and the raptors were back in their pens when Alan asked for questions.  

“Did they bring you here to study the special hybrid dinosaur we’re all waiting to see?” one man asked from the middle of the crowd.  

Alan shook his head, “No, no I’m only here to raise awareness for my work and to experience this park for the first time.  I’m actually planning to stay away from the hybrid.”

Another hand shot up which Alan gestured to, “Why don’t you want the chance to study something there aren’t even fossils for?”

Alan sighed, “I’ve always said that dinosaurs died 65 million years ago and the only thing left of those animals are the bones.  Anything else conjured up here is science for someone who studies scientifically engineered creations,” he replied. “Anyone else?”

“Did you think it was possible to train both the raptors and tyrannosaurus rex in your studies?” a woman from the crowd in a lab coat questioned.  

“No, and I don’t think any real dinosaurs could be trained the way these creatures behaved.  These aren’t the raptors that ran the world back in those times.  I’m not really one hundred percent sure they won’t snap at some point, and then this place will turn into the Jurassic Park that I remember,” Alan spoke, not hiding his true feelings about the controversial establishment.  

Addison took that as a prime opportunity to enter the ring. “Thank you all so much for coming out.  If any of you are interested in donating to ‘real science’ please see the folks at the ticket counter. Have a great visit!” she finished enthusiastically, gently grasping Alan’s upper arm and guiding him off stage.  

An employee was waiting for them, “Miss Claire is still caught up and told me to give you vouchers for lunch and take you to our five star restaurant.”

Addison and Alan didn’t argue as they followed the man.  He left them at a table in a quaint little bistro.  “Well, it sounds like things with that hybrid might be pretty serious,” Addison commented as she looked over the menu.

Alan nodded, pulling out his reading glasses, “I agree.  But there’s something else I want to discuss.  Earlier, you kissed me on the cheek.  What did that mean to you?” his tone was slightly timid.  

Addison felt her cheeks flush as she listened to him speak, “Um, Alan, I’ve been working for you for over a year and you might’ve gotten killed so it just came over me.  Don’t think about it too much,” she lied as the waiter approached the table.  

The two ordered before Alan spoke again, “If that’s all it was then I won’t mention it again.  Sorry I brought it up it just felt like there might be something more going inside that mind of yours.”

Addison swallowed, feeling guilty for not fessing up but also embarrassed that he’d caught on, “How about we never mention it again but it did mean more.  That’s all I’m saying,” she said, rushed.  

Before Alan could respond to the information she’d revealed, Claire came out of nowhere and joined them at the table.

“I heard the raptor show went fabulously!” she exclaimed, “As soon as you’ve finished your meals I will give you the full tour and I really think you’ll both enjoy it!”  

Addison and Alan looked away from each other instantly nodding at Claire.  

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