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Just Call Them The "Wedding Crushers" On This Weeks Mindy Project

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/27/2013 11:02 am
PopWrapped | Television
Just Call Them The
Media Courtesy of FOX

Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer

I have a question… Who on God’s green earth invites their ex to their wedding?! For whatever reason Mindy is a magnet for such invitations. Last season’s opener she got drunk at her ex’s wedding and rode a stolen bike into a pool. Now she is off to Josh’s wedding, the sports lawyer who two timed her and also turned out to have a slight addiction problem. Sounds like it will be another winning evening. Mindy just assumes Danny would step in to be her plus one but unfortunately his kid brother will be in town. The kid brother that he raised since his dad walked out on them, which Mindy recalls and gets side tracked from her own problem. She quickly gets back on track and Danny reminds her of how the last wedding turned out (see above). Plus Danny’s brother Ritchie said he had big news and because of that Danny is going to throw a party. Down a date Mindy tries to cancel but Josh is a bit condescending which fuels her fire to go. Now she is faced with the task of finding a date. No one in the office seems suitable until she sees a cute, young, well-dressed man. She quickly introduces herself and finds that it is indeed Ritchie Castellano. He greets the group with a warm welcome and Danny is overjoyed with his arrival. Entering the break room Mindy polls the group to see if they all agree that Ritchie is gay. They do and she suspects that his big news is that he is going to come out to Danny. Danny hates surprises, like doesn’t like a box of chocolate because he doesn’t know what he is going to get, so they quickly try to come up with a plan to break it to him gently.  Meanwhile Mindy calls an escort service to try to find herself a date for the wedding. I mean that worked for Debra Messing in the Wedding Date right? During her down low phone call, Peter enters and calls her out on it. He then offers his services to be her date for the evening. He is after all Mr. Wedding. She shuts him down but he continues his plea by offering up how pathetic his weekends have been. She agrees only so that he will stop talking to her. Peter shows up clean shaven and dressed to the nines. Mindy can’t believe her eyes. I’d also like to point out that she is not afraid to shave her arms in front of people. You go girl. At Danny’s apartment things are going smoothly and Morgan uses the opportunity to work in a comment about Ritchie’s sexuality. Danny has known all along that he was gay. Well that crisis was averted. Josh’s wedding is going smoothly. Come to find out him and his wife met in rehab and they just look like the happiest couple. Mindy reveals to Peter that her and Josh in fact dated at one point. He refuses to let her sit there and sulk so he requests some Lionel Ritchie and with Mindy’s help they get the party started. I will admit Peter is not my favorite character, but after tonight he has really grown on me. He’s not all bad. Back at Danny’s we find out what Ritchie’s news was, but first it’s present time. A vinyl copy of the Miami Vice soundtrack, which just so happened to be his favorite show growing up. You’re a gem Danny Castellano, never change! Ritchie then admits the gift is not from him, but actually their dad. Danny shatters the record and demands that Ritchie explain himself, the two argue and Ritchie storms off. It seems that Mindy has gotten through Josh’s wedding unscathed. She actually admits to him that it has been the most perfect affair. The two exchange pleasantries until Mindy heads to the bathroom and catches Peter and the Bride going at it. Maybe I spoke too soon about Peter. He claims the bride threw herself at him and Josh tries to attack him. Come to find out the Bride was in rehab for sex addiction. It’s all starting to make sense now. Mindy admits that Peter is not her boyfriend and Josh tells her that she is pathetic. Unable to live with being pathetic Mindy sets off to find Josh. It appears he may be going back to his old ways and Mindy is quick to stop him. He’s actually just stimulating it as a calming mechanism. He admits he rushed into getting married to try to be normal, and that this isn’t the first time his bride has cheated on him. He has no idea how he is going to face everyone now that his wife ran off and he’s alone. Mindy feels bad and has a solution. She’s going to be the one to ruin the wedding. Taking one for the team Mindy marches out to the ballroom and takes the mic. She admits to throwing herself at the groom because she still loves him. He also is the most amazing man in the world and no one should think less of him. Peter rushes up and backs her story up. The guests revolt and they begin to throw cake at the pair. Reed tracks down Ritchie and tell him how much Danny was looking forward to his stay and just how much he means to him. It has shown everyone a different side of Danny. Moved by his words Ritchie heads back home to smooth things over with Danny. He doesn’t see their dad as such a villain because he had Danny, what more could he ask for. Peter opens up to Mindy on the ride home. She gives it to him straight and tells him that Becca can no longer be his scape goat. He then admits it’s been a year and a half since he’s had sex. His stories are all from the past. She then admits that he’s not so bad, she can see his appeal. He then accuses her of loving him. Aww I’m a bit touched. They arrive at the party and the gang gets down. This show will forever be my favorite.


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