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Just Who Is "Sleeping With The Frenemy" On The Newest Twisted?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/08/2013 11:18 pm
Just Who Is


Nicole MacDonald

Staff Writer

The episode opens in Chief Masterson’s office with Jo snooping at Tara’s case file. Her father walks in and she asks him what happens if the police suspect that somebody is lying about their alibi. Chief Masterson assumes she’s talking about Lacey but Jo tells him that she thinks Archie is lying. She tells him about the conversation she had with Rico about him having Scott’s car. He tells her that Archie’s not a suspect and that she should just leave it alone. After Jo leaves for school, the Chief orders a search warrant to be seen by the judge to search the Desai house for the red necklace.

At the Desai household, Danny and his mother are talking about his father and how the two men used to sit in the same chair and watch soccer together. Danny tells his mother that if she doesn’t want to be reminded of his father he can move the chair to the garage. She decides to leave it in the living room.

At school, Lacey and Archie talk about Lacey’s plans to have Phoebe and Serida over at her house for some bonding time and to try and repair their friendships. The couple then begins to talk about the soccer game the next day and Archie mentions that he’s going out with the team. Lacey asks him why because he usually stays in the night before a game which is why he wasn’t at Regina’s party. He tells her that he stayed in because that was an away game. He claims that away games have different rules regarding pre-game day activities than home games.

In the hallways, Jo tries to convince Danny to pick up any evidence that he can that could make Archie the main suspect in Regina’s murder. He tells her that the entire team hates him, especially Archie. Jo says for him to earn their trust and bond with them.

At the local grocery store, Tess runs into Karen and tries to apologize for what happened at the dinner party. Karen tells him not to bother and looks around the store. She notices that everybody is whispering about her and nobody will hold her gaze for very long because everyone thinks Danny murdered Regina. Karen rushes off, leaving Tess standing alone.

Back at school, Danny attends his first soccer practice. One member of the team taunts Danny and gets punished, immediately silencing any other jabs at him. The entire team still hates him, especially Archie.

Outside the school, Jo and Lacey are talking when Lacey’s mom invites Jo to come over with the other girls. Jo declines at first but then changes her mind because she realizes that she might be able to get important information about Regina from Lacey and the others. Shortly after, Jo and Rico go shopping for snacks for the sleepover and Jo tells Rico that he should invite Danny to the diner so they can bond. Rico asks what they would talk about and Jo tells him to talk about guy things like cars and girls. Rico still acts nervous and Jo tells him to not be afraid of being alone with Danny. Rico agrees to do some man-bonding with Danny.

At Lacey’s house, Lacey and her mom discuss why she invited Jo. Lacey’s mom tells her that she invited Jo so that the two girls could reconnect and try to rebuild their lost friendship. In the middle of their conversation, Regina’s mother, Ms. Crane, stops by with a box of things taken from Regina’s locker to give to Lacey. Lacey takes the box and Ms. Crane leaves, leaving Lacey and her mom staring each other down.

Back at soccer practice, Danny gets put on the starting line-up as a right forward, replacing a veteran player. Archie tries to protest, but the coach silences him, stating that it’s his line-up, not Archie’s. Archie walks away, defeated and Danny just watches, knowing that he needs to get on Archie’s good side to learn anything.

At the Masterson house, Jo is trying to find something that Lacey and her friends wouldn’t find tacky or gross to wear to the sleepover. Tess comes over and tells her to stop worrying about what they’re going to think and to just enjoy herself. When Jo arrives at Lacey’s house, however, everybody there immediately disapproves of her clothes and nobody wants to talk to her. She attempts to talk to Lacey, but the conversation only gets awkward and Jo falls silent, embarrassed and ashamed.

After dropping Jo off at Lacey’s house, Tess goes to visit Karen and ask how things are going. While there, she invites Karen to attend the Green Grove Charity Brunch the next morning to try and get her re-involved with the community. Karen thanks her for the offer but tells her she isn’t sure if she’ll go or not.

At the diner, Rico and Danny are talking about soccer and Rico is noticeably nervous around Danny. Danny tells him to relax just as the entire soccer team walks in and sits down a few tables away. Danny and Rico ignore them and continue talking.

Back at Lacey’s house, the girls decide that they want to watch a movie. While they decide which movie to watch, Jo is looking at the box of Regina’s things. She wants to look inside, but knows she has to wait.

At the diner, Danny and Rico are trying their hardest to ignore the soccer team. Danny decides to face them and gets up to leave, stopping to greet them. They fall silent and give him dirty looks. One guy asks Danny to join them but he declines and heads off with Rico.

Late that night, Chief Masterson gets a phone call that their search warrant was approved and he plans to meet in the morning to head over and search the property. Tess comes home and tells Kyle that Jo is spending the night at Lacey’s house.

At Lacey’s house, Serida and Phoebe are already asleep. Jo and Lacey talk about their memories with Danny and how they used to be best friends. Jo also tells Lacey that Danny misses having her as a friend and is always talking about her. Later, as the sun is rising, Jo begins going through the box of Regina’s things on Lacey’s desk. She finds a few notebooks and such, but comes across a DVD. She plays it on Lacey’s laptop and discovers that it’s a DVD of Archie playing soccer and talking about how hot and amazing he is. Jo pockets the DVD to show Rico and Danny and crawls back into her sleeping area, not realizing that Serida had been watching her the whole time.

At the soccer game, Danny tries to make a temporary truce with Archie so they can win. Archie doesn’t say much, only telling Danny where the weak points of the other team are. He walks away and Danny enjoys the small victory.

At the charity brunch, Ms. Crane arrives unexpectedly because she wants to feel less alone. Shortly after, Tess arrives with Karen and everybody immediately stares at her, making her feel even more unwelcome.

Back at the school, the soccer game is in full swing. Danny scores the first goal of the game, putting Green Grove ahead. At halftime, he is talking with Jo and she tells him that he needs to score more goals to get on the team’s good side. Over on the bleachers, Serida tells Lacey what she saw Jo do at the sleepover.

At the charity brunch, Karen tries to talk to Ms. Crane and make amends. Ms. Crane rejects the apology and tells Karen that she is doing everything in her power to get Danny kicked out of Green Grove High and sentenced to prison for the rest of his natural life. Karen leaves without saying a word to anybody.

At the game, Lacey confronts Jo about what happened at the slumber party and Jo confesses to taking the DVD. She tells Lacey what she saw on the DVD and also about the flaws in Archie’s alibi. She also tells Lacey that Archie may have been sleeping with Regina. Lacey tells her that she’s wrong and leaves angrily. The game continues, ending in a loss after Archie refuses to pass the ball to Danny. In the locker room, Danny exposes the false alibi. Archie confesses that he had borrowed Scott’s car but only for the afternoon because he had a meeting with the athletic director of a prep school. The team accuses him of trying to abandon them mid-season and they leave.

Back at the Desai house, Chief Masterson arrives with some other officers and the warrant to search the house. They begin tearing the house apart searching for the red necklace.

After the soccer game, Lacey finds Archie and asks him about the DVD. He tells her that the disk was a promotional video for the prep school’s athletic director. He says that the only reason he didn’t want to tell her was because he was worried that she would overreact.

Danny heads home after changing and finds the police searching the house. He stands there watching until the police leave empty handed.

Back at school, Jo finds Lacey and tells her that she’s sorry she stole the disk. She also admits to her that she is willing to do anything that might help prove Danny’s innocence. Lacey asks her why and Jo says that she can’t believe that Danny killed Regina before leaving to meet Rico and Danny.

Tess visits Karen to apologize for what happened at the brunch. She tells Karen that she had no idea that Ms. Crane was going to be there and that she’s sorry for putting her through that. She notices the disarray and Karen tells her that the police did a search but didn’t find anything.

At the diner, Danny tells Jo and Rico about the police search. He tells them that he knew they were looking for the necklace. He tells them that it was a family heirloom and that it belonged to Tara. He says that he has no idea why Regina had it or how she even got it. He then asks them if they’re sure they want to help him and they tell him that they are. Jo decides that in order to figure out what really happened, they need to find out who removed the necklace from Regina that night.

The episode ends with Karen sitting down in her husband’s chair and noticing something wrong with the cup holder. She lifts it up and finds the necklace hidden underneath. She looks at it and realizes that Danny has been lying to her.


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