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Social Media Activists Rally For Justice In The Wake Of Michael Brown's Murder

Sharmake Bouraleh | PopWrapped Author

Sharmake Bouraleh

09/22/2014 11:27 am
PopWrapped | Current Events
Social Media Activists Rally For Justice In The Wake Of Michael Brown's Murder | Michael Brown
Media Courtesy of Facebook/Global Grind
Michael Brown Courtesy of Facebook/Global Grind

We know that the media is shit (except for us, obvi). As a person of color, you can trust me on that. It's especially unfair to Blacks, who are considered the lowest on the racial totem-pole.

From America being built on the backs of Black slaves, to the subsequent hypocritical and ignorant jeers of, "Go back to your country!"--despite America not existing without the effort, sweat, and tears of Blacks--we're treated as second-class citizens and still regarded as inferiors.

Everything from the education system, to the health care system, and the 'justice' system (excuse me while I laugh) discriminates against Blacks especially; and what do you expect? The very framework of America is built upon hypocrisy: those British people who wanted freedom from oppression and respite from persecution sought to escape these fleeing across the world, killing and denying life to the Native Americans who welcomed them with open arms, and enslaved the Africans, denying them their freedom so the Europeans could have theirs. America was born back-asswards crazy.

And it's only gotten worse throughout the years.

Slavery being abolished simply made it illegal to own people. That doesn't mean that Black people are now free and equal to White people and enjoy the same rights they do. They are turned away at every aspect of American society. They are turned away from jobs for their names. And, most glaringly, they are persecuted for no fucking reason.

From Trayvon Martin being "armed" with an Arizona drink and a bag of skittles and "weaponizing the sidewalk" (what the actual fuck?) in order to supposedly beat up a much older, much bigger man who had taken it upon himself to be a vigilante and prey upon black children, thanks to his ignorant-as-all-hell prejudice and racial profiling (with the added bonus of Trayvon Martin being found guilty for his own fucking murder) -- to Renisha McBride being shot in the face with a shotgun when asking for help after a car crash, to countless more.

It's with the latest shooting and murder of 17-year-old Black teen, Michael Brown, that social media is up in riots again, pointing out the hypocrisy the media engages in when it comes to murders.

With White assailants, they portray them as innocent and misguided or an "excellent student" with "a history of mental problems".

But as soon as a story entails a Black victim, the media does all it can to demonize and vilify the Black person, showing unflattering photos of them engaged in typical teenage acitivites, such as smoking marijuana, drinking alcohol illegally at parties, or posing with gang signs and associating them with the criminal element. This was especially evident in Trayvon and Michael's cases.

To call out this double standard, a Twitter hashtag, #IfTheyGunnedMeDown, has taken over the site. Users post a photo of themselves with two images put together, one a wholesome image that society would expect of them right next to another that is far more damning. They challenge the ideology and practice the media uses, knowing that there's far more to Black people than what the media tries to show and the ignorant stereotypes that it tries to perpetuate

This shows that the current generation will not stand for the idiotic hypocrisy so rampant in society. It's even gotten to the point where hactivist group Anonymous has stepped up and said this will not go unpunished, they will not be satisfied, and justice must be served. They have made it clear that they're not playing around.

Personally, I'm sick and tired of this drivel, this short end of the stick Black people have to face day in and day out, every day of their lives from straight out of the womb.

How are we expected to explain to Black children why they're being picked on? Why cops won't help them? Why the cops are more likely to kill them than aid them, and more likely to do exactly what they're supposed to be protecting them from. How do we even begin to rationalize it in a way they can understand when it makes no sense to begin with?

I can only hope for a better world for the next generation to live in.

This is Sharmake Bouraleh, signing off.

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