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Music PopWrapped | Music

Justin Bieber Splashes The World With "Cold Water"

Megan Armstrong | PopWrapped Author

Megan Armstrong

07/24/2016 12:04 pm
PopWrapped | Music
Justin Bieber Splashes The World With
Media Courtesy of Major Lazer

Justin Bieber might have just completed all 64 shows of his Purpose Tour's North American leg on July 19, but he is not taking a break. Bieber debuted his newest single, "Cold Water," with Major Lazer (founded by Diplo, who Bieber very successfully collaborated with last summer on "Where Are Ü Now") at midnight on Friday. The song also features singer-songwriter MØ. Writing credits are given to Ed Sheeran and Benny Blanco.

In its less-than-24-hour public existence, "Cold Water" is already No. 1 worldwide on iTunes. The accompanying official lyric video already has been viewed over 2 million times at the moment I'm writing these words. I'm sure it'll be closer to 3 million -- maybe 4 million, and 5 million isn't out of the question -- by the time you read this. Yes, the song is that good.

The song's appeal is apparent on the charts but also on social media, where fans are creating promotional art and doing whatever they can to show support and join the movement. Other celebrities and public figures are tweeting about how much they love "Cold Water." Many are calling it the song of the summer.

Bieber and his manager, Scooter Braun, have even noticed and shared the "Cold Water" art of one fan (@HIDRAUHLIC):

"Cold Water" will be featured on Major Lazer's upcoming album, Music Is The Weapon.

And there is absolutely no question that music is Bieber's weapon to spread good in the world. His influence is only growing (which is hard to comprehend considering the global popularity he started his career with in 2009), but here we are with Justin Bieber on top of the music world -- still -- in July 2016.

What does this mean? How does it feel, Justin Bieber, to be on top of the music world and touch so many people? Can you imagine doing what you love and having the world love it right back? Sharing messages of positivity and making millions of people feel better? With this level of success?

I can't, but I want to, and these are some of the things I have been thinking about while listening to "Cold Water" on a loop since the release. I wish I could ask him these things. I wish I could work with him and his friends and and help the world feel better, too. I wish I could tell him thank you. The point isn't that I want to do these things; the point is that I'm just one out of millions of human beings who dream of doing things like this. The percentage of these dreams coming true is, in all reality, probably slim, but dreams are all we have and, as Bieber sings in "Cold Water," "I won't let go."

I'm 22 years old, just like Justin, and he has me asking myself: How can I splash the world with cold water?

But I think the key is not to dwell on Bieber's celebrity and, instead, remember his humanity because that is what his music is about. He didn't make "Cold Water" on his own; he didn't do any of this on his own, and he doesn't claim to. He isn't portraying himself or his life as perfect. His lyrics are words of brokenness and then healing, doubt and then faith, love and then heartbreak, feeling lost and then keeping each other company, and above all, doing this with purpose -- even if that purpose is to simply help each other feel good. "Cold Water" is no different. defines "Cold Water" as a song about "banding together to face adversity."

Bieber and his team restart Purpose Tour internationally on August 13 in Japan, but people who are influenced by his music never put a hiatus on searching for their purpose. He doesn't go a day without impacting someone, in some way, in the world through his music. "Cold Water" is simply the latest example.

Just listen.


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