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Music PopWrapped | Music

Justin Stein Transports Us To Another Decade With 'Loving On The Weekday'

Bradleigh-Ann Walker | PopWrapped Author

Bradleigh-Ann Walker

03/21/2015 8:29 pm
PopWrapped | Music
Justin Stein Transports Us To Another Decade With 'Loving On The Weekday' | Justin Stein
Media Courtesy of Next2Shine
If up-and-coming funk pop artist Justin Stein isn’t on your radar yet, here’s your chance to change that. His single “Loving On The Weekday” was recently brought to my attention, and now I’m bringing it to yours. It boasts a vibrant pop sound from another decade, heavily reminiscent of the late Michael Jackson, with some sultry vocals to top it all off. Not to mention how wickedly unique the music video is. In keeping with that throwback feel, it’s all shot in Super 8:
We were actually trying to figure out what to do and the guys I shot it with had a Super 8 camera on their wall. I told them I wanted a throwback 70/80’s vibe and so they suggested we shoot it in Super 8. I didn’t really know what that looked like so they went to the computer to show me and we stumbled upon the skateboarding footage you see in the film! We were playing the song over it and it just fit…so we decided to go with it. The shoot was actually a bit of a disaster. We lost an entire day of footage because the old camera wasn’t working, and the only guy who knew how to operate it was at Cannes and didn’t instruct the director on what to do. The video would have been a lot different with that footage. I rented an old car and we shot a bunch of really fun driving / diner sequences in upstate New York. The song is sexual in nature, but also just fun and playful…we wanted the music video to reflect that.
And the inspiration behind it? He wanted to cheer up his girlfriend!
My girlfriend at the time would always come home incredibly stressed. I always wished that she could be a little more relaxed and happier during the week, but her job always had her feeling very overwhelmed and stiff. I wrote “Loving On The Weekday” to try and tell her she could feel better if she just relaxed and realized that things weren’t so bad. She just needed a little loving on the weekday. She came home so pent up that it was very hard to get her to loosen up and have a good time. I didn’t really know how to help her, so I wrote this song to say what I wanted to say. She liked it.
Now that 2015 is here, Justin wants to go back on tour, as well as release his debut album:
I want to release a full length album that gets national attention. I would love to go on tour again. I haven’t been since my first time going out in 2008 and I miss it. I used to open for Jesse McCartney, Jordan Sparks, Corbin Bleu, and Raven Symone all over the country. I can’t wait to tour again!
Watch Justin Stein’s music video for “Loving on the Weekday” below, and for more on his music, including his most recent release, “Home”, check out his website andSoundCloud!

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