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Kanye West And Jimmy Kimmel Take Feud To Twitterverse And Airwaves

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


09/27/2013 9:11 am
PopWrapped | Television
Kanye West And Jimmy Kimmel Take Feud To Twitterverse And Airwaves

Heather O'Connell

Staff Writer

If you were on twitter yesterday, than you’ve probably heard about the heated feud that has started up between Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel. It seems that the feud started over an innocent parody that Kimmel did that involved spoofing an hour-long interview that West recently did on BBC Radio 1. Kimmel had two kids imitate West and the interviewer reading a mini transcript of what was said in the interview. West has obviously caught wind of the spoof and is not happy about it as he’s taking his unhappiness to twitter sending out some of the following tweets: Kimmel has since seen the tweets and clearly isn’t as upset about the situation as West is as he sent out some tweets of his own about the situation. The final tweet that Kimmel sent out was a video he made earlier this year with Josh Groban singing West’s tweets. The tweets being sent out by the two seem to have calmed down for now but, based on Kimmel’s tweets, you knew he would address it on the his show last night. And address it he did; and boy was it interesting to hear what Kanye thinks of himself. Kimmel started the show saying that Kanye called him on the phone earlier that day and it was a very angry phone call from West. Kimmel said that the call started out with West saying he’s very angry over the bit that aired earlier that week with the kids reenacting what Kanye said in the BBC Radio 1 interview. According to Kimmel, West told him that he had two choices, or really only one choice: apologize publicly. His life will be much better if he just apologizes. Kimmel of course doesn’t apologize and instead goes on to read the tweets that Kanye sent out adding his own little commentary throughout. The last thing that Kimmel mentioned about the phone call was Kanye saying “I’m the most powerful voice in the media, I am Pac. You will never be able to show your face at a 14 year old’s football game again.” Kimmel jokingly talks about finally being in a rap feud and that’s the last of Kimmel talking about the feud; but, you can bet if anything else comes out, we’ll be sure to update you!


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