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Kate Mulgrew Says She Was Misled Into Doing Voiceover For Geocentrism Documentary

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04/09/2014 3:40 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Kate Mulgrew Says She Was Misled Into Doing Voiceover For Geocentrism Documentary
Media Courtesy of IMDB
Courtesy of IMDB Courtesy of IMDB

Michael Shambo Staff Writer @MikeShambo

Former Star Trek: Voyager captain Kate Mulgrew has come under some recent controversy after doing the narration for the upcoming “documentary” titled The Principle. The film encapsulates the belief that the Earth is indeed the center of the universe, also known as the theory of Geocentricism, a theory no reputable scientist has taken seriously since the 17th century. The trailer begins with Mulgrew’s voiceover of: “Everything we think we know about our universe is wrong.” Mulgrew has stated, however, that she was misled about what the documentary was about. Lending some credence to her claim would be the fact that astrophysicist Lawrence Krauss also appears in the film and he says he has no idea how he ended up in it in the first place. In fact, he even released an article titled “I Have No Idea How I Ended Up In That Stupid Geocentricism Documentary”. Mulgrew released a statement of her own regarding the matter: I understand there has been some controversy about my participation in a documentary called THE PRINCIPLE. Let me assure everyone that I completely agree with the eminent physicist Lawrence Krauss, who was himself misrepresented in the film, and who has written a succinct rebuttal in SLATE. I am not a geocentrist, nor am I in any way a proponent of geocentrism. More importantly, I do not subscribe to anything Robert Sungenis has written regarding science and history and, had I known of his involvement, would most certainly have avoided this documentary. I was a voice for hire, and a misinformed one, at that. I apologize for any confusion that my voice on this trailer may have caused. The man behind the film, Robert Sungenis, has a history of this sort of thing. Ever since he received a Ph.D. in Religious Studies, he’s used his credentials to bring back the theory of Geocentricism in an effort to thwart scientific progress and critical thinking. Be sure to check out the trailer below, and appreciate the editing work done to make it sound like some of the scientists are actually reinforcing this belief:

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