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Kate Siegel Tells Her #CrazyJewishMom Story In Mother Can You Not (REVIEW)

Mike Nied | PopWrapped Author

Mike Nied

05/11/2016 11:02 am
PopWrapped | Books
Kate Siegel Tells Her #CrazyJewishMom Story In Mother Can You Not (REVIEW) | Mother Can You Not
Media Courtesy of Observer

Kate Siegel beckons us further into life with Kim Friedman (her #CrazyJewishMom) with a collection of essays in her debut release Mother Can You Not...

In 2014 Kate Siegel was living the life of your average millennial; she had a day job that was (somewhat) related to what she studied at school (Princeton), a boyfriend (nicknamed SuperJew) who wasn't quite ready to take things to the next level in their relationship, and a mom who wanted to know everything that was going on in her life. We do mean everything...

Kate's mom, Kim Friedman Siegel, eschews the title of "Helicopter Mom" in favor of the more descriptive "Drone Mom." It's an accurate if shocking title to describe her dedication to being involved in her daughter's life. As the title suggests, Kim's dedication to her craft have evolved with the times. This mama has a cell phone, and it's given her another level of connection with her spawn.

Amused by the hilarity of her mother's frequent messages and calls (she has been known to send hundreds of messages a day), Kate decided to post some of the interactions on social media for her friends to enjoy. Creating the (now iconic) Instagram account @CrazyJewishMom, Kate and her mother never could have imagined the account's rapid ascent to the public eye.

Almost immediately, @CrazyJewishMom attracted the attention of major news markets and went viral. The account now boasts more than 800 thousand followers who tune in to experience the daily (sometimes hourly) interactions between mother and daughter. Fans hang on to the pair's every word, and now, thanks to Kate's debut novel Mother Can You Not, they can learn even more about their goings-on. 

Trust us when we say that this is a book that you will not want to miss...

Mother Can You Not opens with a letter to the lawyers of Penguin Random Publishing in which the younger Siegel profusely apologizes for the questionable legality of several adventures that she and her mother experienced along the way. Two pages in, and you know that things are going to be interesting to say the least.

Our expectations were confirmed and exceeded with the first chapter, which details Kate's short-lived tenure as an aspiring pop starlet in the style of Britney Spears. Encouraged by her mother, the young pop princess-to-be descended into the underbelly of Los Angeles for a photoshoot. Hilarity ensues when a pretentious photographer brings the photoshoot into a side alley occupied by a furious masturbator. Not only did Kate get the shots, but she was also introduced to her first ever erect penis. Don't worry though, Mama was there with pepper spray to step in an save the day.

From there each chapter of Mother Can You Not tells a similarly outrageous tale. 

Some of the stories (like when Kate was an inadvertent assistant to her mother "rescuing" a kitten from a shelter) undoubtedly required a lot of ovaries to recount, even though the memories (and statute of limitations) have become a little murky.

Both heartwarming and hysterical, Kate unflinchingly recounts her adventures and assumes the status as a horrified onlooker and even more horrified accomplice to her mother's shenanigans.

Luckily enough, this #CrazyJewishMom and her Spawn have managed to avoid any serious trouble with the law... Mostly.

Sex and relationships play a large role in Kate's stories, as she explores the trials and tribulations of first penises, bed wetting shitastic flings, love and love lost, STDs, diaphragms, and, most importantly, closing those damn vaginal barn doors until SuperJew is ready to commit. If you keep giving away the milk for free, no man will want to commit to marriage and grand-spawn. That would be a travesty.

Kim's open (to say the least) views on sexuality are refreshingly progressive. The "Cool Mom" doesn't simply enable her daughter or allow her to blindly meander through experiences unassisted. Instead, she wholeheartedly joins in on the ride.

As ludicrous as some of the stories in Mother Can You Not may be, one of the most impressive and immediately evident commonalities between all of them is the unshakable bond between Crazy Jewish Mom and her Spawn. In the introduction, Kate comments on the "unconditional love" in a mother-daughter relationship (alongside conversations of vaginas and watermelons, obviously). 

She then proceeds to ceaselessly refute that statement throughout the remainder of the collection.

There seems to be nothing that Kim would not do for her daughter, and vice versa. Whether they are traveling cross-country to accidentally-on-purpose  meet with college guidance counsellors, undergoing hours of rehearsals for the high school play, recruiting cast members for Under the Rainbow (the LGBTQIA-friendly version of Jersey Shore we never knew we needed), or partaking in some other (semi) legal activity, they are doing it together. Kim is the quintessential cheerleader, prison warden, and advice-giver that you never knew you needed. After all, the bond between a mother and her children is one of the first and most important relationships in a child's life.

Sure, Kim may get a little closer than most mothers, but her undying devotion to her daughter is unquestionable. The massively accomplished producer hasn't let anything get in the way of her bond with her daughter, not even something as pesky as living on opposite coasts. That's what moving vans are for.

She's a commendable mother, and every story only further confirms her status as the ultimate badass and dream BFF for all readers. Man bun or no 

man bun, you'd like to think that you could befriend this kindhearted and hysterical woman! 

Mother Can You Not is a hugely entertaining read from the budding author. Kate's storytelling is exceptionally curated and filled with laugh out loud commentary that will leave you clutching your stomach and rolling on the floor at it's most rambunctious. The collection unravels the bond between a mother and her child, and it does so without skimming over the absurdity of reality.

With Mother Can You Not Kate Siegel expands the #CrazyJewishMom empire, but she simultaneously introduces her ravenous followers to a new side of herself. As an author her career is just beginning, and we are left only wanting to learn more about how things progress!

Pick up your copy of Mother Can You Not HERE! You do not want to miss out on the festivities!


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