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PopWrapped | Movies
Kevin Smith Is Back!
Media Courtesy of Comic Vine

Whitney Pierce

Staff Writer

Ladies and gentlemen, Kevin Smith is back! Well, back in the realm of movies that is! The man can currently be seen on AMC's Comic Book Men or you can hear him on his podcast, SModcast, with his long-time producing partner Scott Mosier. So I suppose when you look at it that way, he never really left! Smith has most recently been seen and heard promoting the indie film, which was produced by Smith's Movie Club that's partnered with Phase 4 Films, The Dirties which was written by amateur writer and filmmaker Matthew Johnson. The Dirties is a movie about a couple of students who are victims of bullying and want to film a movie where they go and kill those who have bullied them. Being told by a superior that the movie wouldn't work and would need some drastic changes, the boys decide to film the movie anyways but instead of filming it as a scripted piece, they will go into their high school and film themselves shooting the bullies of real.  Smith isn't in the movie and seems to be dominantly involved with producing it through his film company based on his podcast, SModcast Pictures, and through using his name to help promote the film. In a recent interview with, EW, Smith talks in depth about how excited he is for this movie to be seen and how much he believes in it. Smith has nothing but high praise for the movie, as you can tell by him saying that "[…] maybe three minutes into the film, you get the feeling that you’re watching something very different, something far more accomplished that you’ve been led to believe. And then halfway through the movie, you realize you’re watching brilliance." He also describes the film and characters as one of those moments where you really feel for them and want them to succeed and win. But as the movie progresses, perhaps you see a turn in the character where you then start to question yourself and think "Maybe they weren't that good of a guy after all."  The Dirties isn't the only thing Smith has to discuss these days. He also will be releasing an indie movie that he directed called Tusk. Tusk is a film about a real man who places a Craigslist-like ad looking for a roommate. Seems normal enough, right? Wrong. The man also seems to have a fetish for a little animal we like to call the walrus. Smith describes the movie as a "monster movie" due to the fact that the main character in it turns his new found roommate into a walrus. Yes, you read that right. Feel free to read over it twice if you need to.  Last but not least on the Kevin Smith film front is the production of Clerks III. The Clerks series is one of Smith's, if not the most, popular and has been anticipated by many ever since Clerks II hit in 2006. Unfortunately, it appears that we will be getting Tusk before we get Clerks III. Smith says that the movies he releases before Clerks III could be called "warm-up pitches" since he's been out of the movie game for awhile.  Of course, this interview with EW couldn't have been complete without a word in about his good friend Ben Affleck and his new role as Batman. Smith admits that he did not see this role for Affleck coming but he understands why he has accepted the role. "If you ask an 8-year-old, “Hey, who’s Robert Downey Jr.?” they go “Iron Man!” If you ask an 8-year-old, “Hey, who’s Ben Affleck?” they look at you blankly. Now, at the end of the day, when he plays Batman, he’ll have career vitality. He’ll have bought himself another 10 years as an actor, not just as an director," Smith says. Good point. However, he goes on to talk about how it's much more than that for Affleck. Smith discusses how Ben has always wanted to play Batman and thought that playing Daredevil would be the closest he ever got. In Affleck's old house, he even has a panic room with a door that is a replica of the Bat Cave entrance.  The Dirties will be hitting theaters and will be on video-on-demand on October 4. Tusk is to begin filming on October 21 of this year and Smith states that if he has his way, we should be seeing it at the Sundance Film Festival in January.  Thoughts on Smith's return to doing some films? How about on seemingly controversial The Dirties? Anymore thoughts, comments or concerns on Ben Affleck playing Batman? Let us know!


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