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Kurt Shows His Courage And Gets Some Battle Wounds On This Week's Glee, "Bash"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/09/2014 12:18 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Kurt Shows His Courage And Gets Some Battle Wounds On This Week's Glee,
Media Courtesy of PopDust

Christa Tintelnot

Staff Writer


Hey Gleeks! This week we have a really special episode of Glee that deals with a very real issue in the world today: gay bashing. In fact, tonight's episode is called "Bash." The episode begins with Rachel, Blaine, Kurt, Sam and a group of people walking down the street singing "No One is Alone" from Into the Woods. They are holding candles and come to some flowers and gifts on the street. It is for Russ, who was beat up due to his sexual orientation. We find that Funny Girl premieres in two weeks then quickly shift to Mercedes and Sam, who settle into watch Facts of Life together. Sam asks Mercedes why she broke up with him. She doesn't really answer, but Sam brings up their chemistry again and well...they start making out. Enter weekly potluck dinner #2. Mercedes sees the flyer for Russ and asks about it. Rachel, Blaine and Kurt tell the story about what happened to him. We also find out that it's time for the NYADA mid-winter critiques are on tap. Meanwhile, Sam and Mercedes are playing footsie under the table and Artie notices. Next scene, Sam and Mercedes are talking, and Sam wants to tell everyone that they are together and in his words, "are perfect for each other." Sam leaves and Mercedes belts an outstanding rendition of "You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman" by Aretha Franklin. Next scene we see Mercedes meeting with her backup singers and she has presumably told them about Sam...and Sam just happens to show up. What follows is some pretty awkward conversation. We then go to NYADA where Rachel is performing her mid-winter critique performance in front of Carmen Tibideaux. She has Blaine join her, and they sing "Broadway Baby" from Follies. Though the performance was good, Carmen didn't like it. The assignment was not a duet, and she said that both of them seemed to feel as if they were above this class. First she flunks them, then tells them that because the performance was good, she will give them an opportunity to re-do it. Unfortunately with Funny Girl in less than two weeks, Rachel has a problem. She goes to see Madame Tibideaux and finds out that her teachers are concerned that she is not putting in a full effort into her work. Madame Tibideaux tells her she has talent, but no foundation and she is not ready to be on her own out there. Rachel makes a decision...she quits NYADA. Following the commercial break, we find Mercedes and her backup singers talking about Sam. They like him, but they have a problem because he is white, and she is black. Mercedes walks into the house, and Sam is watching Facts of Life. Mercedes tells Sam she can't be with him. She is worried about what people are going to think about their races. Sam tries to fight her on it, but to no avail. She asks him to move out. We next find Rachel and Kurt at dinner. Kurt tells her she is crazy for quitting NYADA. He says he understands but Broadway is fickle and without an education, she might not get another role. Rachel is offended, as she was with Carmen, and she says she isn't interested in a school that doesn't support her. Kurt begs her to not quit, Rachel gets angry and walks away. Kurt leaves the restaurant. As he walks, he sees someone getting beat up down an alley and runs to help. The guy getting beaten is gay. Kurt stands up to the guys beating him, saying he isn't afraid of them. They viciously beat him. When the show comes back from commercial, Sam and Blaine are talking about Mercedes asking Sam to leave. Blaine tries to cheer him up but is interrupted by a call on his phone. it is presumably about Kurt as we then see all of them getting a call. We then see them in the emergency room. Kurt has a hairline fracture, cuts and bruises, but is alive. They go into the room to see him. He is sedated and Blaine sings "Not While I'm Around" from Sweeney Todd in two different scenes, the hospital and for his mid-winter critique. Following the next commercial, we see Mercedes recording a song, "Colour Blind", which is actually an Amber Riley song. Sam is there, and she is singing to him, and again, it's outstanding. Back at the hospital, Burt Hummel shows up. He is angry, but it seems more like he is scared. He tells Kurt that he has been fighting for Kurt too.  He admits that he thought Kurt would be safe in New York. Kurt, on the other hand, is proud of what he did. Next, we see Kurt and Blaine on the street. They are leaving flowers for Russ. He is going to be OK. The scene switches to the apartment, and Rachel walks in. She is set in her decision about NYADA. She admits that Kurt has taken more risks than she ever has and that she loves him. Artie, Sam, Mercedes and Blaine come in for weekly potluck. Sam and Mercedes tell them all that they are officially dating. Rachel has an announcement too that she will be there to see Kurt in his mid-winter critique. They toast to him, and we see him singing "I'm Still Here" from Follies to end the episode. #Loveislove

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