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Last Man Standing: 05x03, Ping-Pong

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
10/13/2015 6:20 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Last Man Standing: 05x03, Ping-Pong | ping-pong

So, last week I flaked out on you guys and I’m sorry.  Thursday really wore me out with Dominion, The Blacklist, and Scandal.  But I’m back and better for Last Man Standing.  Here’s a quick nod to last week for all who missed my musings.  Last week was about fear and parenting.  Mike’s son-in-law Ryan didn’t want little Boyd to walk home from school and Mike won.  Mike made good points about how kids need independence and letting them play outside is not the end of the world.

On Friday’s new episode…

Mike is taking Eve on her senior white water rafting trip!  He took Kristen, even though she was pregnant, but he never took Mandy.  Vanessa tells Mike to work on finding something to do with Mandy or she’ll become a Holiday kid.

Ed brings up his four daughters and Mike corrects him and says he has five.  Ed admits he hasn’t talked to Maria in ten years.  She’s not even a holiday kid.  Mike rushes home to do something with Mandy.  Her only wish is Paris.  I don’t think that’s where they’ll go.

Vanessa donated to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and it causes a family rift.  But things get interrupted when Mandy brings Mike home from the mall looking like a member of 1 Direction.  I can’t get over it!

Mandy finds Mike has changed out of the outfit she picked out later and she’s hurt.  Mike says they have to find something they both like and they fall into silence.

Y’all, Vanessa once dreamed of being Mrs. Tom Selleck.  Didn’t we all?

Vanessa brings their African American neighbor to show Eve that he voted for Obama based on skin color.  It backfires because he voted based on policy.  Vanessa, Vanessa, Vanessa.

Ed reaches out to Kristen for advice to get back together with his daughter, Maria.  Kristen thinks her dad’s pushiness was good even though she hated it then.

Mandy found something for them to do!  Ping-pong!  Oh no, Mike hates ping-pong.  They begin to play and Mike loses on purpose.  Mandy wants him to play for real and it doesn’t go well.  Mike said she loses terribly and he was right because she threw the paddle and stormed off.  My smart ass husband says that’s me.  (he’s right.  I flip Monopoly boards).

Mike takes Mandy out for ice-cream anyway and they finally have a moment.  Mike gives her a heart to heart.

Cut to a Mike Baxter vlog.  It’s about getting back up and how you do it to tie together the theme of the episode.  Mike gives Ed Maria’s number so he can get back in contact with her.

That’s all folks!


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