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Last Man Standing: 05x04, Educating Boyd

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
10/19/2015 5:05 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Last Man Standing: 05x04, Educating Boyd | Educating Boyd
Media Courtesy of Credit: ABC

Last week we learned about bonding on Last Man Standing!  What’s in store on "Educating Boyd?"

Mike pulled all Ryan’s boxes into the house to block the door. Ryan found his ukulele, but doesn’t know how to play.  Boyd walks in with Vanessa and runs out when he sees his dad; he called his teacher boring and got suspended.  Ryan blames the teacher, but Vanessa defends her.  Boyd doesn’t have anything left to learn.

Mike brings it up to Ed, because Ed put his kids in private school. Mike wants to put Boyd in private school and hasn’t told anyone.

Kristen has a raccoon problem and Kyle couldn’t fix it the day before because he was off.  But, he did mention coming in to shop, load boxes, and make a few deliveries.  Kristen wants to hire an exterminator, but Ed says no.

Mike comes home to Vanessa walking out for a meeting.  Eve took pictures of Mandy and she’s mad.  Eve says photography is just a quick click, but Mike and Mandy say it’s more than that.  Eve says her teacher is the only one who will see them, and Mandy used to have a crush on him.  Eve brings up his receding man bun.

Ryan shows up with Boyd and says how much fun they had together. Mike brings up private school, which Ryan agrees to look into.

Mike sees Kristen at work and she thinks Ryan is game for private school.  Ryan comes in and explains that announces that he will home school Boyd!  Hahaha!

Kristen says that she has faith in Ryan, and Mike says she’s picked the sneaky wife way.  Ryan leaves and Kristen needs time to make up her mind.

Eve heads to the basement for Mandy, who has upped basement Mandy.  Earlier, she said no one could see basement Mandy.  Eve is not down with a reshoot.

Vanessa comes home from school and wants wine because she had a rough day.  Mike picks this moment to drop the Ryan home school bomb.  Vanessa wants him to talk Ryan down, but Mike says he’s done some research and home schooling is a viable option. Vanessa says her class is too big and down three from maternity leave! That’s funny! Ryan pops in.  Vanessa and Mike announce they are okay with home school, but Vanessa surprises everyone saying she’s going to quit her job and teach Boyd.  What?

Ryan rejects her offer. Vanessa says they should have picked the best teacher in the house.  Vanessa calls him a quitter, and Ryan admits that he quits these things because of reasons related to Boyd.  Mike thinks Ryan can do it.  Vanessa walks out pissed.

Kyle has a new raccoon plan.  Kristen is having problems with Ryan’s commitment to Boyd, and she doesn’t think she does.  Kyle says that she is an example to Boyd that, no matter what, you can get your life on track.

Mike goes to Vanessa, who says she doesn’t want to quit her job,  but she doesn’t want to do it more.  He shows her a voicemail from her first day and reignites her excitement.

Eve got an ‘A’ on the photo assignment!  Eve wants Mandy to look at the photos.  Mandy takes the photos and says that she looks great no matter what.

No vlog from Outdoor Man tonight...sad day.


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