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Last Man Standing: 05x05, The Road Less Driven

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
10/25/2015 6:39 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Last Man Standing: 05x05, The Road Less Driven | The Road Less Driven
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This week on Last Man Standing, "The Road Less Driven"…

It’s Mike’s birthday! Vanessa has a surprise for him, along with the girls--it's a new car. Mike had the same car once, but when they got pregnant with Kristen, he had to sell it.  The car needs a little work.

“Come here, beautiful,” Mike says, which Vanessa thinks is for her, but it's the car.

Vanessa creeps in later and Mike wants to be alone with his car. Jay Leno sold them the car! OMG! He has a name, but he is Jay lol. Jay wants to help, because he has a lot of spare time since he just retired twice.  Mike agrees and Jay brings his own tools.

Eve got tickets to a music festival and Mandy sucks the joy away with Mom-dancing.  Vanessa shows up and proves the Mom-dancing point, but not the need for a chaperone.  Mandy is not happy.

Jay is insulting Mike’s handiwork.  Jay tricked him and thinks he’s a riot  Mike walks into the kitchen and tells Vanessa that Jay has to go.  He wants Vanessa to tell Jay to go.  Vanessa says she’s too sweet.  She changes her mind and throws a fit.  Mike shuts the door on her because he found out Jay has something he wants.

Mike is at Outdoor Man, and he is upset because Jay still hasn’t brought the transmission over.  Ed thinks that Jay just wants to spend time with him.  Mike has a plan.

Mandy approaches Vanessa about the Eve overnight.  Vanessa says she treated Mandy differently because she reminds her of herself as a wild teenager.  Mandy realizes she’s becoming her mother with her new responsibility.

Mike, Chuck, and Kyle head to Jay’s to do whatever Mike’s plan is. They find his place his awesome but Chuck wants to set up security.  Looks like they want to watch him.  Or, Mike is going to snoop.  Mike sets off an alarm, which means Jay has security.  They make Letterman and Santa Claus jokes.  Oh, the celeb cameos are so good.

Mike comes home and the car is gone!  Turns out Jay took it and put in the transmission Mike wanted.  Mike is grateful and says that Jay can come back to the house.  Jay declines because he has a new project.

Jay calls him a family man and he goes home to Vanessa.  She was afraid he’d like his garage.  Vanessa offers to fix the garage up, but Mike wants it to stay the same.  Mike invites Vanessa into the garage, even though he is sure he’ll regret it.  Awwww!

We end with a vlog about cars and family!  I missed my vlog last week.


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