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Last Man Standing: 05x01, The Wolf Returns

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
09/26/2015 1:24 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Last Man Standing: 05x01, The Wolf Returns | The Wolf Returns
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This week on the season premiere of Last Man Standing…

"The Wolf Returns" begins with a classic Mike Baxter vlog.  He spent two months on an exotic adventure and he’s coming home.  He’s met at the door by his wife Vanessa in a little nightie.  Vanessa wants to role play, but Mike’s not game.

Vanessa redecorated the bedroom and Mike said, “It looks like Martha Stewart exploded.”  Vanessa says it’s different but prettier.

Mike said, “That was your excuse for Caitlin Jenner.”

The girls are home!  Mike welcomes them, saying, “If we lived in the village I was just in, you’d both be grandmas and I’d be swimming in goats.”

Mand and Eve are bantering, as per always.  The girls got Mike some ribs for dinner.  Mandy wanted pizza, but now she knows Denver has no pizza or bagels or a giant mayor.  She just got back from her internship in NY.

Mike gets a welcome home call from his business partner Ed, my dear Hector. Ed wants a blog about home and not being on the road. Mike agrees.

Kristen is at work with Ed and she keeps postponing her honeymoon.  Kristen, Mike’s oldest, doesn’t want to leave because she likes feeling on top of her game at the restaurant.

Mike is doing a vlog in his bedroom, showing off 

the changes.  He calls himself a “handsome bearded wolf.”  The she-wolf has gone to bed, bath, and way, way, way beyond.

Vanessa walks and she says the room will stay that way forever.  Uh oh.  It’s time for Mike to ask for forgiveness.  Everyone is fighting and the weather is insane.

Mandy and Eve are at each other’s throats extra time.  A tornado siren goes off as Kristen comes in and Mandy says, “Oh my God, did we win something?”  Mike takes them to the storm shelter.

Ed cleared out the store.  He’s sending Kyle home, but Kyle says he saw a documentary called The Wizard of Oz.  Kyle won’t leave him.  Ed reveals that Wendy is leaving him.  Aw, poor Ed.

Kristen wants to ask about the family's lives, but everything is too touchy.  Mike gives everyone a nice family speech about how a family is a safe shelter.

Mandy gets a text that Ed is on the roof of Outdoor Man with Kyle. Mike goes to save them.  Vanessa wasn’t scared, but she is now that the lights went out as Mike left.

The phones don’t work and Mandy thinks they can call Mike.  LOL Mandy! Vanessa finally admits what’s bothering her. She doesn’t like being alone and she knows it’s the future when her girls leave.  She thought Mike would be around, though, and then she heard that he was gonna go back on the road and it made hereven sadder.

Honesty time all around!  Mandy exaggerated her success in NY completely.  She actually got thrown out and hid in her apartment. Eve is mad that Mandy wasn’t honest.  They reveal their love through insults.  Kristen brings about a sister hug.

Mike is on the roof to save Ed and Kyle.  Ed is heartbroken.  Kyle has Mike’s family on Facetime while they are trying to get Ed off the roof.  And hey, a real tornado is coming!

Mike figured out what was wrong with Vanessa!  Now Mike can get Ed off the roof!  Yay, they went in!  Mike said, “I had one more speech in me than I was gonna hit him in the head with a hammer and drag him inside.”  These folks!

They survived the tornado!  Kristen is going to go on her honeymoon!  Mike talks about how family is just as important as work.  Mike and Vanessa are going to fix the bedroom, but I think that’s code.  Kyle didn’t get it!


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