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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The Last Ship: 02x13, A More Perfect Union

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
09/08/2015 6:56 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Last Ship: 02x13, A More Perfect Union | Ship
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Here we are at the season finale of The Last Ship, and I feel like I was just getting ready to write my very first recap ever.  Now I’m on my last for this show until next summer (so glad it got renewed!).  Here’s to a more perfect union!

We start with an inspirational message from the President.  He is clearing up the truth about the Nathan James.  He explains the lies the Immunes spread and tells the truth about the great work that the Nathan James has done.  The ship has a plan to land at different harbors for six hour periods to spread the cure and the truth.  Gosh, why can’t I vote for him in the next election?

Rachel’s plan to spread the cure is to inject the crew with the booster so they can get the contagious cure around to as many people as possible.  The booster is a one time chance.

This ship is sailing pretty much blind with no ammo.  If they get attacked, they are outmanned and outgunned.  The message is great except it will let anyone who hates them know exactly where they are.

One of the Immune leaders is refusing to accept the pardon and is mean to my President.  He says he’ll stay out of their hair for now, but they have unfinished business.  That is not good, but is it not good for tonight or next season?

The Immunes are going to go to the landing place and dress as the Navy.  This is so not good!  The whole broadcast will be worthless if the Immunes' plan works.  I’m so anxious.

Tex is going to leave.  Don’t say goodbye, my friend.  He and Rachel deserve a chance.

They are about to land in Vicksburg.  No one is out there waiting.  They are playing a PR game now.  They are doing the best they can to spread the cure.  The President is out, himself.

The Immunes have infected people to set out onto the people who have stayed healthy while dressed as the Navy.  This makes me so mad.

Tex found where his daughter was but he discovered that she went off to find the Navy ship.  The girl’s mother didn’t make it.  Poor Tex -- but he spread the cure to the man.  The contagious cure is beginning to make its way through the country.  The problem is the fear the Immunes placed in the hearts of the American people.

The President thinks St. Louis may be the place to set up the new Capital of the country.  Chandler knows that one of his own crew members caused the lack of people in Vicksburg.  The President is pissed that the Master Chief said what he said.  That was an awkward exchange.

Tex just stumbled upon a crime scene.  The Immunes did it, and Tex is about to figure out their plan.  Tell the Nathan James, Tex!  Good work, Tex.  Chandler decides to send a helicopter with the aerosol.  It's all they have, but it’s their only hope to counter what the Immunes are doing.  The Immunes are already there!  Hurry Nathan James!  The Navy’s credibility and the President’s credibility will be lost forever if they don’t succeed.

Tex found his daughter!!!!  This show is so good at getting you with all the emotions.

We have a team on land to take down these Immune bastards.  Tex found the leader.  The Immunes have made everyone think it’s a trap!  C’mon Nathan James!  The land team has the leader, and they can’t let anyone out.  Tex and his daughter are spreading the cure.  The helicopter arrived and dropped the cure on all the people.  What a powerful moment for the cure of the Nathan James.

The President is gonna kill the Immune leader.  Ok, he probably won’t, but he deserves it.  The President orders him to tell his people to stand down for a pardon.  How is he still eligible?  My husband has lost his mind at this point.

Will St. Louis be all they imagined?  It’s full of people waiting for the cure and believing in the Nathan James.  These moments get me more than anything.  This is only a show, but it’s a show that illustrates how, even in the darkness, only a little bit of light is necessary to brighten the world once more.  They are spreading the cure, and people are waving the American flag.  It’s beautiful.

The Master Chief found his in-laws.  I have so many tears falling from my eyes.

The President is being officially sworn in!  They are having an inaugural ball.  The President just made Chandler the Chief of Naval Operations.  How will next season be without being on the ship?  We’ll worry about that later.  They are drinking to all their fallen comrades.  I can’t stop the tears tonight.  Rachel has a pardon from the President, and she’s leaving.  She and Chandler are saying their goodbyes.  It felt like a kiss was coming, but they didn’t.  It’s confusing with them because she also kinda likes Tex.

The crew is having a sing-a-long.  Danny proposed to Kara!

Rachel is approached, and she doesn’t know it’s an Immune.  Oh My God!  He shot her!  Rachel!!!!!!  It HAD to take a dramatic turn!

What a way to end a season filled with giant road bumps.  Tell me what you thought in the comments below!


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