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The Last Ship: 2x04, Solace

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
07/07/2015 9:21 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Last Ship: 2x04, Solace | The Last Ship
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Wow!  I have to start with that one word because it defines the whole episode.  This week's The Last Ship 02x04 Solace, starts slow for a total of 30 seconds.  Rachel's filming her little podcast videos again and they're on their way to Savannah and then Florida where her doctor friend, Dr. Hunter is.  But, they discover a ship sent out with lab supplies called the 'Solace' and their course changes.

There's a scene from 5 months before our episode airs and there's a ship full of dead people except two and they're talking about Sean.  They're not sick and they are so creepy.  They're also important.

So, the Nathan James is going to get with Solace because of how much good work they could do with the supplies aboard.  We meet two newbies who joined up, Wolf and Lt. Ravit Bivas (thanks twitter because I was gonna call her new girl).  They are both badasses!  One of our loyal shipmates is very into the new girl and Tex does a little recon to find out she's single.

Before they board, we get a cute Danny/Kara moment where it seems like she's jealous but then says all the girls are talking about "the man from down under."  I love and ship these two so hard.  The crew gets to Solace and two teams board but find the ship ghostly quiet.  At this point, I'm yelling at my TV, "It's a trap!"  I was right.  Moments later, they find a body and then a whole room full killed execution style.  Why?  I'll tell you soon.  Tex's team finds the bodies and says, "Holy mother."

Chandler finds survivors, I think, it was action packed.  But those people tell them that the shooters are still there and there's at least 8.  Hostiles aboard!  RED Alert!  Dr. Gonzalez explains that these pirates came aboard and killed for the cure, at least that's what he thinks.

Back on the Nathan James, they're searching for where these hostiles could have come from.  "Find me a ship!" Slattery growled.  There's nothing above water so they have to look below.  Someone has a submarine.

The hostiles destroyed the labs and guess what?  It's the creeps from the 5 months before clip and they're still talking about Sean.  Just as the crew is about to evacuate, the creeps make themselves known.  This leads to a shootout of epic proportions!  Eventually, The Nathan James jumps in.

"Find me something to shoot!" my badass Slattery yelled.  Chandler told him the where but they barely hit one as most of them escape!  Slattery is hounding the crew to find out where they came from, "They didn't just swim here."

Tex and his team find something awful below deck, EXPLOSIVES!  They refuse to lose the ship after already losing the lab.  New girl seems to know how to diffuse bombs, so she tries.

The Nathan James spots something underwater but it disappears just as quickly as it appeared.  Is it a Klingon?  (Yes, I'm that nerdy.)

New girl does not diffuse bomb and Tex has an idea... insert heat attack!

Chandler is evacuating his people and all survivors when the creeps start shooting again.  He and Danny go after them but they hit Wolf (he's fine) and kill Gonzalez first.  The creeps, not Chandler.

New girl says she can't move because the bomb has to be touched a certain way or it will blow.  She wants them to run but Tex has other plans.  He holds his knife to the spot and runs for the deck.

Chandler has the leader of the bad guys by the balls but the creep has the remote detonator.  Too bad for him, Tex throws overboard, literally just in time!  The creep jumps overboard too and they only have one of the bad guys left who may never wake up.

Everyone boards the Nathan James safely.

The last scene zooms in on a little boat with the guys from the creepy church group and patient zero.  They're bringing him to the leader.  They want to destroy the cure.  Why?  We don't know yet.

So, I think the leader they refer to is the Sean from earlier.  And PS, they have the mystery submarine.

What's next?  Did you like the episode?


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